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teto ([personal profile] teto) wrote in [community profile] valentineslockers 2017-02-22 09:25 am (UTC)

There was no doubt about it. Miyuki's skills were just unheard of for someone his age. He had to have been possessed by some secret baseball playing ghost. That was the only way he could have been so talented!

At least, that's what the team decided to gossip about for that day.

Chris really wasn't that interested. He had to go back to the lockers to find a jacket that he left behind. Along the way, he spotted Miyuki who was messing with the equipment. At first, he was like "I better see what kind of mischief he's up to" but something black and flapping caught his eye. However, with a blink, it was gone and Miyuki was approaching him with that familiar, mischievous smile.

Who knows what it was that Chris saw that day...?

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