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2017 Locker for Jei

Name (as you'd like it to appear in the subject line for your stocking): Jei

Friending Meme Post: (optional) n/a

Fandoms: Haikyuu, Yowamushi Pedal, Free, Yuri on Ice, Love Live... ALSO SOME THINGS THAT AREN'T SPORTS ANIME, like The Raven Cycle, Scott Pilgrim, anything CLAMP has ever touched, Fruits Basket, Ouran, ....Kare Kano if anyone remembers that at all, ATLA/LoK, Ace Attorney, Mass Effect, Digimon(particularly Adventure/02/tri), Mystic Messenger, Orphan Black, The Adventure Zone, various other video games (but especially Nintendo stuff, ESPECIALLYespecially Legend of Zelda).

I like too many characters and ships for this one so please just see my listography here: http://listography.com/jaela
Stuff I DON'T like: Aki/Kei and Shimada/Yamaguchi are both a no for me. I don't generally ship Kiyoko with boys in a requited fashion unless it's a ways in the future and a good case is made for it. I'm also suuuuuper-picky about OiKage; I'm basically only gonna like it if Oikawa is spoiling the hell out of Kageyama and kind of mad at himself for it. But if you can bring me that sweet amae content, go for it.

Manatou is the main thing, the OTP to end all OTPS. I have a climber bias; any climber is instantly a fave, but Toudou most of all, ughhhhh I love Toudou. I also have a ridiculous soft spot for Issa even though he's not a climber. =']
More stuff about ships on listography: http://listography.com/jaela

Rei is my fave, please, I love anything at all if Rei is there. I also ship Nagisa with almost everyone. Nagisa is a fave for sports anime crossover ships, too. Particularly ship him with Haikyuu's Tanaka (NAGIRYUU) and Tsukishima (NAGITSUKKI). Nagisa/Rei/Teshima is also way, way good.

I love Jaehee GOD I LOVE. JAEHEE. Jaehee/MC is where it's AT. I also love everyone else except I don't... really want to hear about Jumin or Rika sorry

Waterbenders, in general, are loved. I also have a big stupid gay crush on Lin Beifong and I want her to get a girlfriend half her age. I think I used to be embarrassed about this but I've forgotten how to be embarrassed, I just love Lin Beifong and want some beautiful lesbian agegap dreams to come true.

I LOVE YURI PLISETSKY, my sweet baby Yuripuri-chan. I also love every female character. I particularly love Lilia. And Minako. And when Lilia and Minako are kissing, please give me my Ballet Bisexuals.
Other notable faves besides the main two (whom I love) include Guang Hong, Minami, and Phichit.

Since this is getting so long I'll leave it at that for now, but I'll toss some more info about stuff I like in my other fandoms on listography!

Likes: Fluffy domestic future fic, PRACTICE KISSING TROPE, fake dating, secret relationships, happy supportive polyamory stuff, captain/vice-captain shipping or even just exploration of those relationships in sports, mentor/mentee relationships also, team swaps and sport swaps, amae(!!!!!!), the precarious angst of a relationship that is clearly doomed but no one involved will let go of it, sensation play (whether sexy or not), ....piercings, I really like piercings? I like when my faves pierce each other, specifically. Don't look at me

Dislikes: really cannot deal with child abuse, domestic violence of any kind actually but especially when a child is a victim or witness, most situations where a child is in danger in general, ouija boards, anything about hair being pulled out (just tugging at hair is fine though). I also have severe entonophobia.
Dislike to a lesser extent but also please do not include: incest, loli/shota-con and also calling young or young-looking characters "loli" or "shota" even if the context isn't sexual, mpreg with a character who isn't trans, calling women the c-word.

Here's my listography link one more time for extra info, hopefully better-organised: http://listography.com/jaela
I'm kind of tinkering with it and adding things that might be helpful as I go, so feel free to check back from time to time.
Okay YOU'RE GREAT, thank you for your time!!!!

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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[personal profile] mother_herbivore 2017-02-03 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
a sketch for u, sportswap tennis fukutou relaxing on the court?? this was my ref

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So since you said that you like one-side stuff with Onoda being oblivious to people's crushes, and Toudou is your favorite climber, and team swap AUs, here's a quick look at what would happen if Onoda went to Hakone Academy. I hope you like it and have a great VDay!


“You have beautiful eyes,” Toudou tells Onoda, fingers outstretched to cup Onoda’s chin and tilt his head upwards so Toudou can look into those large, shining eyes. The glint of light off Onoda’s glasses is distracting so Toudou tsks and hooks a finger under the bridge of the glasses to push them upwards.

There. Much better. Onoda’s blinking at him like a bewildered baby bird, no doubt dazzled by the light (or Toudou’s beauty, that is dazzling too) but the removal of the glasses has exposed eyelashes almost as lovely as Izumida’s. Hm. There’s potential here.

“Why don’t you wear contact lenses?” He suggests, turning Onoda’s head gently from side to side. His face is chubby but it works with those big eyes. Yes. Contact lenses, maybe a little mascara or eyeliner, and Onoda would might even be a five.
“Contact lenses?” Onoda repeats. A bright flush appears on his cheeks, so hot that Toudou can feel the blush against his fingertips, and Onoda gives an abortive shake of his head before he realizes that properly shaking his head would knock Toudou’s hand away. He flushes even brighter at that accidental almost-rudeness, a high streak of color that goes well with his eyes.

Fine. Maybe a six, not a five.

“No no no, I couldn’t do that,” Onoda says, words quickly tumbling over each other, “I like my glasses, they protect me from getting bugs in my eyes.”

The explanation’s childish enough to make Toudou laugh before he points out, “But what if next time you fall during a race, you break your glasses? You can’t race if you can’t see where you’re going.”

He nods decisively and lets go of Onoda’s chin only to grab his hand instead and start yanking Onoda towards the door.
“Come. As your mentor, it’s my duty to make sure you’re ready for the races! That means getting you contact lenses. Right now.” He pulls Onoda along in his wake, even as Onoda helplessly burbles protests about how no, really, he could carry a spare pair of glasses, Toudou-senpai, this isn’t necessary, his mother wouldn’t like it.

Hakone Academy has a reputation to maintain of having good looking racers and Toudou will not allow Onoda to let the team down!

(Elsewhere, a disgruntled Makishima protests to Kinjou that he doesn’t know why Manami is always late or why he never takes practice seriously. Not all climbers are alike!)
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[personal profile] hakari 2017-02-13 02:38 pm (UTC)(link)
JeiJei I am so sorry that I didn't have enough time to write you anything. ONE DAY I WILL WRITE YOU SOMETHING THAT YOU WILL LIKE, I PROMISE!!! It might even be in time for femslash February, but if it isn't, there is always, er, Milady March? Abigail April? Jaehee June and July? (okay I haven't played mysmes so I can't write that, but I WILL FIND A WAY!!!)

You are a gem and I am glad that we were brought together by SASO; I will always think fondly of that summer of memes and lighthearted shitposting. I greatly enjoy your presence on my TL; you are a sweetheart and I enjoy your enthusiasm about languages, piglets, foxes, nipples and more very much. I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL DAY (JEIJEI STYLIN') AND MANY MORE TO COME!!! <3 <3 <3
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pose credit to this stock photo
Edited 2017-02-14 01:32 (UTC)
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I am unfortunately not an artist and can't use photoshop, but imagine Yachi asking you "Would you be the Townsperson A to my Townsperson B?"
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[personal profile] chiharu 2017-02-23 01:58 pm (UTC)(link)
HI JEI I REALLY ENJOYED GETTING TO KNOW YOU THIS PAST YEAR... crying over Toudou.... Laughing over Toudou... Screaming over Toudou's stage actors u___u You are such a refreshing breath of fresh air on my tlist <3