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2017 Locker for Lira

Name: Lira

Friending Meme Post: here!!

Fandoms: chihayafuru, daiya no ace, eyeshield 21, fate/zero and fate/stay night, gundam wing, hamatora, hikaru no go, keijo, love live, madoka magica, percy jackson, person of interest, ping pong, pokemon sun & moon, prince of tennis, princess nine, samurai flamenco, show by rock, silver spoon, yowamushi pedal, yuri on ice

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: I definitely ship things besides what I'm putting here, this is just my hopeful list of STUFF I CAN NEVER FIND ENOUGH OF!! because I'm aware my fandoms are... alarmingly plentiful.

  • chihayafuru: Chihaya/Oe, Chihaya/Sumire, Oe/Sumire, Chihaya/Oe/Sumire
  • daiya no ace: Kataoka/Miyuki, Miyuki/Rei, Miyuki/Tanba, Furuya/Miyuki, Furuya/Tanba, Ryousuke/Tanba, Chris/Tanba
  • eyeshield 21: Hiruma/Agon
  • fate/zero and fate/stay night: Rin/Kirei, Rin/Archer, Rin/Lancer (Cu Chulainn Lancer), Rin/stepping on men tbh, Kirei/Lancer, Illya/Berserker, Saber/Irisviel, Saber/Irisviel/Kiritsugu, Saber/Irisviel/Kiritsugu/Maiya, Irisviel & Maiya, Saber & Maiya, anything poly with those four tbh, Waver/Rider
  • gundam wing: Treize/Zechs, Treize/Lady Une, Treize/Zechs/Lady Une as a poly-V, Zechs/Noin, Lady Une & Noin, Lady Une & Relena, Relena & Noin, Relena & Heero, Noin & Sally Po, basically anything celebrating the ladies of the series, platonic or shippy, tbh
  • hamatora: Honey/Three (I'm alone and dying)
  • hikaru no go: Akira/Hikaru, Akira/Ogata, Kishimoto/Mitani
  • keijo: Nozomi/Miyata, Nozomi/Hanabi, Nozomi/Mio, Ujibe/Nozomi, Shirayuki/Nozomi, Nozomi/Kazane, Mio/Kazane, Mio/Hanabi, Miyata/Rokudo
  • love live: Eli/Umi, Eli/Honoka, Nozomi/Umi
  • madoka magica: Homura/Mami
  • percy jackson: Annabeth/Reyna, Percy/Nico, Annabeth/Percy/Nico, Percy/Annabeth/Reyna, Annabeth/Piper, Reyna/Piper, Annabeth/Reyna/Piper
  • person of interest: Root/the Machine, Carter/Shaw, Carter/Zoe, Carter & Reese (QPP kinda content is A+), Finch & Root
  • ping pong: Smile & Dragon, Smile & Demon, Dragon & Demon, Demon & Peco, Smile & Coach Koizumi, Dragon/Yurie
  • pokemon sun & moon: Olivia/Lillie, Kukui/Lillie, Kukui/Burnett/Lillie (I just want someone to dote on and pamper Lillie), Molayne/Sophocles (sorry), Guzma/Skull Grunt (of any gender), Nanu/Skull Grunt (of any gender), anything gen about team skull and/or Gladion in general
  • prince of tennis: Fuji/Inui, Fuji/Taka
  • princess nine: Keiko/Ryou
  • samurai flamenco: Ishihara/Konno
  • show by rock: Retoree/Cyan, Grateful King/Dagger Morse, Rom/Yaiba, Victorious/her childhood friend
  • silver spoon: Hachiken/Mikage/Komaba
  • yowamushi pedal: Kinjou/Imaizumi, Kinjou/Miki, Kinjou/Arakita, Kinjou/Arakita/Imaizumi, Kinjou/Makishima, Kinjou/Toudou, Kinjou/Toudou/Arakita, Toudou/Arakita, Fukutomi/Shinkai (have I mentioned: Boy Do I Love Kinjou)
  • yuri on ice: Otabek/Yurio, JJ/Yurio, JJ/Isabella, JJ/Isabella/Yurio, Sara/JJ/Isabella, Sara/Emil, Sara/Emil/Michele, Sara/Mila/Michele, Otabek & JJ, Yurio -> Lilia, Minako/Lilia, Lilia/Sara/Mila, Phichit/Celestino, Leo/his lady coach (I really like athlete/coach), Chris/his mystery man who I hope is his manager
  • CROSSOVERS: (if you're feeling especially bold, indulge me) Kataoka/Oe, Kataoka/Oikawa, Oikawa/Miyuki, Rei/Oe, Rei/Umi, Rei/Miki, Rei/Momoi, Miyuki/Hanabi, Miyuki & Komaba, Abe & Furuya, Abe & Tanba, Furuya & Kageyama, Miyuki/Arakita, Miyuki/Kise, Agon/Aomine, Christophe/Kirei

    Likes: For a lengthy post about my likes/dislikes in fiction, I refer you here. In a general sense, things I like include: character study, meta, domesticity, caretaking, cohabitation, juxtapositions of things, one character as a foil to another, tropes subverted in unexpected ways, mentorship, leadership, rivalry, teamwork, cat and mouse games, femdom, POWER DYNAMICS of all varieties even mild ones, age gaps and related relationship difficulties, "getting to know you," relationship negotiation be it romantic / professional / platonic, ALTERNATE UNIVERSES! especially pokemon, hogwarts, sci-fi and cyberpunk, and fantasy.

    For art-specific likes, I love innovative compositions, stuff like fisheye and foreshortening and emphasis placed in weird places, limited palettes, really contrasting color choices, focus on body language, creative lighting, interesting details, KISSES, and just anything that tells a whole story through a single captured moment.

    Dislikes: jealousy as a plot device, love triangles that don't end in polyamory, content explicitly about valentine's day, rape, abuse, physical assault, terminal or mental illnesses, anything related to pregnancy or childcare, de-aging characters for fluff purposes (i.e. age swap AUs are fine, AUs where ages are moved up or down to fit the setting are fine, making one half of a ship a child: creeps me out), excessive angst for angst's sake, focus on racism, sexism, homophobia (I basically just! don't want really heavy stuff!), first person POV, vampires and werewolves, generic high school or modern AUs for non-modern fandoms.

    Anything else: I do a lot of gift exchanges, so I have a tag on my dreamwidth for my dear author letters. They're tagged by fandom and are full of prompts, so if you like prompts I encourage you to poke through my tag!

    I'm sorry I'm a horrible TL;DR, I love fandom and gift-giving and I thank you for reading this. (I might add a post to my dear author tag with new prompts so idk, keep an eye out and also pity me and my overly enthusiastic, excessive ways.)

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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[personal profile] kuramochi 2017-02-12 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
lira i'm dead but i love u ty for always listening to me cry about whatever and holding my hand. idk what i'd do without u. here are some kinjou icons... if u rly want text i can probably add some for u.

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[personal profile] luckycricket33 2017-02-14 04:53 am (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-14 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
Hi, Lira! Samy is posting this for me so I'm keeping the note short. Things I couldn't fit into the fic:
- Slytherin!Midousuji and his weird friendship with that puffiest of Hufflepuffs, Onoda
- Ravenclaw Prefect Imaizumi who has the biggest crush ever on Kinjou
- Arakita is a truly vicious Beater


The fireplace crackled softly, throwing glints of gold into Makishima’s hair as he reclined in an armchair and thumbed through his Transfiguration textbook languidly. The chair next to him creaked and he glanced up. Kinjou’s dark gaze made Makishima reflexively straighten up, taking his long legs off the arm of the chair and sitting properly.

“Kinjou,” he said, Transfiguration tome lying open and forgotten on his lap.

“Makishima,” Kinjou answered. The fire spluttered and without looking, Kinjou reached over to prod it with the poker. The flames leapt up, then settled once again into a slow simmer that warmed the Common Room. “How was the Slug Club dinner?”

“Awful.” Small talk had never been Makishima’s skill and neither was social climbing. His family status as an old, rich pureblood family meant that he had to be invited but he attended only reluctantly. “You should have come with me.”

“I wasn’t invited,” Kinjou reminded Makishima gently. “You can represent House Hufflepuff well enough on your own.”

“They’re going to think Hufflepuff is full of quiet weirdoes if I’m supposed to represent it,” Makishima said, the corners of his mouth crooking downwards.

“Let them underestimate us. We’ll show them the error of their ways once the points come in.” Gryffindor might be flashy, Slytherin sly and Ravenclaw the best at racking up points through academics but Hufflepuff was diligent. Slowly, steadily, their Hourglass kept filling up.

“Yeah.” Makishima shifted uncomfortably in his chair, gaze flickering down to the book and then back up to Kinjou. “You heard about Herbology?”

“That we lost twenty points because a first year confused your hair for a Flitterbloom and you nearly strangled her with it when she cut it?” Kinjou’s arched eyebrow was enough to make Makishima draw in on himself a little.

“I didn’t – I was experimenting with having tentacles covered in fur instead of hair. It hurt when she cut it. The other tentacles reacted before I could stop them.” The explanation was muttered in a low tone, Makishima reaching back to wind one of the long, green tendrils of hair around his fingers and stroke it soothingly with his thumb.

“I thought it must be something like that.” The calmness of Kinjou’s tone made Makishima look up just as the Prefect leaned in and caught a strand of Makishima’s hair loosely in his hand. He drew his thumb over the lock of hair, mimicking Makishima, and a small, barely perceptible shudder ran through Makishima.

“It’s not tentacles anymore,” Makishima said, utterly unnecessarily for the sake of something to distract himself with. “It looks like dreadlocks when it’s tentacles. It’s just hair now. No more extra nerve endings.”

Kinjou nodded but didn’t let go of Makishima’s hair, continuing to let the silky hair pile in his hair and then pool through his fingers. The flickering light of the fire picked out the red highlights, burnishing them to a brilliant crimson.

“I wonder what the Gryffindors and Slytherins thought of you going to the dinner with their colors together in your hair,” Kinjou said, a slight smile touching his lips. “I can imagine Fukutomi wasn’t pleased.”

“Good.” Makishima’s fingers dug into the textbook. He made himself let go, then twisted so he could reach over to Kinjou’s leg, tracing his fingertips over the outline of Kinjou’s thigh under the robes. The hard muscle had no give to it, no sign of weakness, but Makishima flattened his palm over the curve of Kinjou’s thigh and squeezed anyway. For all that it had been months and Madam Pomfrey was an excellent healer, Makishima still couldn’t forget the sight of Kinjou lying on the Quidditch pitch, pale and bloodied with his leg sticking out at an unnatural angle.

He didn’t even care if there was anyone in the Common Room to see.

“Makishima.” The warning in Kinjou’s tone made Makishima pause, then draw his hand away reluctantly. When he smiled up at Kinjou, it was a baring of shark teeth, triangular and sharp.

“We’ll get him next time. The Slytherins won’t get the Quidditch Cup or the House Cup this year.” They’d teach Fukutomi to deliberately yank their Seeker off his broom. No matter how much Fukutomi apologized or how contrite he seemed to be, Makishima wouldn’t forgive Fukutomi that.

Kinjou could’ve died.

As always, the thought made something tighten in his chest, uncomfortably akin to a fist squeezing every last drop of blood out of his heart. If he ever met a Dementor, he knew what memory it would evoke.

“We will,” Kinjou affirmed, the quiet confidence in his voice giving Makishima the strength to meet his Prefect’s eyes again. They shared a smile then, by the dying light of the fire, secure and solid on Kinjou’s part, crooked and sharp on Makishima’s.

“It’s getting late, Yusuke. You should go to bed.” Kinjou let go of Makishima’s hair and stood, his shadow falling over Makishima as the fire silhouetted him in light. Makishima took a moment to enjoy the sight of his Prefect haloed in gold, then shut his textbook with a decisive snap and slid fluidly to his feet.

He glanced swiftly around the room. The little third year, Onoda, had been studying in a corner earlier but it was empty now. Kinjou must’ve sent him off to bed before coming to talk to Makishima.


Makishima threaded his fingers through Kinjou’s, holding his hand, then leaned in. He let his lips just barely brush against Kinjou’s. Anything more and the portraits on the walls would start wolf-whistling and cheering. They were better monitors than the Prefects, really.

“I hope you mean your bed, Shingo,” Makishima purred against Kinjou’s mouth.

Kinjou’s smile was answer enough.
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[personal profile] sotongsotong 2017-02-14 09:56 am (UTC)(link)
I always love reading the headcanons you come up with for these two, so please have an Oimiyu in return!

“So,” Miyuki begins, out of the blue. “Three wishes.”

“Three wishes,” Tooru echoes, almost bored in his tone despite— in spite of, really— how little sense Miyuki’s words are on their own, coming out of nowhere like that. There are idiosyncrasies and then, there are idiosyncrasies; Tooru’s just a little surprised at his own resilience towards Miyuki’s lately. Well, it’s not like it’s been a one-way street this whole time at any rate: Miyuki has done his fair share of listening too, always paying attention to even the most random of Tooru’s whims. It lights a funny hollow at the back of his throat, makes it harder for him to swallow gratitude sometimes, but that’s a stray thought and there’s a different matter at hand. An infinitely more entertaining one. “Context, please.”

“Okay, okay.” Miyuki makes a vague gesture to the air. “It’s like an Arabian Nights sort of thing; you’re Aladdin and you come across this magic lamp, resident genie and all, and you get three wishes to blow. What are they gonna be?” He tips his chair backwards and grins at Tooru. Any further and he very well might kiss the floor, ass-first.

Perhaps, a part of Tooru wants to see Miyuki actually fall, just for the fuck of it. Another part of him just sighs fellow athlete and that’s how he finds himself forcing Miyuki forward again by nudging the back of Miyuki’s seat with his foot. Injuries are infuriatingly unpredictable, after all. “It sounds weird, getting your wishes granted without having to work for them.”

(Tooru stops himself from adding it’s also weird how, no matter how much you think you deserve them, some things just won’t come true anyway.)

“It does, doesn’t it?” Miyuki huffs a laugh. It’s a little wry to Tooru’s ears. “But, just, humour me for a bit? What-ifs can be kind of fun if you don’t think too hard about them.”

Tooru taps a finger on his chin in fake thought, ignoring Miyuki’s snorts in the background. The thing is he’s had more near-misses haunting him rather than what-ifs, and it’s a telling reality he tries to best by keeping it at chokehold— not very successfully, sometimes, but, life moves, and so does Tooru. He gains nothing from wallowing; from stagnancy. He gains, at the very least, something by striding on.

In the end, he settles for practicality. “I’d wish for better eyesight, better health—“ he smirks at Miyuki, “— and for you to have a better hairstyle.”

“How incredibly kind of you to have the welfare of my hair in your thoughts, Oikawa-san!” Miyuki sounds as casual as he can be chuckling at Tooru’s expense, and that’s how Tooru picks up the slightest strain of surprise in it; the way his shoulders are straightened from their typical slouch.

Tooru gets it; what Miyuki actually means is how kind of you to have me in your thoughts at all.

“What?” Tooru’s smile turns that one shade of knowing. “Surprised that I actually give a damn about you?”

“Now you’re just fucking with me.” Miyuki’s eyes don’t meet his. “But. Yeah. In a way, I guess.”

“Well, live with it. I do.” He doesn’t have that much heart to go on with for better or for worse but they’ll get there. Someday. That level of honesty.

A gust blows and the curtain covering the window beside them flows with it, hovering between Miyuki and Tooru for a single longest moment. When it drops, they’re staring at each other.

“Are your wishes really just that simple? I thought you’d wish for something more…”

(Something more fulfilling, like making it to Nationals, the Olympics, whatever other sporting dreams you want to reach so badly— )

“No,” Tooru cuts him off. He’s never taken well to wishful thinking. “I won’t be satisfied if I can’t grab what I truly want with my own two hands. The struggle makes it worth it, you know?”

“It does?” As if Miyuki doesn’t know this first-hand as well.

Still, he nods agreeably. “That, and laughing at everyone’s faces as they watch you grind them to the dust.”

Miyuki doesn’t say anything to that, just tips his chair backwards again because he pretends to never learn, knows that Tooru sees through this ruse but wants to watch what he’ll do about it anyway.

Tooru waits. Waits and waits and waits until he sees Miyuki go so far back that he wobbles, teetering on the very edges of the chair’s back legs, until the very last minute when the chair finally gives way to gravity, then, his foot shoots out to steady the back of the chair, pushing Miyuki to safety again.

“You have a really bad personality, you know right?” Miyuki informs him, looking a little winded but not worse for the wear.

“Pot, kettle!” Tooru snarks in return, and leaves it at that.
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for lira from miyu~

[personal profile] miyukitty 2017-02-17 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Lira you are a cool person with interesting opinions and I enjoy your enthusiasm and debates and writing and life stories!! I dunno if you know this but I used to live near you before I got to know you? But it was right when I moved away that SASO started and we started talking, so. It would be fun to meet in person someday instead of vicariously through Kiri :3

But here, Po Town is the best part of SunMoon yes/yes??? Have some Skulls gettin' messy~ :D

(Anonymous) 2017-02-20 07:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Sumire lifts her eyes to the ceiling and counts breaths.

She's not as good at deep breathing as the others are. It's something she's been working on, something she's learning to emulate when she watches her upperclassmen. Just Taichi at first, and then the others, Chihaya first and then Nishida, then Oe.

It's Oe her eyes linger on. The way her small mouth purses as she blows a slow, long breath out; the way her eyes with their sparse lashes slip shut as her lungs expand.

Both Sumire and Oe are girlish, but Oe handles it in a way that Sumire with all her late-night aggressive youtube makeup tutorial rewatches can't quite reach. Sumire never grew up learning how to sit seiza, how to tie an obi, how to take small steps, how to lift her wrist when she pours a cup of tea. She learned loudness, not softness. She thinks she could do something about Oe's lashes, easy. Fake lashes, and maybe even contacts if Oe could tolerate them. Oe's mouth is already perfect and pink, and Sumire wonders what it would be like to press a lip gloss brush to her mouth and feel the gentle give of her lips as she makes them shine.

She has to take a second to even her breathing out again. Focus, she thinks. Inhale.

Oe's hand darts upward to tuck a curl of hair behind her ear. Oe can think of a dozen hair clips that would look beautiful there. Oe thinks in kimonos and rich fabrics but Sumire wants to dress those she loves up in glitter and glamour: contouring and concealer, polish lovingly applied to short hardworking nails.

"Oe-senpai," she says. Oe's eyes drift upward from the cards; Sumire has broken her focus. "Will you go to the bon festival with me?"

Her eyebrows lift, but she doesn't respond immediately.

"I'll do our makeup and hair, and you can do the yukata," she adds.

Oe's eyes brighten, and then she gives her a slight smile.

"If you can take ten cards from me, I'll consider it," Oe says.

"You're on," she replies at once, rolling up her sleeves. Sumire can't beat Oe, maybe can't even take those ten cards, but if there's one thing she's good at, it's trying.
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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-21 03:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Rom/Yaiba; 406w; G

Rom is the first to figure him out. Yaiba isn't surprised; of all of his bandmates, Rom seems to have the firmest grip on reality. He knows how the world works, well enough to know when it's not following its own rules.

Still, Yaiba's heart thumps in his ribcage when Rom reaches out, laying his hand flat on Yaiba's chest, over the head of his tattoo.

"So," Rom says without preamble. "You're a dragon."

Yaiba huffs quietly, unsure if he feels insulted by how Rom makes it sound like the most casual thing in the world. "I am, indeed, a dragon. Hence—"

"Why a fox?" Rom asks and since he's already touching Yaiba, he doesn't seem to hesitate before lifting his hand to stroke Yaiba's fox ears, fingers tracing over the earrings in one of them. "These kind of gave you away, you know. People usually get the other set of ears pierced."

Yaiba raises an eyebrow. "What difference does it make? In myumon form, we only have these ears."

"Spoken like a dragon," Rom laughs quietly. "Or someone who isn't used to being a myumon, anyway. You didn't answer my question, though. Why a fox?"

Yaiba adjusts his glasses. "I had it on good authority that you have a particular weakness to foxes."

Rom's jaw tenses very briefly and his grip on Yaiba's ears tightens—only just barely—before he pulls his hand away. "Well. I guess you're right. Why me, though?"

"I wanted to join the band," Yaiba replies. "You were clearly the leader, hence—"

"You thought you'd appeal to my interests" Rom finishes, rubbing his chin. "Right. So your legendary master—"

"Kamui Ryu is the greatest of dragons," Yaiba answers with pride.

"Can I see what you look like, for real?" Rom asks. "I'm curious."

The studio is empty and no one is due to come by any time soon. Yaiba takes a deep breath and lets himself unfurl into his true form; a long, golden, dragon with black markings, hovering in the air just in front of Rom. Yaiba still has his glasses, which is the only reason he can see Rom's expression, going from surprised to thoughtful to resigned, all in the blink of an eye, until he settles for a wry grin, folding his arms across his chest.

"Well, shit," Rom finally mutters, looking up at Yaiba. "You're gorgeous like this, but I guess I do have thing for foxes after all."
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In Which Imaizumi Stresses Himself Sick

[personal profile] yrindor 2017-02-21 07:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Happy vlockers day, Lira! Here's some KinIma for you from your datakitty.

Consider: During his third year of high school, Imaizumi goes to visit Kinjou at Yonan. Kinjou wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone throwing up, but at first he thinks he's just hearing his neighbors through the walls again (not an uncommon occurrence). He's about ready to go back to bed before he realizes the sound is coming from his apartment, and Imaizumi is no longer in bed with him.

Kinjou knocks on the bathroom door, but Imaizumi tells him it's nothing and he should go back to bed. Or rather, Imaizumi tries to tell him but is interrupted by another round of vomiting, at which point Kinjou lets himself in. He finds Imaizumi shivering on the bathroom floor and points out that throwing up at three in the morning doesn't count as nothing in his book. They shared dinner, so Kinjou doesn't think the problem is something Imaizumi ate, but he's still not sure what the issue is. Every time he tries to push the subject, it leads to another round of dry heaving, so eventually he drops it and settles for fetching Imaizumi a glass of water and a blanket (Imaizumi tries to refuse the blanket, but Kinjou is persistent).

Once Imaizumi is feeling a little better, Kinjou nudges him into the shower and goes to find him a clean pair of pajamas and make tea (ginger, to help settle his stomach, which Imaizumi promptly chokes on when he tries to gulp it down). What Kinjou eventually teases out is that Imaizumi is worried he won't get into Yonan, or if he does, he won't make it onto the cycling team, or won't be able to balance cycling and academics, which in his mind are all reasons Kinjou will break up with him. Kinjou reassures him and considers trying to get them both back to bed for another few hours, but by then the sun is already up, so he settles for making them breakfast instead (which they eat curled up together on the couch, and then Imaizumi falls asleep in his lap).
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[personal profile] mother_herbivore 2017-02-27 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
Android!Makishima makes a nice personal heater and it's just what Kinjou needs after a long day doing... stuff in space? i dunno, i wanted to bring u a limited palette and some glowy effects cuz i love you