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2017 Locker for Icie

Name: Icie

Friending Meme Post:

Fandoms: Haikyuu, Shin Megami Tensei, Durarara!!, Love Live!, Keijo!!!!!!!!, The Adventure Zone.

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: Oikawa, Anri, Celty, Rin (Love Live!), Rin (Keijo!!!!!!!!), The Director (TAZ), Oikawa/Miyuki (Diamond no Ace), Oikawa/Kataoka (Diamond no Ace).

Likes: Femslash, body horror, cats.

Dislikes: Dads, pregnancy, aus where a character is aged down to < 13 years old or turned into a pet and a character normally shipped with them takes care of them.

Anything else: If you feel like making me a thing, I will totally love the thing, because you felt like making it for me. ♥

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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Rin adjusted her mask, turning her head from side to side so she could check out her reflection in the mirror. The black eyeliner thickly painted around her eyes, both as eyeshadow and under her eyes, made sure that none of her skin showed between her eyes and the mask.

Perfect! She twitched the headband with its cat ears into place, then smoothed her hands down the skintight catsuit. Sure, she might not have the right curves to fill it out like previous Catwoman had but it didn't matter! She could belt out the lyrics just as well as any preceding Catwoman! All the reviews praised her singing voice.

Rin glanced down again at her phone. The texts from the rest of the u's all offered cheery encouragement; her phone beeped again, briefly flashing a photo of Nico, Eli and Nozomi all squished together with Honoka and Hanayo in the background. Maki must've been the one to take it - they were in the front row seats that Rin had reserved for them, dressed up as beautifully as if they were going to the Oscars.

The sight of her friends, knowing they were waiting for her, made Rin beam as she set down her phone and headed out of her dressing room. From school idol to Broadway star had been a strange and slightly confusing journey but through it all, she'd had the support of the u's. No matter what country they were in or what path they'd chosen to pursue, they'd kept in touch through text, e-mail and calls.

Eli was the one who'd told her about the search for a new Catwoman and Nico was the one who'd helped Rin tailor her image. Maki had practiced the lyrics with Rin until she was word perfect and Hanayo had sent several fish and seafood recipes for Rin to try to help her get in character. Nozomi had mailed her good luck charms (one of which Rin had tucked inside her catsuit!) and Umi had drawn up a careful vocal training schedule for Rin to follow. Honoka and Kotori had been the most supportive friends that Rin could've asked for with Honoka even catsitting for Rin when rehearsals ran too long.

Tonight was her first performance as Catwoman and she was going to rock the stage, all thanks to the support and help of her friends.

Yep. Rin could feel it in her bones. This performance was going to be purrrrr-fect.
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So I was looking for cute Rin cards, but when I saw her dolphin card the only thing I could think of was Lisa Frank. :|

I can't deal with this
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Waves happily! Please have an OiMiyu! (negotiation of consent, kisses)

The first time Miyuki looks him in the eyes saying let’s do something stupid, Tooru doesn’t think much, doesn’t even lean back when Miyuki tilts forward and kisses him on the nose.

It’s just a peck, the tiniest, most fleeting imprint of a warmth Tooru has never considered to want sparking at the forefront of his mind, but milk’s been spilled over worse situations and getting all philosophical about human contact, no matter how unexpected it was, is unfathomable. Miyuki’s lips had only brushed the edge of his nose for all of two seconds. Two ticks of the shorter hand inside his watch.

Tooru smiles at Miyuki indulgently. Even slides his fingers up the boy’s right arm to squeeze at the junction between the neck and meat of his shoulder— whether in encouragement or warning, he’ll leave that for Miyuki to figure out. Tooru has always found joy in watching the smart ones flounder. “How cute. I never pegged you to be a shitty romantic.” Here, he raises his index finger, lets it rest against Miyuki’s jugular, silently relishing how the pulse quickens and races beneath. “Don’t do that without asking first next time.”

“But, there will be a next time?” Miyuki is, if anything, endearingly incorrigible; he quirks an eyebrow and smiles like a cat’s that gotten the cream and perhaps, more— albeit, in a ruefully smug kind of way. It’s a good look on him, Tooru supposes. He squishes the fondness that rises through his throat, like a snake uncurling to peek out of its charmer’s rattan basket, down with a practiced ease.

Tooru rolls his eyes. “We’ll see.”

Apparently that gives Miyuki all the hope he needs for he laughs and salutes with a mock enthusiasm that makes Tooru suddenly tired. “Duly noted~”

( The next time does come and Miyuki seems to have learned his lesson; he asks can we do something stupid?

Tooru takes one look at the sky, sees how it’s darkened into orchid-purples, and wonders if he could pluck the colours off like flowers and present them to Miyuki in the name of entertainment. Instead, he shrugs. He says go ahead and for what it’s worth, gets a decent kiss on the lips.

It could have been better if Miyuki hadn’t started snickering halfway into pressing their mouths together, but whatever.

There’s always another next time if he truly wants.)
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oikawa-centric; 503w; G

The neighbourhood that Oikawa moves into during university is full of cats. Appropriate, he thinks with a wry twist of his lips, that he's here in Tokyo and the Tokyo team he was most familiar with back in high school was Nekoma. Perhaps the city just has a thing for cats.

He isn't complaining. He passes several of them on his walk through the alleyway from his apartment to the station every morning as he makes his way to early morning training. Cats that sit on the walls and watch him pass with disinterest, cats that step into his path and don't let him pass without first rubbing up against the leg of his tracksuit pants, leaving a scatter of fur behind.

Oikawa has never really thought of himself as a cat person—or an animal person in general—because he's never really cared either way, but seeing the cats always makes his mornings better somehow. He's smiling to himself by the time he gets onto the train to university.

He starts giving them nicknames. It starts with the one that he always sees napping against a wall, with black and white markings.

"Kunimi," Oikawa says, mostly to himself, as he passes by. There's another cat beside it, who watches warily every time Oikawa walks past. "Kindaichi."

He doesn't think that he could name a cat after Kyoutani because it just doesn't work that way. The next day he's walking past, he can hear the distant sound of a dog barking, and a cat yowling in reply.

"Ah," Oikawa smiles. "Kyouken and Yahaba."

He stops for the grey cat that always comes up to him for a quick pet before continuing past. "Perhaps you can be Watari, then?"

That only leaves his closest friends from school, and Oikawa finds himself hesitating. He's spoken to them since graduating but it's been weeks now, all of them busy with their own schedules. He could nickname cats after them too, to make it feel like it hasn't been quite so long since he's last seen them, but he realises that he doesn't want to.

He sends them a group message instead when he's on the train. Something short, just to see if they have the time for a video call sometime soon. He knows that they're all busy with their own lives. He knew that he would feel the distance from his friends when he moved, but he never expected it to be this bad.

Oikawa's phone buzzes almost immediately. It's Hanamaki replying saying that he's free tonight, then followed almost by Iwaizumi. Matsukawa's reply comes five minutes later, with an apology because he was in the shower. They're all free tonight. They can set up a video call and catch each other up on what they've been doing.

It feels easy—almost as easy as it did when they were in high school and were making plans together. It might not be the exact same any more, but that's okay, Oikawa thinks to himself. They'll all be okay.