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2017 Locker for Celi

Name: Celi

Fandoms: Fate/series, Love Live! (both original and Sunshine), Sound Horizon, Baccano!, Mystic Messenger, Natsume Yuujinchou, Noragami

Robin Hood forever, but I dig Gawain and Drake and Medb ok I genuinely love everyone ever I am this way | Robin x Hakuno, Robin x Gudako, Gudako x other ppl's suffering

Love Live
NICO YAZAWA BEST GIRL!!! Rin and Honoka are second best girls. Mari and Dia for Aqours but truly I love everyone.

Mystic Messenger
ALIEN BOYFRIEND 707! V is cute too! I LOVE EVERYBODY. 707/MC, Jumin/V, Jaehee/MC are A+.

Sound Horizon
Everything is good because not a lot of ppl know this series (Iberia is my favorite but Buranko is best girl). But really everything is good.

I SERIOUSLY LOVE EVERYBODY I am this way I am sorry. Huey Laforet x Monica Campanella are my actual otp (I like Huey, Monica, and Elmer ot3 too) with Huey as top tier fave forever.

Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume is best ♥ I dig Natsume, Taki and Tanuma ot3 in any order too but also I love everyone ;;;;;;

KOFUKU BEST WIFE and Kofuku x Daikoku best couple (I also love..............e...veryone).

Likes: Found familes are A+++ in general any kind of family blather is A+++. Gen is a+++ but ships are A+++ too. I love kind of that simple, gentle feeling of things so things like holding hands or walking together or listening to the rain or watching snow fall or watching a balloon fly into the sky. I am a sucker for funny things or cute things or just HAPPY THINGS or creative things.

Dislikes: I can't think of any hard firm no's atm. Maybe nothing that has a SAD ENDING. Sad that turns to happy is ok.
Anything else: I'll be happy with everything EVEN IF ITS FROM A SERIES NOT ON MY WISHLIST I watch a lot of stuff okay!!!!!!

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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It had been a very long day for MC. Planning this rollout for the new bakery items took a lot out of her. Jaehee was always the one planning, and MC thought is was high time she pulled some of her own weight around her (their) café. The other woman insisted that it was fine and she was doing an amazing job. Jaehee said that this little shop would never have succeeded without her hard work, loyalty, and support, but MC wasn't so sure. That's why she came up with the idea to sell more light food. Keep the customers a little longer with cute cupcakes and flakey croissants and buttery scones.

MC was indeed a hard worker, but she usually had a little more guidance on her projects. She wanted to wow Jaehee and give her something great for the shop. That meant only the best. She was very aware that this might have a bit to do with the strength of her feelings for the other woman and how she wanted to do everything she could to be a pillar for her just as she was when Jumin fired her. Speaking of, MC was very happy to find that since Jaehee was much more relaxed now that she wasn't working under him. Her expressions were more relaxed and she smiled more. Though she was very serious when it came to the business still, the days usually seemed to melt right off her once they closed up and returned to the small two bedroom apartment they shared.

After Jaehee said goodbye to the final customer and waved them out, she flipped their little sign to 'closed.' "We did very well today, I think." Her small smile to MC warmed her heart. "I'm also excited for your little project that starts Monday" She picked up the cup from the man that just left and wiped down the table. "I know you wanted to keep some parts of it secret, so I'm really looking forward to see what you came up with. I'm sure it'll be wonderful."

MC blushed a little and waved her hands in front of herself. "It's nothing to really get excited over. I'm really hoping I did an okay job, since I'm not the one that's so good at this stuff." She scratched lightly at the side of her face, looking away. Jaehee came around the side of the counter and set the rag down by the sink and walked past her to set the coffee cup with the other dirty ones from the end of the shift. They didn't have the means to hire other workers just yet, but the former assistant did have her eye on the small space next door for if or when they decided to expand.

"Remember it was your idea for the type of sign out front, as well as the vintage chairs and tables, MC." Jaehee grinned sideways at her. "Don't underestimate yourself."

"Sure." MC sighed and walked to the register to start the countdown for the day.

Jaehee frowned and paused as she watched MC, then an idea came to her. "Hey-" she called softly, catching MC's wrist before she could open the drawer. "How about we put this off until tomorrow morning and go out for dinner?" They closed at 6pm every day, seeing as they were a day café, and tomorrow being Sunday meant they opened a little later. "You need a night off." Jaehee's thumb swiped over the bump of bone on MC's wrist and she knew she was a goner. She never could say no to her.

"We really shouldn't-"

The other woman hummed at her, cutting her off. "I think we really should." Her hand left MC's wrist and she mourned the loss of it. Jaehee walked past her and pulled her apron off as she went, hanging it on a peg and then moved to grab both of their coats, not waiting for a response. MC's was handed to her and she watched as Jaehee slipped her arms in her own, pulling gloves from the pockets and slipping those on too.

Of course MC had no choice now. When Jaehee tilted her head and raised an eyebrow, she pulled her apron off as well, placing it on the counter before taking her coat and putting it on as well. She had no gloves however, as she lost them last week and hadn't gotten around to buying a new pair yet. It wasn't extremely cold anyway, and she did have pockets.

Setting out, she waited as Jaehee locked the door behind them and then followed close behind her as she walked. They chatted about several things, Zen's new movie, Seven's awful puns from the chat last week, and customers they had during the day.

MC spent a little too much time watching the way Jaehee's eyes shone as she talking about something she was interested in, or how her lips curved when she smiled. She realized a little too late that she missed the last thing the other woman said, and blushed and turned her head when she was called out on it.

"You really did work hard today. You're spacing out a little bit." Their hands bumped together when Mc's footing stuttered over an uneven patch in the sidewalk.

MC watched her glance down between them, then blinked when Jaehee's cheeks darkened. A moment passed as they both walked in silence, looking ahead. Fabric brushed up against her knuckles and she almost jumped, looking down to see as Jaehee's gloved fingers twined their way between her own. Her eyes darted up to the other woman's face and she assumed their faces were the same pleasant and warm pink. "You should be careful, MC. I don't want you to trip." MC looked down at their hands again. If only Jaehee wasn't wearing gloves...

"Thank you for being so kind." MC smiled at her.

Jaehee held her gaze with a serious expression for a moment, then sighed. "My intentions aren't platonic. I think-" She stopped walking, MC's hand was pulled and she stopped as well, facing her. "We've both been dancing around each other... right? I hope I haven't been reading this wrong." Then expression she wore was the same one as when she drank two too many glasses of wine and watched MC intently for seemingly no reason.

MC wasn't oblivious to miss her meaning, since she may as well have been waiting for an opportunity like this since she became close with the other woman. "Yes." She let out a little puff of air that curled white in front of her lips and saw Jaehee watch it disappear. It was always best to be straightforward with her. "I... have 'less than platonic' feelings for you too." She smiled as Jaehee's face went pink again.

"Okay then." Her fingers squeezed MC's and they stood in the middle of the sidewalk, grinning at each other and listening to the sounds of their small city.

After a long moment Jaehee turned again and pulled MC to walk with her again, fingers in a firm but loose grip. Her chatter raised again and MC commented back to continue their pleasant walk.

They held hands the whole way there, as well as the walk back.
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NICO IS BEST GIRL FOREVER! *high fives you*


"Thank you so much, everyone!" Nico called out gleefully, bouncing on the heels of her feet. Her skirt fluffed and swirled around her as she waved cheerily at the large audience. The stadium was packed full, so many faces that she couldn't even see the people at the back, but the large screens behind her showed her in perfect detail while the cameras set up all over the stage streamed her final show live over the Internet.

"You've all been the best of fans that I could hope for and I want to thank you for having been such loyal fans and friends. I have greatly enjoyed being your idol and I know I'll miss all your smiling face and friendly cheer."

She had to pause there for the cheering to die down, twirling her microphoe as she waited. When she could be heard again, she continued blithely, "As you all know, my idol career started in school when I got together with a group of friends and formed u's. Without that early experience, I might've never been the the Nico-Nico-Nii that you all love so much!"

She struck a pose, then gestured at the sides of the stage. Honoka, Rin, and Honoya ran on from one side in outfitst that matched Nico's while Eli, Nozomi and Maki ran on from the other side. They got into position behind Nico as the cheers from the crowd become overwhelming and the music started to well up.

"And now, for my very last song ever, I'd like to perform with my precious friends! If you know the song, clap along! This is Yuujou No Change!"

She tossed the microphone into the air and then caught it with a dramatic flourish, stomping her feet to get into the rhythm of the song. The wild burst of music, the throbbing drumbeat under foot, the flashing lights and best of all, her friends at her side - it was everything that Nico could have dreamt of as a teenager.

It was the best end to her career possible. She'd leave the stage behind and stop being Nico-Nico-Nii, the idol, but she'd still be Nico - and she'd still be with her friends.

Our friendship won’t change, come here
Always being earnest is something we share
I think we’ll be together forever
Yeah, It’ll be fine!
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Love Live!

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A lil devil Nico banner:

And a Nico-Maki double feature, since it's Valentine's Day and their matching cards are cute 💕