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2017 Locker for Miyukitty

Name: Miyukitty

Fandoms: Haikyuu, Yowapeda, Fire Emblem (Awakening & Fates), Undertale


HQ: OIKAWA.......iwaoi! oikuro? oikage?? demon king oikawa??? rotomkawa??? iwaoi+matsuhana+kyouhaba/seijou shenanigans of any sort are great! anything involving bokuto, akaashi, kuroo, and kenma is also great including ot4!

Ywpd: T2 (aoyagi/teshima), toumaki, manatou, toudou in general! oikawa/toudou (i'm not joking)

fremblems in no order: lucina (+friendship with any futurekids), henry(/ricken), say'ri/tiki, inigo/owain(/brady); xander/laslow, odin/laslow, keaton/laslow, niles/leo, soleil/ophelia(/nina), shigure, velouria, shiro/siegbert, nohr siblings fluff (esp xander + leo).... leo/f!corrin

UT: i just want mettaton and napstablook to be happy together

Likes: gen, romo, poly is equally good! hurt/comfort! kisses! literal sleeping together! mutual pining! slowburn! power dynamics! medieval fantasy AUs for HQ/Ywpd, esp FHQ or Fire Emblem or dragons or werewolves :) soulmate AUs or anything focused around psychic/mental bonds or reincarnation! For FE & FHQ stuff specifically, I am also here for one-sided pining, angst, and canon-typical blood ;) NSFW is fine! bloodplay if you wanna go there??

Dislikes: I'm not super picky but I'd rather no medical/hospital settings, deathfics (unless fantasy setting where the character comes back in some way), or arranged marriage plots?

Anything else: Thank you!! I love art of any characters I've listed~! tbh I will be happy to receive anything so if you are inspired, don't worry about whether I specifically mentioned a trope and just go for it?? Let's have fun!

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)

(Anonymous) 2017-02-17 09:27 am (UTC)(link)
ValENDtine day
they all have an END..
except fANDom.. 'and' because you have more than one.. got it.. and.. end.. never ending love.. the only true love.. beautiful
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[personal profile] miyukitty 2017-02-23 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
who did this?? what the heck this is cute <3 <3 <3
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[personal profile] hapaxlegomenon 2017-02-20 12:12 am (UTC)(link)
Teshima’s phone buzzes on his bedside table at three in the morning on a Thursday. Prior experience tells him there are only three likely possibilities; Manami, Aoyagi’s insomniac cousin Kenma, or --

The phone continues buzzing, blinking a demand to answer the call. Teshima drops his notebook in his sheets and rolls over to grab the phone and smush his cheek into the pillow.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep, Elite?” he says into the speaker.

A tinny click of a tongue, and an audible pout; “Don’t call me that, Teshima-chan, I’m not one of those crazy first years. What’s with all of them?”

Teshima thinks of Onoda and the others at the training camp, and he reaches absentmindedly to press the heel of his hand into his thigh. “Couldn’t tell you,” he answers, voice intentionally light. “Not as if you would know anything about talent, hmm, Tooru?”

There's a grumbling sound on the other side of the line. “Hard work is more important than talent,” Oikawa says, which is a fine thing to hear from one of the most naturally athletic people Teshima’s ever met. Teshima would roll his eyes, but knows that Oikawa also puts in more effort than almost anyone else he knows. And that Oikawa believes it about as much as Teshima himself does.

“Sure,” he answers out loud.

There’s a moment of quiet, just a muffled shuffling and sighing.

Teshima flips onto his back and stares up at the shadows on the ceiling. “Was there a reason you called?”

“What, I can’t just call my favourite cyclist for a chat?”

“Aoyagi’s not here. Also it’s 3am.”

“Is it really?” Oikawa responds, sounding actually surprised, and Teshima does roll his eyes this time. Typical. His eyes burn in the blue light of his laptop screen.

“Go to sleep, Elite,” he says. “Don’t you have a game tomorrow or something?”

“I told you not to call me that.”

“Deflection,” Teshima points out, and Oikawa squawks at him.

There’s silence across the line again, lasting long enough that Teshima’s just starting to fall asleep, until Oikawa says, “Karasuno.”

Teshima twitches awake again. “What?”

Oikawa repeats himself, in that same robotic voice. “Karasuno.”

Teshima thinks about that for a second. “Your talented little duckling, right?”

“Ugh, don’t call him that. Why do you choose the worst nicknames?”

Teshima laughs once, staring at the ceiling and seeing Oikawa hunched over his laptop in the middle of the night, obsessively watching and rewatching videos of old games. Analyzing. He shifts, and one of his notebooks slides off the bed with a faint hiss and dull thump to the floor, and he hears Aoyagi saying, in his quiet, insistent voice, “Junta, that’s enough.”

It’s good advice, and Teshima never listens to him.

“Going without sleep the night before a game? Excellent life choice, your team must look up to you so much,” he says instead, voice as peppy as he can make it.

“Excuse you, I’m a wonderful captain.”


“Yes, really!”

“Then go to sleep!” Teshima says, exasperated. “I mean, really, Tooru. I thought you were supposed to be the smart one.”

“You’re the worst,” Oikawa declares with confidence, and he hangs up before Teshima can respond. Teshima drops his phone on his stomach and yawns wide, jaw cracking.

His phone buzzes with a text.

>>the same goes for you teshima-chan!!!

Teshima huffs and opens another video.
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[personal profile] miyukitty 2017-02-24 01:15 am (UTC)(link)


i can't believe you wrote oiks for me <3333 i'm in love with this crossover and i'm love you and asdasdasd ;w;


this is so cuuuute ahhh (and the fact that it's about bad life choices and insomnia lmfao) srsly thank you so much!!! ;;

i will accept this headcanon and assume teshima and oikawa text each other mean gossip about opponents all the time
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FE:F, Leo/Niles: Niles gets shot with arrows, Leo helps

[personal profile] doxian 2017-02-21 12:30 pm (UTC)(link)
warns: blood, injuries, some fantasizing about more injuries and potentially dying, masochism

AO3 link


Their assailants had cut them off from the rest of their party at the point where the road narrowed, forcing their horses and wagons to pass through in single file. That single act turned out to be the extent of their clever planning. They'd clearly underestimated how much of a challenge it would be to take down a young lord and a single retainer, definitely didn't realize how Leo had been swiftly growing into his own as a dark mage.

This certainly isn't the first time one of the royal siblings had been targeted like this. Niles wonders whether it was an attempt at kidnapping for ransom or assassination - there had been murmurs of discontent among the common folk regarding King Garon lately, and it would be easy enough to take out such frustrations on his children. But with six arrows lodged deeply in his chest and limbs, it's difficult for Niles to come to any clear conclusions.

The sound of footsteps penetrates through the bleary fog of pain, and Niles turns to see Leo's foot next to his head. He finds it within himself to smirk. "When I said I'd like to be at your feet, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind."

Leo kneels down behind where Niles lies - a body among felled bodies - gingerly touching just above where two of the arrows are sticking out of his right shoulder. His tunic is already soaked in blood, and Leo's fingers come away wet with red. Niles sucks in a breath at the bite of pain, at the pleasure of it. He wants to ask Leo to press down harder, but even he can recognize that there are some boundaries that he shouldn't cross.

"Is there anything I can do?" Leo asks. Niles is almost flattered at how worried his typically icy prince sounds. "Should I pull them out?"

Niles laughs weakly. "Do that and you'll rip me up even more, milord."

Pulling the arrows out would mean pulling out bits of Niles' flesh, caught on the edges of the barbs. There's something attractive about the idea, though. The only attachment he feels towards his body is because of Leo anyway - if Leo decided the best use of it was to tear it to ribbons, well. That would be fine.

Leo winces. "I apologize. It was negligent of me to suggest that. I should research proper medical practices on the battlefield in the case of future altercations like this."

"The best way," Niles informs him, "is to slice the wound open so you can feel down the shaft and find the arrowhead, and then cut it out. That is, if it hasn't hit bone or anything else important. Oh, aside from healing magic, of course."

If Leo did that, each of the wounds would have to be stitched closed. They would scar. Not the first scars he would have accrued as Leo's retainer, but probably the most prominent. And as it healed, the tissue around it would bruise - hematomas purpling across his skin like smoke.

He thinks about the sword hanging at Leo's waist. Using a sword for this kind of delicate work would be the height of foolishness, but Niles can't deny the draw of Leo running his shoulder through, pinning him to the ground with his sword. Leo stabbing him would be quite marginally better than getting shot at by nameless brutes, Niles is sure. Although Leo is unlikely to ever harm him unless he had been grievously injured and was going to die anyway. It would be just like Leo to decide to end his suffering and give him a humane death.

Leo's wince gets more pronounced. "I forget that you must have experienced this before, in your past." He settles down on the grass. "The rest of our party should rejoin us soon. Can I not staunch the bleeding while our healer gets here?"

"The arrows are doing that plenty well," Niles says. "It really is just a matter of waiting and hoping I don't bleed out in the meantime. You're not hurt, milord?"

"No. You made sure of that, rushing in like you did." He doesn't sound pleased. "What were you thinking?"

"I'm usually more cautious, but there's something about you that makes me take leave of my senses, milord." He lifts his hand, even as it makes his shoulder sting, so he can touch Leo's knee.

Leo huffs.

"You know I can handle myself better now. You don't need to get half-killed in order to rescue me."

"I know."

"I have no use of you if you're dead. You can't protect me then."

"I know."

Leo's words are harsh, but his hand brushing Niles' hair back from his face is gentle. Niles sighs. He'd move so he could rest his head on Leo's lap, but armor isn't much of a pillow, and Leo would probably just scold him for all the moving around.

"You're rarely this affectionate, Lord Leo. If I knew getting shot is what it would take, I would have done it ages ago."

Leo huffs again, runs his fingers through Niles hair again. Niles closes his eyes. If he could, he would stretch this moment of pain into hours - anything so long as he could be gifted with more of this quiet, simple touch.

"How can you crack jokes at a time like this?"

"Who said anything about joking?" Niles drawls. Leo stays silent, but he continues stroking Niles hair as an attempt at comfort until Niles hears the distant cantering of their companion's horses.
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Re: FE:F, Leo/Niles: Niles gets shot with arrows, Leo helps

[personal profile] yrindor 2017-02-23 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
Is it weird to leave a comment here? Possibly, but I need more than 140 characters to flail over this properly, so I'm going to leave one anyway. I still don't know this canon/fandom at all, but I love the dynamic you wrote between them, especially the contrast between Niles explaining so matter-of-factly how to treat arrow wounds while thinking very different thought, and Leo apologizing for his lack of knowledge while being completely unaware of Niles's inner thoughts.

"The best way," Niles informs him, "is to slice the wound open so you can feel down the shaft and find the arrowhead, and then cut it out. That is, if it hasn't hit bone or anything else important. Oh, aside from healing magic, of course."

If Leo did that, each of the wounds would have to be stitched closed. They would scar. Not the first scars he would have accrued as Leo's retainer, but probably the most prominent. And as it healed, the tissue around it would bruise - hematomas purpling across his skin like smoke.

^Is probably my favorite moment in the story. There are so many contrasts and contradictions in it--the reflexive flinching away, but also a sort of gentle sensuality that makes me want to linger closer. It gives me shivers every time I re-read it.
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Re: FE:F, Leo/Niles: Niles gets shot with arrows, Leo helps

[personal profile] doxian 2017-02-24 06:16 am (UTC)(link)
NOT WEIRD AT ALL, hearing that i got someone excited about a ship/fandom they don't even know or usually like is the highest of praise!!

thanks so much for the comment ;u; tbh i hadn't even thought of the contrast btw the matter-of-factness of his dialogue with his internal thoughts, but now that you point it out i'm really happy about it?? i was kind of aiming for intimate/sensual grotesqueness with the desc though so i'm glad that came through :3

if you ever want the leoniles ship manifesto tbh i'm always happy to provide :3
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Re: FE:F, Leo/Niles: Niles gets shot with arrows, Leo helps

[personal profile] miyukitty 2017-02-24 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
I'M STILL DEAD BY THE WAY, you slayed miyu most expertly, i'm going to keep shoving this at everyone i know because i want everyone to read it!!!! ghhhghhghgh this soft gore love letter
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Re: FE:F, Leo/Niles: Niles gets shot with arrows, Leo helps

[personal profile] doxian 2017-02-24 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
hehehe >:]
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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-21 03:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Iwaizumi/Oikawa; 416w; G

Tooru's asleep and honestly, Hajime should be pissed off about it. THey're spending time together for the first time in months, both back home during their university break, and Tooru falls asleep o him instead of staying up all night to talk, the way he's spent all of last week saying that they would.

If anything, Hajime is a little embarrassed at how much he'd been looking forward to it, but they'd put a movie on to watch while talking and with the dark room and the long trip home, Tooru's words had started slurring together with exhaustion before long and now they're here, wit hTooru's head resting on Hajime's shoulder as he breathes deep and even in his sleep.

Hajime sighs softly. Tooru deserves the rest and he knows it. He might not know the details, but there's no doubt that Tooru is pushing himself at university. He deserves to use this time off as an actual break.

Not that this does anything to help the way Hajime's heart races at the feeling of Tooru's breath against his neck, or their proximity, with their sides pressed up against each other all the way down to their knees.

It's tempting to just fall asleep here too, but Hajime know sit's not going to be good for either of them when they wake up stiff and sore tomorrow morning. With a sigh, he carefully shifts on the couch, making Tooru lean back for a moment. Tooru's head lolls to the side and Hajime immediately steadies it with his fingers on Tooru's jaw, feeling his own face burning at the touch, and at the intimacy of it.

He knows from experience that Tooru is heavy, from all the muscle he's developed playing volleyball. It's a slow, careful struggle to lift Tooru into his arms without waking him, then carry him upstairs to his bedroom. Tooru's head rests on Hajime's shoulder and he sighs in his sleep, relaxing in Hajime's arms. It makes Hajime's chest ache with a mix of longing and guilt. There's a lot that he would give to have this even while Tooru is awake, but he's never been brave enough to put it into words. He doesn't know how, or if he even should.

"Iwa-chan?" Tooru asks as he's put down on the bed, his voice thick with sleep.

"Yeah. I'm right here."

Tooru smiles, pulling Hajime into bed with him, his strength surprising Hajime into falling forward.

"Good," Tooru declares, and falls back asleep.

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[personal profile] dynamite 2017-02-21 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, this is so goddamn dubious, I'm truly sorry about my entire existence, but HAPPY VALS MIYU, THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST MIYU EVER, <3!!


oikage, taking liberties with a pokemon sun/moon au
rated E?? for kinda weird dubious humiliation electro nsfw domestic fluff, I guesssss

It had been the way the Professor’s fingers had lightly wrapped around his wrist before he left, is what Kageyama would think much later on, in a furious, full-body drop to the floor as the embarrassment creeps red hot across the tip of his ears and down each knob of his spine. But right now, on the rickety little cot in the corner of the lab with sheets tangled around his legs and the sunrise a soft, brilliant spread of orange over the island, all Kageyama can think is, I’m not fifteen anymore, why me, why this, and Ugh, gross, and a little more desperately as he tries, and fails, to simultaneously wrap the sheets around himself without actually touching any of the sticky mess slowly cooling against the inside of his boxers, Thank god Oikawa-san isn’t in the lab right now.

“Young human males can be such dizzzgusting creatures,” Rotomkawa pipes up cheerfully by Kageyama’s ear, as if reading his mind, and it might as well had done just that, with it wired almost exactly to the Professor’s calculating, cutting specifications. Kageyama remembers well the honour of sitting through those first few tests. “You, specifically, but this is the first time that I have observed such an unusual amount of phyzzzical activity during your deep sleep cycle.” The soft whirr and click of its video function punctuates its words. “Would you like me to play back my observations, Tobio-chan? We can annotate them together for when the Professor returns, bzzzt!”

“No,” Kageyama barks roughly as he tries to cover himself up a little more, but one of the many stray extension cords in the lab slithers around his limbs and he suddenly finds himself on his back again, uncomfortably twisted and suddenly very aware of the wet, tight pull of his boxers across his hips. Rotomkawa is hovering close over his chest, eyes fully lit and open, and something about the clear too-human shine of them is distressingly familiar. Kageyama tries not to look at the video feed that has started playing across its central screen; he can’t help but look up when the sound is unmuted on a loop of his own sleepy moan muffled deep into a pillow, the obscene slick noise of skin and heat suddenly too loud in the room.

“Bzzzt, this is for science, Tobio-chan,” Rotomkawa buzzes happily over the broken sound of Kageyama rutting into the bedsheets, over and over again. “Try to recall what you were dreaming about at timestamps 4:31 to 5:12 so the Professor can know what has caused this intenzzz reaction.”

But all Kageyama can do is stare at the playback of himself, his arched back, his mouth going slack around the soft sounds of hands he knows would give him away, and he suddenly feels absurdly warm even under these lightweight summer sheets, the smooth cotton prickling hot across his too sensitive skin, and he wants nothings more than to throw them off while covering himself completely in shame, and the feeling of it plucks painfully and breathlessly inside his ribs, burning. The extension cord is draped only lightly across his ankles and wrists, but when he moves to shake them off, a little electrical spark zaps the soft skin of his inner thigh, and Kageyama yelps in surprise as the shock travels lightly across his hips, circles the small of his back as if trying to soothe him. He’s sweating now, sparks mingling in the salt of it, and his skin tingles, too tight and on edge; he feels lightheaded in the slow movement of the rising sun cresting the window that opens out onto the deep blue sea, and when he blinks, salt pools in the corner of his eyes.

“Interezzting,” Rotomkawa notes, and there’s a sing-song little beep as the video starts recording again, and another zap runs slowly across the width of Kageyama's chest, stopping his breath on the heartbeat. Kageyama chokes on it, thinks of hands doing the same, and he almost misses the lights flashing in Rotomkawa’s eyes as the Signal Now Transmitting comes onto the screen. “Not bad, Tobio-chan. The Professor will be happy with your data. He might even give you a gold star, bzzzt.”

Kageyama grits his teeth against a moan as another spark touches the inside of his wrist, the imprint of fingers cruel only in their lightness, and the overwhelming weight of being watched like this, in this way, open and raw, makes him want to close his eyes and just sink into the blackness of it. The Professor will know, Oikawa-san will know.

“The Professor always knows everything, Tobio-chan,” Rotomkawa thrills, zooming in on the desperate tightness of Kageyama’s brow as he tries to hold himself off. His hands are still clenched at his side; he’s completely untouched except for the knowledge that the Professor will be reviewing his work later, scrutinise it mercilessly as he always does. Kageyama thinks about the sharpness of the Professor’s mouth; he thinks about the way his beautiful hands slip inside and out of his lab coat's pristine white sleeves as he casually dismisses Kageyama’s hard work and data, Do it again, and not so sloppy this time, Tobio-chan.

“Review timestamp 5:12 again, recording new data.”

Sunrise is flooding the lab and Kageyama is almost delirious with the light of it, and the heat it spreads across his skin, and all he can see of the figure that walks into the room is the outline of brown hair against the doorway, the flutter of a lab coat in the breeze off the ocean. “My, my, Tobio. Always holding out on me. But if you're good and come for me right now, I’ll definitely give you a gold star.”

Long fingers circle around one of Kageyama’s wrists; the Professor leans over him, and the smell of summer warm skin and the salt off the beach and something growing and green and sharp floods all of Kageyama’s senses, and as two fingers touch his pulse point, pressing right down to the bone, Kageyama can hear his own loud heartbeat fast and hard in his ear as he comes into his boxers for the second time that day.

Rotomkawa continues recording with a satisfied little buzz.

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[personal profile] luckycricket33 2017-02-25 06:51 pm (UTC)(link)

there they are here they be
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[personal profile] miyukitty 2017-02-25 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is so cute, i keep laughing at their expressions <333 thank youuuu!! ;w;

laslow, xander is going to drop you, this is not becoming conduct of a retainer.......... do you want to be put on house arrest again man pull yourself together!! :,D