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2017 Locker for kiyala


Friending Meme Post: here

Fandoms: Show By Rock!!, Yuri!!! On Ice, Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Kuroko no Basuke, Haikyuu!!, Legend of Zelda, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Chihayafuru

Show By Rock!!
• Rom/Shuuzo
• Aion/Crow
• Aion/Crow/Rom/Yaiba
• Cyan/Retoree
• Airen/Rosia

Yuri!!! On Ice
• Otabek/Yuri
• Victor/Yuuri
• Victor/Yuuri/Phichit
• Chris/Phichit

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
I'm… splitting this into characters and monsters, because that's apparently something I need to do.

• Crow/Shinji
• Masumi/Yuzu
• Reiji/Shun
• Reiji/Yuuya
• Serena/Yuzu
• Shingo/Yuuya
• Shun/Yuuto
• Shun/Yuuto/Yuuya
• Yuugo/Yuzu
• Yuugo/Yuuya
• Yuuto/Yuuya

MONSTERS (as in the cards. I really like card lore, whether canon or made up.)
• Clear Wing Synchro Dragon/Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon
• Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon/Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon
• listen I just really like the dragons but I promise I also ship other things
• Timegazer Magician/Stargazer Magician
• Xiangke Magician/Xiangshen Magician

Kuroko no Basuke
• Kasamatsu/Kise
• Murasakibara/Himuro
• Aomine/Kagami/Kuroko
• Himuro/Kagami
• Aomine/Kasamatsu/Kise
• Akashi/Mayuzumi
• Akashi/Nijimura
• Himuro/Nijimura
• Midorima/Takao

• Kyoutani/Yahaba
• Iwaizumi/Oikawa
• Hanamaki/Matsukawa
• Hanamaki/Iwaizumi/Matsukawa/Oikawa (and also any pair/trio combination of these four)
• Daichi/Suga
• Daichi/Kuroo
• Daichi/Oikawa
• Oikawa/Suga
• Kenma/Kuroo
• Tanaka/Nishinoya
• Nishinoya/Watari

Legend of Zelda
• Link/Zelda (any)
• Impa/Zelda (Skyward Sword, Hyrule Warriors)
• Impa/Nabooru (Ocarina of Time)

Cardfight!! Vanguard
• Aichi/Kai
• Ren/Tetsu
• Chrono/Ibuki
• Ibuki/Mamoru
• Emi/Kamui/Nagisa

• Arata/Chihaya/Taichi (and any pair, provided the other is still a significant part of their lives)
• Chihaya/Shinobu
• Taichi/Suou

• fake relationships
• mutual pining
• angst with a happy ending
• casual gestures of affection in established or developing relationships
• magic, of any sort
• dragons
• robots
• robogore
• characters disliking each other at first and slowly warming to each other and falling for each other
NSFW stuff:
• oral fixations, especially finger-sucking
• intercrural sex
• orgasm delay/denial
• choking
• bondage
• size kink
• fisting
• dragonfucking & monster porn in general tbh

• cheating
• character death
• non-con

Anything else: Did I mention I like dragons

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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[personal profile] alectorine 2017-02-04 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
re/union | arc v, dark rebellion xyz dragon/odd-eyes pendulum dragon

notes: set in ep 36, i have never written dragons before oh boy


The moment Yuuya enters the duel you flare to life. Dark Rebellion is on the field, near enough to hear you if you called out, and you have been alone for so long, curled around an echo of the memory of riotous applause and your true master’s hands stroking over your neck after a blistering attack leaves your opponent crumpled against the arena wall--

--Zarc’s voice screaming this is what you all wanted, stepladdering and shattering into a wild, glass-shard laugh, the prickling sweep of Starve Venom’s eagerness to come out and tear your opponent apart pulsing heat into your spine from where its card presses against yours, Clear Wing sullen and restless near the bottom of the deck, knowing the duel will be over before Zarc can call on it--

What had Dark Rebellion been thinking, at that duel? You can’t remember. You know you must have noticed; even then Dark Rebellion had been your favourite out of your counterparts, brushing your wings up against each other, pushing your snout into the juncture between its neck and shoulder or snapping playfully at its horns whenever you could just to hear Dark Rebellion’s fondly reprimanding snort. Starve Venom used to hiss snide comments about the two of you until you nipped at its mouth, which usually shut it up. But that doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is that Dark Rebellion is here and somewhere in the distance you can feel the muted warmth of Clear Wing and Starve Venom stirring, just beneath the surface.

You throw your head back and roar and you’re shaking and sparking, all of you straining forward to Dark Rebellion across the field; you need to be closer. Joy for you has always been bound up with violence and you are incoherent with joy now, sinking your claws into Yuuya’s consciousness the way you know Dark Rebellion is doing to its own fragment of Zarc, and some part of you steeped too long in Yuuya’s kinder, brighter iteration of Zarc’s duelling regrets the inevitable loss of that smile as you steer him back towards the person he used to be, should be. This doesn’t matter either; you push a torrent of jumbled emotion ahead of yourself towards Dark Rebellion, abstract shapes and sensations instead of concrete thought, breathless with attention as you listen for its answer, and--there! Faint, indistinct, still too far away, but you’d know the timbre of that voice anywhere: welcome back, I missed you, don’t go easy on me.

Soon Clear Wing and Starve Venom will be close enough to respond too and the fragments of Zarc in your keeping will become one again, and until that time you’ll stay close to Dark Rebellion, and for now you launch yourself forward in attack, heedless and giddy and blazing with delight.
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kiyala: Impa (Default)

[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-22 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)

You know how much I love dragons so please imagine the delighted scream that happened when I found this in my locker. It's SO PERFECT, I love the way you've written the dragons' memories of who they used to be wth Zarc — I love "true master" used here because it's so right and painful and Odd-Eyes knowing that Yuuya's going to lose his smile but also feeling that he'll be right again when he's reunited with his other fragments of Zarc is so good and perfect and it just seems like a very dragon thing to think.

I also SUPER LOVED the memories of how they felt as cards in Zarc's deck, the way joy and violence are difficult to separate!!' You did such an amazing job as portraying all four of them as Zarc's dragons and I love it so much, thank you!!!!
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This is a v small return of a favour

[personal profile] hapaxlegomenon 2017-02-04 03:39 am (UTC)(link)
When the Anglewing egg hatched, Ryuunosuke wasn’t even supposed to be there. In fact, he was under strict orders from his captain to “Stay the hell away, you nosy little brat!” (which First Lieutenant Takeda had helpfully translated to, “Perhaps you should spend the evening catching up on your schoolwork, Ryuunosuke.”)

Well. Ryuunosuke hadn’t done sums voluntarily when he was an ensign, and he certainly wasn’t about to start now that he was a midwingman. So of course after Karasuno’s flight crew had been dismissed for the evening, he’d snuck through the covert to where the egg had been brought the evening before, carried from Loch Laggan by one of the fastest Winchesters in the Aerial Corps when it had begun to harden.

There was a lot of chatter surrounding this egg, and Ryuunosuke wanted to see it for himself before it hatched. It was a true-bred Anglewing, of the same line as Obversaria herself, but the egg had been unusually dark and stunted throughout its amelioration and hadn’t grown or lightened up much in the past few days, either, by all reports. Not exactly a top-level prospect, really, though Ryuunosuke knew that one of Karasuno’s older midwingmen was up for potential captaincy. He hoped the man got it, despite Karasuno’s grumblings about losing crewmembers.

What Ryuunosuke wouldn’t give to be captain of his own dragon, himself. Even a Greyling -- and he was, after all, the right age for a promotion to courier. As long as he behaved.

So he had to make extra-sure that he wasn’t caught, then, that was all.

When he’d managed to sneak near to the little clearing, reckless through the treetops, he saw the prospective captains lounging around, chatting in tight, anxious voices peppered with too-loud laughter, and a few scattered admiralty and ground staff. There were a few other captains from the covert there, too, including Ryuunosuke’s, and he made a careful point of noting Ukai’s position and keeping well out of sight. It still took Ryuunosuke a moment of craning his neck and squinting to finally spot the egg, gleaming with a kind of radiant energy from within a straw-packed crate. It was a little bit too far to see in any kind of detail, but even from a distance Ryuunosuke could see that it was, true to rumour, much smaller than an Anglewing egg should be.

As he watched, the egg gave a very firm wiggle, and emitted a cracking sound loud enough for Ryuunosuke to hear even up in his tree. There was a collective gasp and scramble for harnesses, and Ryuunosuke leaned as far forward as he dared, whispering, “Oh, fizzing,” in an awed undertone.

A few more crackles from the egg, and several bouts of jostling amongst the prospective captains, and the dragonet burst somewhat suddenly from the shell, flapping its wings in alarm as it propelled itself out of the crate and into the dirt. It bounced back up immediately, though, shaking its head and shuffling a little on its feet before it settled and began to look up at the assembled aviators with bright eyes.

Even out of the egg, it seemed smaller than a newly-hatched Anglewing should be, although Ryuunosuke supposed he hadn’t much to compare that to. And its colouring was still dark, tending towards dark orange-brown more than the typical bright gold. Though Ryuunosuke did notice, when the dragonet turned to look at an aviator standing almost under Ryuunosuke’s tree, that it had an uneven diamond of bright yellow on its forehead, right between its eyes.

All in all, it was a handsome little thing, in Ryuunosuke’s opinion, if unconventional.

The dragonet made one, then two circles of the prospective captains, peering closely at each one before shaking out its wings or snorting and moving on to the next. Ryuunosuke hadn’t seen a hatching before, but he had read about them, and this seemed to be taking a while longer than it should have. He wondered if the dragonet was going to go feral. He’d heard of such a thing happening, but he’d never seen a feral dragon, and he had to admit he was rather curious. He leaned forward again, and one of his feet slipped -- he hadn’t been in the Aerial Corps since he was a child for nothing, and found his footing again easily enough, but the faint scrabbling sound was enough to draw the dragonet’s attention as it passed underneath.

The dragonet cocked its head, looked right up at Ryuunosuke through the branches, and said, in a surprisingly piercing voice, “What are you doing up there?”

Ryuunosuke fell out of the tree.

He vaguely registered the all-too-familiar sound of Ukai growling in displeasure, but when he sat back on his heels and dusted off his pants, he wasn’t paying attention to anything but the dragonet.

“I was sneaking,” he admitted, half-petulant. “I wanted to see the weird egg before it hatched.”

The dragon’s neck went stiff in affront. “I am not weird!”

Ryuunosuke grinned and shrugged. “Well, yeah, you kind of are, Anglewings are supposed to be golden, you know. I still think you look super cool, though.”

The dragonet preened a little at the praise, then it stepped on Ryuunosuke’s folded legs to stare into his face from a handful of centimeters away, first from one eye, then the other.

“I like the colour of your face. I think you’re weird and cool too,” it declared. “Will you give me a name?”

There was a general sound of surprise from the assembled men -- and not the least measure of disapproval, but at that moment, Ryuunosuke couldn’t have cared less. “You --” he spluttered, mind blanking out as he tried to come up with a suitable name, and god was this really happening --

“Yuu,” the dragonet chirped happily. “I like it!”

Yuu rubbed up against Ryuunosuke’s chin and twined under his arms. “You’re going to be the best captain,” he declared, sounding immensely pleased with himself.

Ryuunosuke could understand the feeling. He started smiling, and grinned so wide that his cheeks hurt, with no small degree of smugness. Him, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, captain of an Anglewing just barely after being promoted out of ensign. His sister was going to be so jealous, she was five years older and her Longwing’s egg hadn’t even started to harden yet. And Captain Ukai was going to be --

Ryuunosuke gulped and looked up at his captain. Ukai was staring down at him with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

“This is what you call staying out of trouble, huh?” he asked. Ryuunosuke tightened his arm around Yuu and shrugged. Ukai let out a gusty breath, then turned to the other aviators and barked, “Well? Someone give the boy a harness! And get the little monster something to eat!”

Ryuunosuke grinned again, and Yuu wriggled with excitement over the prospect of something to eat (“I am so hungry, I want some meat! Will you bring me meat? Meaty meat!”), barely able to stay still long enough for Ryuunosuke to buckle the simple harness around him.

“Huzzah for Captain Tanaka,” Ukai said, smirking at Ryuunosuke with an expression of mingled exasperation and affection.

Ryuunosuke basked in the loud cheer, and Yuu looked up excitedly from his sheep to say, “Oh, are you cheering for my captain? That’s good, he’s the coolest.”

“No, you’re the coolest,” Ryuunosuke countered, scratching at the base of Yuu’s wing.

(“We’re both the coolest!” Yuu declared, both boy and dragon puffing their chests out importantly, and Ukai covered his face with one hand and grumbled, “As if one of them wasn’t bad enough.”)
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Re: This is a v small return of a favour

[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-23 06:31 am (UTC)(link)
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I had the biggest smile on my face the entire way through because it's just so delightful, from Tanaka being, well, Tanaka, to the way you've written Ukai as his captain.

I really love the line: Ryuunosuke hadn’t done sums voluntarily when he was an ensign, and he certainly wasn’t about to start now that he was a midwingman — this entire fic just has such a lovely tone to it that makes it so easy and enjoyable to read.

Also, Yuu taking the name the moment he hears "you" was so cleverly done :D Thank you so much for writing this!!!
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[personal profile] alectorine 2017-02-04 11:25 am (UTC)(link)
arc v, timegazer magician/stargazer magician

notes: i felt bad for springing low quality 2nd-person (2nd-dragon?) pov on you out of nowhere so here is some short and sappy divineshipping circa the first time yuuya brings stargazer out as fusion material instead of pendulum scale!


Timegazer is in the process of winding a hand into Stargazer’s hair and sliding his tongue across Stargazer’s in a long, languorous kiss when the sky sheens over a luminous crystalline blue, the air going silvery around them, herald of another duel begun. “Ah,” Stargazer sighs, against Timegazer’s mouth. “We should probably--prepare ourselves--”

“He won’t call on us.” Timegazer shifts in Stargazer’s lap, trails his lips along the curve of Stargazer’s jaw to mouth at the point where his pulse would be, if he had one. “Not for a while yet,” he says. He tugs at Stargazer’s hair and Stargazer tilts his head back obligingly to allow him better access to his throat.

“Did you divine that, or are you just trying to keep us here?”

Timegazer hums against the arch of Stargazer’s neck. “Why don’t you confirm that for yourself, astromancer?”

“No stars out during the day,” Stargazer says, breathless. “Yuuya needs us,” he adds.

“Well, if we must.” Timegazer makes a regretful sound and lifts his head. His eyes cloud over as his vision turns towards the eddying currents of time, and then he breaks into a delighted smile. “He’s going to call you onto the field without me,” he says. “You won’t forget me while you’re gone, will you?”

“He’s learning,” Stargazer murmurs, a soft sliver of fondness lodging beneath his breastbone. “What is he planning to do?”

Timegazer reaches for Stargazer’s mask on the grass beside them, brushing his fingers over Stargazer’s mouth and leaning in for one last swift kiss before affixing the mask in place. “I won’t ruin the surprise,” he says, “but I think it’ll be fun.”
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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-23 06:33 am (UTC)(link)

His eyes cloud over as his vision turns towards the eddying currents of time, and then he breaks into a delighted smile. “He’s going to call you onto the field without me,” he says. “You won’t forget me while you’re gone, will you?”

“He’s learning,” Stargazer murmurs, a soft sliver of fondness lodging beneath his breastbone. “What is he planning to do?”

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for kii from miyu~

[personal profile] miyukitty 2017-02-10 08:38 am (UTC)(link)
kii your words never cease to enchant me ;; and your love of dragons is so good and true!! i already left my very sappy comment on 'chasing the storm' but please accept this fanart of dragon!iwachan and his oikawa??? /sliiiides it under the locker door and scurries away

kiyala: Impa (Default)

Re: for kii from miyu~

[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-23 06:35 am (UTC)(link)
THIS IS SO DELIGHTFUL. Oikawa looks so happy!!! (same, Oikawa, I would be that happy if I was being held by a dragon, SAME)

I really like the way you've done Iwaizumi's scales, too. You've conveyed the texture so well with just using black and white *____* I'm in awe of your artistic skills.

Also, thank you so much for all the encouragement you give me with the dragon au, it helps so much <3333
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[personal profile] karahashi 2017-02-10 02:39 pm (UTC)(link)
HEY KII like admittedly idk this fandom so i'm really sorry for any ??? bits but i know you like these two so have some fake music stuff based on your fic for them WHICH IS AMAZING, ALL THE TIME, and also kinda breaks my heart a lot <333

// tracklist

i. something new (C - G - Am - F)
"you've changed a lot" --
but then i have too;
i've grown tired of
dancing like this with you,
around and around and
around in circles, always afraid
of stepping on each other's toes.
maybe it's time for us to change;
maybe it's time for something new.

ii. step by step (Dm - C - G)
we walked apart
step by step;
"we can't go back"
but i wouldn't want to,
not even for you;
all i need is to have you
turn a little and walk
step by step
until we merge again.

iii. illusions (F - C - F - C [last G])
i have no need for memories,
whatever it costs to let them go
(to let you go)
but if you remember this illusion of a smile
i hope it helps you let me go
(i hope you remember me well)

iv. blood red (Bb - F - Gm - Eb)
in another universe
you tell me your secrets
and i stay up all night
trying to find some way to repay you.
in another universe
you stay.

v. rest in pieces (what used to be) (F - C/E - F/A - Bb)
"it's ten o'clock on a work night"
so why are you here --
but i'll still let you in
night after night,
hoping one day you'll do the same
for me.

vi. stars (Am - Dm - Bb - C)
once i said you were like a prince --
"a galactic prince"
not realising you'd take my words to heart.
now you think you're out of reach
but then you've never understood how
desperately in love i still am
with you. humans have never been content to just
look at the stars; what makes you think i'm
any different?

vii. working it out (C - Am - F - G)
"i want to kiss you because i can" --
i want us to work --
as many times as it takes
because we're good together.
i want us to work --
as long as it takes
until you want it too.

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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-23 06:38 am (UTC)(link)
THIS MADE ME CRY, I AM SO TOUCHED. Seriously, thank you for reading the fics even though you don't go here and for the beautiful and heartbreaking lyrics, they all match their respective fics so well and put together the way that you have here, it just paints the loveliest, saddest picture of their relationship and I'm just. So thankful.
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Trichronika Grooming + Past RomShuu for Kii!

[personal profile] yrindor 2017-02-13 12:34 am (UTC)(link)
It was with no small amount of regret that Shuuzou finally dragged himself out of the shower. Trichronika's concert had been a huge hit again, of course, but it was the thirteenth day in a row without a break, and even the energy he had picked up from the crowd was fading fast.

It faded faster when he looked at the limp, sodden mess his tail had become. He vaguely toyed with the idea of leaving it as it was and dealing with it later, but he quickly wrote that off as the disaster it would be. Sighing, he sat down on the edge of the bathtub and began teasing out the worst of the knots. It was a painfully slow process, but he tried to encourage himself by reminding himself that at least his tail took less styling now than it had back during That Time.

But, he hadn't been responsible for maintaining it during That Time either, had he?

He closed his eyes and let his head fall forward to rest on the counter as he remembered those days. A bare chest radiating heat from behind him as strong hands worked out the tangles until his fur practically glowed. Even now, all these years later, he could feel it—hands slowly, gently running down the sensitive fur of his tail.

He frowned. That wasn't right; Rom had never mastered gentle; he had always brushed just a little too hard, always tugged a little to aggressively on tangles.

Shuuzou's eyes snapped open to the twins next to him with their combs and brushes and hairdryers in hand.

"Get out!" he snapped as the memory shattered.

"You looked tired. We just thought—"

"Out! Now! Both of you!"

The twins scurried out with their tails between their legs, and he was left alone with his still-tangled tail. He growled as he worked, yanking too hard on the comb and welcoming the distraction it provided.

When he finally stalked out of the bathroom a half hour later, the twins were waiting for him with his favorite parfait. They looked sufficiently guilty and miserable that any of his remaining anger drained away as quickly as it had arisen. Which was how he found himself sitting between them on the couch not much later, the empty parfait glass and three spoons on the floor next to them.

Riku flicked his ear gently. "Is this okay?" he asked as he bent closer to lick the tip of it.

"Mmmmm, yes," Shuuzou purred. "Just not the tail." Rom had washed his ears for him too, but that hadn't been Rom's exclusive job. Rom's tongue had been much rougher too. But there had only been one of him, and there was something supremely self-indulgent about the way the twins were working on both of his ears at the same time. It was different, and it still ached to think too much about what used to be, but maybe it wasn't all bad now.
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Re: Trichronika Grooming + Past RomShuu for Kii!

[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-23 06:43 am (UTC)(link)
OH MY GODDDDDDD Shuuzo being protective of his tail because grooming that was a Rom thing I'm dying, this is so good for me. Also, bless the twins for wanting to help, and asking for permission before grooming his ears. Also, I really love the mental image of the twins grooming his ears while he's tired, it's such a cute mental image. Thank you <3333
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-13 05:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Hiiiiii Kiiiiiiiiiii. Have some dragonfucking for V-Day! Or, uh, failed dragonfucking. Kinda NSFW.


There were definite advantages to having a boyfriend that was a dragon.

For one thing, Oikawa was always hot even during the coldest of winters. No kotatsu table could keep Iwaizumi as warm as Oikawa did when the two of them cuddled.

For another thing, Oikawa was the best history tutor that Iwaizumi could ask for - at least when it came to Japanese history. Questions about European or African history usually resulted in a huff and Oikawa sulking that he could only be in one place at a time.

The best benefit, however, was the sex. Whether it was in Oikawa's human form with his cock throbbing so hotly inside Iwaizumi that it felt like a brand or Oikawa partway transformed and writhing on Iwaizumi's lap with his wings folded around Iwaizumi, it was always mindblowing.

There was only one tiny problem. Or possibly the opposite of tiny. Very much the opposite of tiny in fact.

"Get your eyes checked, Trashykawa. That is never going to fit," Iwaizumi said flatly as he stared at the oversized length that jutted out from the scale-lined slick green slit. He curled his hands into fists, then placed them on top of each other next to Oikawa's dick.

Yeah. They didn't measure up.

"No way. I'll give you a handjob but that's it." Iwaizumi shook his head, wrapping both hands around Oikawa's cock, pulling up and then pushing down. The flesh underneath was damp, oozing a toxic-green fluid that made the slide of his hands easier even as it made Iwaizumi wonder if he should be wearing gloves. He'd fucked Oikawa's slit before and not suffered any side-effects so surely his dick was producing the same substances.

"How about a lick?" Oikawa suggested, spreading his legs a little wider so he could thrust his hips up. Under the slippery skin, there were ridges in the flesh, solid and unyielding as Iwaizumi's fingers worked over them.

"...Licks, fine. But if you thrust, I'll bite." Warning given an pride satisfied, Iwaizumi ducked his head to flatten his tongue and lick from the base to the tip. The strange fluid filled his mouth, sliding down his throat and smearing around the edges of his lips.

Oikawa's rumble-purr vibrated through his whole body and made Iwaizumi's arms shiver where they were resting on Oikawa's thighs. A second later, the heavy, warm weight of Oikawa's tail curled around one of Iwaizumi's thigh, the tip working between Iwaizumi's buttocks and brushing repeatedly over his entrance in dry caresses.

It was, Iwaizumi managed to think, probably very fucked up that he could more easily take his boyfriend's tail than his boyfriend's dick.
kiyala: Impa (Default)

[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-23 06:47 am (UTC)(link)
This is both hilarious and lovely, thank you :D I love weird dicks, and you made Oikawa's dick sufficiently weird here, so I really appreciate that! Also, the way Oikawa being a dragon affects their sex even in human (and partially-shifted) form is lovely (and slit-fucking!!! A++ and the mention of tailfucking, nice nice nice)
fickle: (Default)

[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-23 01:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Please do not get me started on reptile genitalia and avian genitalia and how dragons should have one or the other because seriously, I can talk weird dicks ad dragon biology FOREVER. Also seriously, external genitalia make ZERO SENSE for an airborne, streamlined species. He'd have to have a slit even if we weren't talking hermaphrodite reptiles.

And yesss, dragon bleedover to human form, human bleed-through to dragon form.

I couldn't find a way to fit it into the fic but plz imagine Oikawa being very set on massaging Iwaizumi with oils that have just a little glitter in them and Iwaizumi realizing that Oikawa is literally treating him like treasure that's being polished. And also Oikawa likes to sleep curled half-over Iwaizumi because that's HIS treasure.

Iwaizumi finds that it just tends to squash him and make him overheat but dragons are not easy to argue with.
tookumade: (Default)

[personal profile] tookumade 2017-02-20 11:11 am (UTC)(link)
(idek i'm so sorry)


Yahaba loves an early morning.

Well, getting up in the morning isn’t fun, but the actual mornings themselves are different. He loves it when it’s sunny but cold, and the air is crisp and sweet in a way that only morning air can be. He loves the quiet and the peace it brings with it, when he is one of the few people up at that time, enjoying an early morning jog… that’s about to be… brutally disrupted by…

Yahaba slows down to a sulky sort of pace of a walk, glaring at the figure ahead of him. He’d recognise those stupid stripes and that stupid hair (and that stupid everything) from a mile away. Kyoutani is walking ahead of him at a pace that can only be described as leisurely (leisurely. Kyoutani. Of all people.), accompanied by… Yahaba squints at the knee-height mass of emerald next to him. He’s walking with a… Kyoutani Kentarou is walking a… a dragon?

What the hell? Since when did someone as irresponsible as Kyoutani own a dragon? The dragon looks pretty content too, trotting alongside him with its tail swishing from side to side. Yahaba can’t help but feel a little irritated for whatever reason. Had Kyoutani kidnapped someone’s pet or something, because no one in their right mind would let Kyoutani, of all people, have a pet dra—

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

Yahaba blinks and jolts out of his thoughts; Kyoutani has turned is staring right at him. His dragon is too, looking alert and curious.

All at once, Yahaba can hear the pieces of advice his senpai have quietly given him over the year on ways to deal with people—a mix of “patience, Yahaba”, and “keep a cool head”, and “try to look at things from the other person’s point of view”, and “try not to be too violent, okay, it’s only effective occasionally and really, only Iwa-chan thinks that it’s a good—ow! OWW!!”

Yahaba’s realises he’s muttering wordlessly under his breath. He catches himself before Kyoutani hears him, and slowly walks towards them. To Kyoutani’s credit, he doesn’t move away, and simply continues glowering at Yahaba.

“I was jogging,” says Yahaba calmly. He manages to hold back the part of him that wants to snark about how following Kyoutani around would one of the last things he wants to do.

Kyoutani just continues glaring. Yahaba wonders what it’s like being so cranky all the time—surely it’s bad for health? Well, not that he cares.

The little dragon by their feet huffs up at him and a tiny puff of fire flares from its mouth. Yahaba stares down at it a little uneasily.

“Get lost, or he’ll rip your arm off,” says Kyoutani, and Yahaba—well, Yahaba just can’t help but rise up to that challenge.

He steps back and crouches down slowly, and holds his hand out. Tentatively at first, the dragon makes a soft grumbling sound, before shuffling forward and nudging the tips of Yahaba’s fingers with his snout, and then staring up at him. He looks a little more relaxed now. At this closeness, Yahaba can see that he’s a beautiful creature, and well taken care of. His dark, perfectly lined up scales shimmer in the morning sun in a mesmerising, calming green, while his underbelly has a more yellow sheen, and the very tips of the spikes running down his back look almost black, if not for the purple tinge Yahaba can see at certain angles under the sunlight.

“Hey, lil’ guy,” he murmurs, gently scratch the dragon under his chin. “Wow, aren’t you amazing?”

The dragon makes a content sort of purring sound. Yahaba chances a look up at Kyoutani, and can’t help but feel incredibly smug at the dumbfounded look on his face; it’s not something he gets to feel very often. He relishes in it for a little while.

“What the fuck,” says Kyoutani. “How the fuck.”

Yahaba sighs quietly before standing back up and saying, with a little impatience lacing his voice, “Relax, I’m not gonna steal him from you. Anyway, it’s pretty obvious he’s happy with you, so it’s not like you ever have anything to worry about. And in case it’s not completely obvious to you, not everyone is your enemy.”

He’s said a little too much. He blames it on the early hour.

But when he chances another look at Kyoutani, it’s his turn to be surprised. It’s subtle, but there’s a different look on Kyoutani’s face, one that Yahaba is completely unused to, and he can’t help but stare unabashedly, trying to figure it out. Mixed with his usual cranky expression (Yahaba’s pretty sure it’s permanent by now), Kyoutani looks… a tiny bit exasperated, almost soft, almost… grateful, which is new, and quite a welcome change to the snarl that takes up his entire face 99.5% of the time, and for just a moment, Yahaba allows himself to relax, knowing that, at least right now, Kyoutani’s probably not going to go berserk and break two or three of his bones.

(But you know he never would, a quiet voice from the back of Yahaba’s mind reminds him.)

“Let’s go,” Kyoutani mutters. Yahaba blinks, as though snapping out of a reverie, and realises he’s talking to his dragon, but Kyoutani’s already turned and started walking off. Yahaba watches as his dragon runs ahead a few metres before spreading his magnificent wings—deep purple, not as dark as his spikes—and flying a few carefree loops in the air, before landing back beside him and resuming on all fours.

Yahaba turns in the opposite direction. The sun is warm at his back.

He pauses.

And turns around again, ready to say, “See you at school tomorrow” in the manner of having his teeth forcibly yanked out, but Kyoutani has now broken into a light run, with his dragon flying ahead of him again. Both are out of earshot. For whatever reason, Yahaba feels a little more disappointment than relief.

Well. Not that it mattered. They’ve never been ones for such trivial talk, anyway.

Yahaba continues on his jog. It’s a beautiful morning.
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playing with fire

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the instructions were simple enough: slay the dragon, save the princess.

of course, as most things are, the instructions were easier said than done; taichi realizing this when he’s face to face with the jet black dragon.

or rather face to tail.

he can’t really tell when he’s flying back through the air, and especially not when he’s landing on a pile of brittle bones that break under his weight. taichi doesn’t have the time to think before he’s on his feet again and running from the fire trailing after him.

except it doesn’t really follow him-- it’s blazing in the direction opposite him and it makes him stop as he stares, the dragon in front of him facing the other way.

this is it. this is his shot.

sword drawn, breath taken, he runs with all the energy his weary body can manage and jumps onto the back of the dragon, scaly skin as hard and cold as steel.

he raises his sword. it glints with the light from the fire.

taichi swings and--

“stop! what do you think you’re doing?” the shrill voice catches him off guard and he loses his momentum, instead dropping the sword. he looks around for the source, a slender shadow of a figure standing at the entrance to a stairwell.

“what do you mean? i came here to rescue you!” he yells back, the dragon under him now well aware of his presence on its back. taichi dodges the incoming tail, using it instead to run back to his ledge.

his breathing labored, he makes his way to the staircase while the dragon looks around, moving his head this way and that as taichi manages to find the princess, immediately picking her up and hoisting her over his shoulder.

now how to get down--

“arata! you know you can’t see without your glasses, so there’s no point in being in your dragon form!”

taichi freezes, then puts the princess back down, looking between her and the dragon. she really just...spoke to the dragon...

living alone in a locked tower can do that to anyone, he supposes. taichi makes a plan to get her to a medic as soon as they’re back in town before she runs past him and--

“hey, we gotta go before that dragon--” he turns to see her in the arms of a man with shiny black hair, the princess’ excited chatter about some card game they can all play together just background noise.

maybe he’s the one who needs to see a medic.
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Re: playing with fire

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Ahhh this is so delightful!! :D “arata! you know you can’t see without your glasses, so there’s no point in being in your dragon form!” I DIED, this must be a very real concern for dragons and dragon shifters. Thank you for this <33333
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happy valentine's kii!!! thank you for being a Cool and Hip (TM) relateable adult friend and for your unreserved passion for the things you enjoy!! here's a little otayuri sharing headphones (in a way headphones probably are not meant to be shared tbh) <3 maybe otabek has a mix he wants to show yuri. maybe yuri just wants to hear some of what dj otabek does c:

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Re: <3!!!

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MANDYYYYYYY I'M GOING TO HUG YOU SO TIGHT WHEN I SEE YOU (which!!! is currently going to be much sooner than it usually would be!!!!! which is so great :D)

the blushes, the little sideways glance Otabek is giving Yuri, the way they're leaning into each other. everything about this is just so gorgeous and I love itttt thank you <3
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busts in late

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Quickly places this tiny KyouYaha here. Have a good week, Kii! <3

When Kyoutani wakes, it's raining.

As the sound of water pattering against the roof rises like a crescendo, his room gets invitingly dimmer, as if it's taunting him to go back to sleep. The whiffs of humidity coming through the window he forgot to shut the night before makes him burrow deeper under the sheets, seeking whatever warmth he can preserve, because he sure as hell isn't planning to start the day half-frozen.

The chill still manages to creep onto his toes though. Kyoutani groans.

"It's way too early for you to start complaining."

With all the reluctance of a not-so-morning person, he cracks an eye open, and hazily catches sight of Yahaba. The bastard's leaning against their room door, grinning down at him.

Sensing an opportunity, Kyoutani flips one side of his blanket open. "Get in."

A huff of laughter. "For what? I've already showered and made breakfast. You should get up soon too."

His face scrunches up; fucking Yahaba and his 'early bird gets the worm' tendencies. He waves the blanket again. "Just get the fuck in and do your hot water bottle duties."

Kyoutani doesn't need to squint to know that probably both of Yahaba's eyebrows are raised, but there goes the sound of footsteps crossing the room, towards the bed, and an inner, more childish part of him pumps its fist. Small victories are still victories, in the short run.

The mattress dips under Yahaba's weight. "I'm your boyfriend, not your goddamn hot water bottle." He flicks Kyoutani's forehead to emphasise his point, but it's not all that hard and Kyoutani can tell he did it more out of fondness.

He grunts, and pulls Yahaba down so that Yahaba's face rests beside his. Just as expected, the other is blessedly warm; Kyoutani latches onto him and the heat quickly. "Sure. Thank you."


He falls asleep again, to the brush of Yahaba's fingers, soothingly, against the back of his head.
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