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2017 Locker for emily

Name (as you'd like it to appear in the subject line for your stocking): emily

Friending Meme Post: (optional) jazz hands

Fandoms: (this is by no means a complete list but this is the stuff i'm most invested in at the moment, in no particular order) hq!!, yuri!! on ice, daiya no a, fe13, fe14, captive prince

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: anything italicized is an otp! unless otherwise stated either platonic or romo is fair game!
kuramiyu, chrismiyu, chrisawa, ryoumiyu, ryoutanba, kanetou, furusawa, furuharusawa, miyutanba, tetsumiyu. fave characters: miyuki, chris, mochi, haruichi (if you write me good haruichi content i might very well die)

oikage, kagetsukki, iwakage, kagehina,ushishira, ushioi, iwaoi. fave characters: tsukki + tobio, with oikawa being one of my favorite characters to read because he's just so faschinating.

yuri!!! on ice
otayuri, victuuri, pre-series yuuri/phichit, leo/phichit/guang-hong, jj/seung-gil. anything focusing on yuuri and yuri's dynamic (platonic, but if you want to include one-sided yuri -> yuuri as a confusing not-quite-maybe-what-is-this crush i will absolutely not complain at all)

if you want to dive into a more comprehensive not-totally-up-to-date list, here's my ship page from my old tumblr.

Likes: I'M A SUCKER FOR AU SETTINGS OF ALMOST ANY KIND with the exception of barista and uni aus. high-stakes aus in particular are going to reel me right in so think like. fantasy (urban or not) or medieval aus, inception, hunger games, etc. well-rendered character/dynamic studies are a+++, oh my goodness, i'll die. genre wise: i love angst and hurt/comfort. this ties right into the whole thing i have for high-stakes aus. (this isn't to say i dislike fluff—that's not true at all, it's just not what i naturally gravitate to, y'know?) within canon: anything emphasizing found family dynamics makes me so happy. i love "deleted scenes"/codas/anything that adds onto canon as we know it.

i love experimental stuff in fic so if there's something you've been wanting to try, i'm 100% in support and would love to read it. if you wanna do shippy poetry? SIGN ME THE HECK UP, LAY IT ON ME. if you're trying to pick a pairing to go with i will always be thrilled with anything that doesn't have a lot of content.

Dislikes: this isn't so much a dislike but i'm currently working on two different pacrim aus so i would really really appreciate not getting any pacrim aus in my locker bc i'm trying to make sure i stay original? in a similar vein: try to steer away from hogwarts aus because if our sorting headcanons conflict that would get real awkward real fast, oops. some squicks: eye horror, vomit, scat, piss/watersports/omo. not into a/b/o so let's just pass on that right off the bat. to be on the safe side: please try to avoid referencing past relationships/rebound relationships/etc. usually it's just not my thing.

there. is probably more to add to this but this is all that's occurring to me right off the bat?

Anything else: IF I GET AROUND TO IT i'll throw in a list of nsfw preferences/dislikes here but if i forget and never come back to add it it's probably just safe to steer clear (unless you know me and my preferences well enough, which you may if i talk to you enough lmao)

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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for emily from miyu~

[personal profile] miyukitty 2017-02-10 08:14 am (UTC)(link)
hi, hi, hello, i love fire emblem!! i went through your ships tag and made a silly doodle to brighten your day, i hope it makes you smile :)

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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-13 01:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Dear Em,

I hope you have a great day! I'm really glad I've gotten to make friends with you in the past year and I love yelling about otayuri with you! You're such a pleasant presence on my tl and I really appreciate that.

xoxo Kii

otabek/yuri; 732w; G; coffeeshop + ballet dancer au

It's a Monday and that means—

Well. It means several things to Yuri. For starters, it means that Katsuki's going to be late to the ballet studio this morning because his goddamn clingy fiancé has a day off and is apparently determined on making it a struggle to get out of bed, let alone get out of the door.

It means that Lilia's likely to be in a foul mood this morning because she'll have to deal with Katsuki being late, on top of already being pissed off at having to deal with Yakov spending the weekend trying to win her back.

More importantly than any of that, it means that his favourite barista is going to be working at the café on the way to the studio. Otabek—as his name tag reads—works Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. He doesn't smile at his customers, no matter how kind his tone of voice might be or how polite his words are. Two weeks ago, Yuri was ready to just accept the fact that Otabek has somehow gotten this far in life without ever knowing how to change his facial expression, but they'd bumped into each other outside of the café one afternoon a while ago. Yuri had seen him smile then. He's determined to see it happen again.

Not that it really matters to Yuri either way. Otabek can have the emotional capacity of a rock, for all he cares. It was just a nice smile. Something he wouldn't mind seeing again. There's absolutely nothing complicated about it.

He walks into the café, immediately making eye contact with Otabek, who is halfway through serving another customer. Otabek holds his gaze for a beat, then looks back to the customer standing in front of him. Yuri joins the line, waiting his turn.

"Good morning," Otabek greets him and his tone is the same as always but ever since seeing him smile, Yuri hasn't been able to stop thinking of it as warm.

"Hey. I want a venti raspberry strawberry banana triple shot bullshit latte," Yuri tells him, a challenging edge to his voice because he's sure Otabek has caught onto what he's been trying to do with his increasingly ridiculous orders, but he isn't going to stop until he wins, or he's told to stop.

The corners of Otabek's mouth twitch, but he doesn't give in. "I'll remind you again that this isn't Starbucks. We don't stock banana syrup, unfortunately. I can make your usual coffee, if you would like, but you'll have to add the bullshit yourself. I don't imagine that should be much of a challenge, for you."

Usually, Otabek simply hums along to whatever order Yuri's come up with for the morning and then makes the usual. The change startles a laugh out of Yuri and, of all things, it makes Otabek's expression soften.

"You have a nice smile," Otabek murmurs, charging Yuri the same as he does every day.

"Yeah, well, so do you." Yuri feels his ears burning as he shoves his change into his pocket. "What do you think I've been doing for the past week?"

"Oh," Otabek says mildly, then smiles at Yuri. "I was wondering if you were trying to pick a fight."

"Oh," Yuri repeats, a little dazed, then shakes himself back into the present. "Trust me, if I was, you'd know."

"I'm not sure I would," Otabek replies. He's still smiling. "Considering I can't even tell when you're trying to make me smile."

Yuri's mind is too blank for him to come up with a retort. Otabek's smile is dangerous. He wants to see it even more.

"Your coffee," Otabek tells him, pushing a cup into his hands, too soon for him to have just started.

He must have made Yuri's usual when making the previous customer's coffee and the thought makes Yuri's face feel even warmer. He looks down at the cup, seeing the number written neatly along the side of it. He looks back up, trying to bite back his smile until he just can't.

"Use it," Otabek tells him, giving him a small nod before turning to the next customer.

"I will," Yuri breathes, tightening his grip on his coffee cup as he turns to leave.

It might be a Monday, but he knows that he isn't going to stop smiling all day.
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[personal profile] tripsh 2017-02-21 05:29 am (UTC)(link)

i’m actually gonna write you a gift, but since I have not finished yet, I wanted to drop in and leave a note for you before reveals happen. I just want to say that I’m so happy we met and that SASO brought us together! You were an amazing teammate, and I had such a wonderful time being on team krmy with you! Beyond that, I think that you’re just super amazing in general and I love talking with you and having you on my tl. You have such great ideas and headcanons and thoughts, and you like constantly contribute to my Murdle, but I love to die so I’ll always accept this <33 You’re also such an incredible and ridiculously talented writer! Like I can never say that enough tbh! I love and admire your work so much, and am always so !!!!! and excited whenever I read it. Honestly, you’re such a Good in general and I love you lots <333 Thank you for being my friend :D