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2017 Locker for Yilin

Name (as you'd like it to appear in the subject line for your stocking): Yilin

Friending Meme Post: (optional) here

Fandoms: Ace Attorney, Hunter x Hunter, Persona 2, 91 Days, MP100, Utena, Evangelion, Devil Survivor, SDR2, Hustle Cat, Hotel Dusk, Hatoful Boyfriend, Yuri!! On Ice, Zero Escape


Ace Attorney: Narumitsu, Mia/Lana, Angel/Lana, Mia/Lana/Angel, Maya/Ema, Trucy Wright, and I often forget this but. I love Guy Eldoon. And Eldoon/Yanni Yogi because of that one fic of Eldoon nursing Yogi back to health and bonding over noodles and stuff.

Hunter x Hunter: Killua/Gon, Hisoka/Illumi, Bisky just being fabulous

Persona 2: Jun/Tatsuya, Maya/Katsuya, Suou Siblings feels, gen main cast feels, Anna/Noriko... Philemon/Nyarlathothep...

91 Days: Avilio and his two murder boyfriends, Avilio/Corteo, Avilio/Nero, I just. I adore Avilio, cries...

MP100: ........ Reigen/Mob

Utena: Utena/Anthy, Touga/Saionji, possibly-bizarre rare pairs like Kozue/Nanami, Kozue/Juri, Wakaba/Juri

Evangelion: Kaworu/Shinji, Asuka/Mari, Asuka/Rei

Devil Survivor 1&2: Naoya/Protag, Alcor/Yamato, Alcor/Jungo, Alcor/Protag, Alcor/Yamato/Protag, Yamato/Protag, Makoto/Fumi, Makoto/Otome, Makoto/Otome/Fumi, Jungo/Keita

SDR2&Ultra Despair Girls: Komaeda/Hinata, Touko/Komaru

Hotel Dusk: Bradley/Kyle, Kyle/Charles

Hustle Cat: Graves/Avery, Graves/Nacht, Finley/Mason, I love this whole messy cat family tbh

Hatoful Boyfriend: Quail boyfriends, Sakuya/Ryouta, Yuuya/Hitori

YOI: Viktor/Yuuri, Mila/Sara, Mila/Minako, Minako/Lilia, I enjoy everyone, actually

Zero Escape: Kurashiki siblings feels, Kurashiki Akane feels, Junpei/Snake, Snake/Santa, Clover&Snake siblings feels, Phi feels, Akane/Phi

Likes: good sibling relationships, terrible sibling relationships (sometimes), characters growing up and coming to terms with themselves/figuring themselves out, fluff, magic, every single megami tensei/persona AU, shadow selves, selfcest (coughs), mythology, ero murder, age gap (god i love hot ossans and hot older women), GIRLS, enemies to lovers, lovers to friends, found family, robogore, cannibalism, body horror, bittersweet endings, happy endings, bad endings... a lot tbh, I pretty much read everything as long as it's tagged properly.

Dislikes: Rape/non-con, melodrama, character/ship hate, abuse (there are exceptions though, I mean, Sympathy Crime is my favourite Persona 4 fic. I guess I'm okay with most things if they're well written/conceived)

Anything else: I've probably missed out a lot of stuff but THIS IS A LOT ALREADY!!! HI!!! I'm really not expecting to get anything I'm just here to flop on my friends and meme. BUT THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANYTHING YOU MIGHT FEEL LIKE LEAVING FOR ME

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-13 02:21 pm (UTC)(link)
UTENA. MY OLD BABY FANDOM. &HEARTS; Uh, warnings for reincarnation/repeated death but it has a happy ending, I promise! I hope it's not melodramatic and that you enjoy it!


And so Psyche was told, “If you wish the return of your love, seek her through seventy-seven mortal lifetimes and name her in each one.”

There is a girl with bound breasts and bound hands, burning at a stake. Anthy reaches her too late, shouts, “Utena!” as the flames leap up and devour her.

Anthy steps into the fire as well and a phoenix soars to the sky.

There is a girl stealing through the jungle, shadow-silent, grass barely bending under her sure feet. Anthy finds her too late, screams, “Utena!” as the tiger leaps forward and devours her.

Anthy bares her throat for its fangs and purple orchids infest the forest.

There is a girl bent near-double in the rose fields, small fingers holding too-large shears that cut the stems carefully. Anthy thought she came early but she barely has time to call out, “Utena!” before the girl is coughing up blood, her lungs collapsing from the toxins she has been exposed to daily.

Anthy lies down amidst the roses and blood-red blooms grow from her corpse.

There is a girl marching down an endless trail, feet bloodied and ribs on display. Anthy arrives too late, asks, “Utena?” as the girl is struck down by a soldier’s rifle butt.

Anthy digs a grave for the both of them and years later, purple larkspur marks the spot.

There is a girl holding a protest sign and shouting defiance. Anthy sees her a second too late, cries, “Utena!” as the horses panic and the stampede starts.

Anthy whispers of revolutionizing the world and the whispers start to spread.

There is a girl on a sinking ship who gives up her place so a father may be with his children. Anthy spots her but does not stop her, only whispers, “Utena,” and stays with her as the ship goes down.

Anthy scoops sand over the corpse and gives birth to the legend of mermaids.

There is a girl sitting in a classroom, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, biting the end of her pen. Anthy sits down next to her and says, “Utena?” and smiles as the girl turns to her.

“Yes, that’s me! How do you know my name?" Utena smiles at her like she’s a stranger and the next breath Anthy takes holds the heavy promise-scent of roses in bloom.

“I’m Anthy. I’m in your dorm, in the room across the hall. I hope we can be friends.”

Utena’s smile as good as guarantees it; Anthy feels the universe click back into place, finally on track once more.

Utena saved her once and Anthy failed her seventy-six times but now they have a lifetime together.
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[personal profile] hakari 2017-02-22 12:04 pm (UTC)(link)

p.s. I saw your signup and I love Animorphs too but I just... ran out of time, we have the same ships (like Elfangor/Visser Three hahahhaa coughs) ANYWAY YEAH I LOVE THIS SERIES AND AM CONSTANTLY IN PAIN, ANIMEORPHS WAS A MISTAKE,

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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-22 12:50 pm (UTC)(link)
I love Utena like you don't even KNOW, I would've totally requested it for my locker if I'd thought of it! But alas, I didn't so I was super happy to get the chance to write it. Especially because that ending BREAKS MY HEART EVERY TIME and I needed it to be right and you listing mythology was just PERFECT because if Anthy has to be the Rose Bride, again and again, then why can't Utena be a hero again and again?

Also the idea of Anthy working to save Utena the way Utena worked to save her, and each death of Anthy's changing the world a little more because Utena didn't really change the Academy except for the fact that Anthy left. Utena's death resulted in subtraction while Anthy's deaths result in addition.

BASICALLY YEAH I HAD A LOT OF FUN WRITING THIS AND OVERTHINKING IT SO I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT. And omg I can't believe ANYONE else ships my terrible stuff, HIGH FIVE BUDDY. Animorphs is still the best war series I've ever read, fifteen years later.
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[personal profile] hakari 2017-02-22 12:58 pm (UTC)(link)
omg I guess my signup was a little vague, sorry about making you second-guess but I'M GLAD YOU WENT AHEAD WITH IT ANYWAY??? IT'S GREAT!!! I adore Utena, and haha yeah I forgot about asking for Animorphs until after signups closed so oops...

AND ANIMORPHS REALLY IS THE BEST WAR SERIES I love how unapologetic KA Applegate is about all the harrowing stuff that went down, and rightly so because since when does war have no consequences? IT HURTS SO BAD BUT I GUESS I ENJOY THIS PAIN, THIS HOLE WAS MADE FOR ME...
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-23 03:12 pm (UTC)(link)
It was really only the melodrama I was worrying about! Because let's face it, multiple deaths is a little much. XD

I WAS SO UPSET WITH THE ENDING ORIGINALLY AND THEN I READ this and my respect for KA Applegate just jumped SO MUCH. Man. I love so much about that series, from David's betrayal to Rachel's growing darkness and Tobias - god, I know Rachel's death scene and Tobias' reaction by heart. And Loren. Loren guts me. *throws arms up* All of it just. Yanks my insides out and claws my heart to ribbons.
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[personal profile] hakari 2017-02-24 11:10 am (UTC)(link)
Hahah I knew what you were linking me before it loaded, it really is the best mic drop defence of the series. The David arc was SO GREAT he's such a shit but he really brings out the worst/best in the kids, it was delicious to watch.

And screams, yes, really the whole endgame haunts me. Sometimes I think about Tom telling Jake, 'Wars don't end with clean hands, little brother' and I have to just go take a walk, because truly they don't and all these kids... I don't know what to do with myself when I remember that they were only what, 12-15? And also how much they loved each other and IT WASN'T ENOUGH!!! Rachel reflecting on how much she loved the other kids when talking to Ellimist before dying... CRIES LOUDLY