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2017 Locker for Andrea

Name Andrea

Friending Meme Post: (optional) *extends leg* hello

Fandoms: A comprehensive list of current fandoms & favourites is here, but primarily: Yuri!! on ICE, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, RWBY, Daiya no Ace, Haikyuu!!

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: Unless otherwise specified, shippy or gen or character-centric are all equally welcome!

Yuri!! on Ice:
* Yuri Plisetsky, my ambitious & furious son
* any combination of Yuuri, Yuri & Viktor (but only gen please for Yuri/Viktor); Minako &/Lilia; my heart & soul for poly Yuuri/Viktor/Chris

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V:
* Yuto
* any combination of Serena, Shun & Reiji; any combination of Yuto, Yuzu & Shun; Zuzu & Serena; Zuzu &/ Yugo; (quietly) Timegazer/Stargazer Magicians, the first & ultimate ARC-V ship

* Blake Belladonna, Qrow Branwen
* Blake Belladonna &/ Sun Wukong; Jaune Arc &/ Pyrrha Nikos; Team JNPR (Gen); Team SSSN (Gen)

Daiya no Ace:
* Miyuki Kazuya
* Miyuki Kazuya &/ Kuramochi Youichi; Miyuki Kazuya &/ Takashima Rei; Toujou Hideaki &/ Mukai Taiyou; Akamatsu Shinji &/ Okumura Koushuu; Furuya Satoru &/ Okumura Koushuu; Enjou Renji &/ Hongou Masamune

* Miya &/ Kageyama; Miya &/ Kageyama &/ Oikawa; Oikawa &/ Kageyama; Hanamaki &/ Oikawa


Experimental narrative styles & structures
Playing with the idea of dreams, or time
The idea of distance (physical or otherwise); communication & its many methods; relationship negotiation
Found family; caretaking; mentorships
Introspection, character and/or relationship studies; dynamics that are deeply felt but difficult to define
Flowers! From the imagery to the language/hanakotoba to the flowers themselves
Canon-verse fic: from pre- or -post canon, to the canon-divergent, or even the 'missing scenes'-style of things
AUs: magical realism, heist and/or espionage, cyberpunk
Ambiguous/open endings out
(whispers) I have. A thing for hands,
NSFW sidenote: Totally okay, if you wanted to go down this route (e.g. sex, violence, etc.). I tried to write a likes/dislikes for this but then realised I’ll read…pretty much, anything, lol. Go wild, follow your dreams!


Jealousy and/or infidelity as a plot device
Over-westernisation in non-western settings (e.g. westernised name shortening or nicknames, prom, fast food franchises that aren’t actually located in setting, university sorority/fraternities, etc.)
Major character death that isn’t canon (with the exception of 25 Lives AUs, reincarnation, etc.)

Anything else:

hi hello lovely person i can’t believe you’re considering creating something for me i’m so

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)

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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-13 03:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! Happy V-Day. This piece got a little away from me and more experimental than I meant it to be, but I hope that it makes sense to you and that I didn't go overboard with the symbolism!


Grow, the flowers whisper as Oikawa walks among them. Their petals caress his legs and fingertips, streaking gold pollen over his skin. They purse themselves shut, closed lips holding back secrets, then open to kiss his skin and leave their marks.

He walks the streets and pollen lifts off him in a golden haze, sparkling light condensed into pinpricks. They stream upwards, sunlight returning to the skies, and hang in the dark night sky as newly-minted stars.

Oikawa tips his head back to stare at them and the flowers caress his ankles, leaning towards him to lip hungrily at his legs. Their ghost-soft touch goes unnoticed by Oikawa who is watching the sky tear itself apart. A boy floats down, night-sky dark and moon-pale. Galaxies whirl in his irises and his mouth is the unwinding spiral of the Milky Way.

Where he lands, the flowers give way to silvered leaves.

Grow, the flowers instruct and bend their fragile heads towards the night sky boy. A thousand arrows point the way and Oikawa follows the path they make as they part for his feet.

Unblinking, unflinching, the boy watches him approach.

Oikawa doesn't stop until he's so close that he can smell the other's ozone breath with every exhale.

He raises a hand and the boy mirrors him, spanning out his fingers to fit their hands palm-to-palm.

Around them, the flowers exhale pollen in a long sigh.

"I've been waiting for you," Oikawa says and the sound of his voice sets the flowers to rippling, bending away from the intrusion of his words.

The boy opens his mouth and light spills out. Star stream from his lips, issuing upwards, and the curve of his lips is blinding.

Oikawa shuts his eyes and feels the heat of a new universe against his lips when the boy kisses him. He parts his lips and swallows, lets the stars blend with his blood and settle under his skin.

His pores open and seeds float outwards. The hearts of universes spread over the land, carried over the ocean by the wind, fertilized by the flowers that have waited so patiently for this joining.

The child of the earth and the child of the earth mingle their souls; the universe is made anew.
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[personal profile] kitaiichis 2017-02-27 02:21 pm (UTC)(link)
hi hello i'm so sorry for the late reply but this was so nice; there's a really dreamy feel to this that works with the ambiguity and space imagery <3 i love flowers & i'm so glad you managed to incorporate them here, especially wrt oikawa (grow, aaaaahhh) and how easy and vivid to imagine this entire fic is! C: