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2017 Locker for Doxy

Name (as you'd like it to appear in the subject line for your stocking): Doxy

Friending Meme Post: (optional) N/A

Fandoms: Yuri!!! on Ice, Haikyuu!!, Yowamushi Pedal, Fire Emblem: Fates, One Punch Man

Yuri!!! on Ice:
- Yurio, Otabek, O T A Y U R I
- PHICHIT!! i ship him with both everyone and no one but i particularly like (past) Phichit/Yuuri, Phichit/Yuuri/Viktor, Phichit/Chris, Phichit/Guang-hong, Phichit/Guang-hong/Leo. i also really like thinking about him as not looking for a relationship and just being happy having a ton of friends who he really likes. character-centric/gen fic is also great.
- the girls. Isabella, Sara, Yuuko, Mari, Minako, Lilia, Mila. their relationships/friendships with each other, and with other members of the cast! (e.g. Minako & Lilia knowing each other through ballet somehow, Mila & Sara, Yuuko & Yurio, Minako & Mari, even Yurio & Yuri's Angels, etc)

- Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo, Kenma & Tsukishima are my beautiful owlcat home and i ship all of them with each other in any combination
- i love ushishira and everything about it. goshishira and ushitenshira are also very good
- hello next generation captains (Ennoshita, Akaashi, Futakuchi, Yahaba, Shirabu)
- other characters i love: Yamaguchi, Kageyama, Suga, Iwaizumi, Kyoutani
- i really, really love rarepairs

Yowamushi Pedal
- right now i'm more focused on Y2 characters+happenings rather than Y1 (so, less about the third years)
- i really love Teshima and ship him with literally everyone (imate, manate, ashite, kogate, T3/aokogate, aoashite, and less so izute and kurote.) (i love T2 but there's already lots of great T2 content out there :') )
- i also really love Ashikiba!! again, i love ashite and aoashite, but i also like ashikuro and aoashi. Ashikiba is a fave i don't really have many ships for so i would also be more than happy with character-centric fic, or platonic fic with her and Fukutomi or Shinkai.
- some other characters/ships i love: Aoyagi/Doubashi, Komari/Kuroda's mochi kitty thighs (i'm sorry), imaisugi and, that rarest of ships, Teshima/happiness

Fire Emblem: Fates
- i will ride or die for leoniles
- Orochi! i love Orochi! i would particularly love to see something about when she was Mikoto's retainer
- other ships: Takumi/Oboro/Hinata, Mitama/Rhajat, Charlotte/Nyx, Charlotte/Rinkah, Niles/Subaki, xanlas, Niles/Takumi, Takumi/Laslow, Scarlett/f!Corrin
- tbh i would actually love character-centric Charlotte fic set after the game

One Punch Man
- i basically just want stuff for Genos. character-centric fic about his development over the course of canon, looking into his past, or exploring his various capabilities as a cyborg and/or his relationship w/his humanity. tbh i've also wanted fanwork of him doing repairs on himself for the longest time ;;

Likes: character or relationship development, relationship confusion (e.g. mutual pining, "we banged but do they like me???", character A liking character B but not realizing it), rivalmance, enemies->friends->lovers, friends->lovers, FWBs->dating, devotion/loyalty, poly ships, navigating relationship problems or figuring out the relationship together, magic and the supernatural, scifi

read my list of nsfw likes (and dislikes) here.

Dislikes: please don't include any of the following: abuse/bullying, angst/unhappy endings (i’m fine with hurt/comfort or characters being sad or suffering as long as it’s resolved somehow?), pregnancy/kids/parenting, ageing characters down, gore/torture/graphic violence, character death, infidelity.

read my list of nsfw dislikes (and likes) here.

Anything else: you can check out my Dear Gifter letter for this year's Chocolate Box Exchange for some prompt ideas for YOI, HQ!! and Fates, as well as for more details re: why i like certain characters/ships. read it here.

you can also find me on the following platforms:
AO3: doxian
Twitter: therealdoxian
Tumblr: thatsnotbeautiful

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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I'M SORRY DID YOU SAY PLATONIC GEN PHICHIT BEING HAPPY I AM SO HERE FOR THAT. Uh. Yeah. Sorry about the over-excited screaming there, that is just a awesome prompt. Here's a quick little fic for it!


Phichit double-checked to make sure that the movie was ready, the popcorn was still hot and the microphone was not muted. Last time he’d spent five minutes happily babbling before he realized that the reason nobody was responding wasn’t because they were so engrossed in his explanation of the relationship between Mischa and Kalinin but because nobody could hear him.
[Okay, everyone!] He typed into the chat room. On the screen, the movie took up three-quarters of the page with the other quarter being taken up by the chatroom for those who didn’t have, or didn’t want to use, their mikes. [Are we ready? Sound check, please!]

“Here!” Yuuri said brightly, followed a second later by Victor going, “Da.

Yuri and Otabek chimed in a second later, “We’re ready,” and then Guang-hong and Leo added, “And us!”

There was a scrabbling sound for a second before Chris added, “I’m here too, mon ami,” and then JJ said with a laugh, “Isabelle and myself are ready too!”

In the chat room, other people confirmed that they could hear the sound checks and Phichit beamed proudly.

“Okay, everyone! Tonight’s movie, chosen by the random draw, is the musical Legally Blonde!” He clicked the play button, adjusting his headphones to make them sit more comfortably on his head.

“Who nominated that?” Leo asked curiously.

Phichit quickly tabbed over to the Excel sheet where he kept track of everyone’s nominations (two per year, since there were only 52 weeks a year and this was a weekly event) and scrolled down to the L section.

“Yuri!” He said happily.

“It’s a good musical,” Yuri said defensively. Phichit could practically see the embarrassed look that Yuri must have on his face and how he’d be glowering at the screen.

“It is,” Yuuri agreed happily, “Victor and I saw it live on Broadway when we were in New York-”

On screen, someone squealed, “OH MY GOD!” and Yuuri immediately fell silent. Through general agreement (only arrived at after much bickering and arguing about whether singing along was allowed), the group stayed quiet during songs unless they were singing along.

Some of them would fall asleep during the musical and others would be barely coherent. Scheduling movie nights across multiple timezones was hard – but everyone always showed up. And if they fell asleep and finished the movies on their own later, that was fine too. It wasn’t really about watching the movies after all.

It was about being friends and always, always taking time out of their busy schedules to hang out with each other.
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[personal profile] doxian 2017-02-23 05:21 am (UTC)(link)
pfft no worries, i'm glad you were excited about it :3 :3 also can i just say that i'm laughing so hard at your HSWC dirkuu icon, oh my god. hello darkness my old friend

this was such a cute fil!! it makes me so happy to think about both all the skaters making time to virtually hang out with each other even with their busy schedules, but also Phichit being the one to facilitate that. i feel like he probably has fun spending time with people himself, but also really enjoys creating opportunities for his friends to hang out with each other, and to meet new people who they might get along with, like... i just think Phichit enjoys watching his friends have a good time even if he might not be directly involved in the interaction himself in the moment ;u; i also like that everyone got to appear for a second, even if it was just with a word, and i like that little traditions have emerged like not talking during songs bc they've been watching together for so long. thanks so much for writing this!
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-23 06:07 am (UTC)(link)
Even better, please imagine me taking part in SASO 2017 with my dirkuu icon. YEARS LATER AND I AM STILL FLYING THE DIRKUU FLAG!

I totally agree that Phichit is the type to arrange stuff for his friends. Whenever someone flies into someone else's country, Phichit sends alerts of hey Chris is there he's at X hotel until the 19th!

Also please imagine some of the peeps on camera getting really into it for their favourite musicals and putting on little phantom masks or trying to teach the others all the calls and actions for live rocky horror viewings. And how the next day, so many of them use the music from last night while they warm up.

I am allll alone in my country and I know how tough it is to arrange stuff with online peeps, esp over so many time zones, but also how good it feels when it works. When people put in the effort, block out their time and say by showing up "I love you". And I think Phichit, for all that he has plenty of RL friends, knows it isn't about the musicals either. It's about inviting people so they feel included and it's about saying yes so everyone else feels loved.