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2017 Locker for gecko

Name: gecko

Fandoms: Yuri on Ice, Hunter x Hunter, No. 6, One Punch Man, Akatskui no Yona, Shingeki no Kyojin

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: Yuuri/Victor, Kurapika/Leorio, Gon/Killua, Nezumi/Shion, Genos/Sonic, Yona/Hak, Levi/Eren, Mikasa/Annie

Likes: I'm more into the angsty side of the scale, and I love hurt/comfort (with emphasis on the hurt), both physical and psychological. I love concern and protectiveness. In that regard I'm really looking for things that deal with the impact and the fallout of the traumatic events, from acute injuries to guiding each other through dealing with recent or past trauma. I like challenging a character emotionally, mentally, or morally. I'm interested in what comes after and how the characters deal with what happened or what they had to do, the echo and consequences of these events, for one character in particular or for the relationships and relationship dynamics. Recovery in any and all shapes is my lifeblood. I like fic that's character-driven and introspective just as much as fic that's actually telling me a story. If you want to write an AU, don't fight that urge but I'm more into modern day/no powers/different circumstances AUs than into, like, High School AU or Historical AU or something. (plenty more AU ideas) And of course, canon-based AUs that explore the roads not taken and different outcomes of canon events are more than fine. I have no problem with dark fic, horror or gore, if that's your thing then go to town. (crueltide comment) And I'm super into found family and exploring all kinds of friendships. Which also means that I'm definitely not going to be disappointed if you keep any of the relationships I ship here a platonic gen, unless they are romantic in canon (see YOI and No. 6, for example). As long as they're close and that shows, I'm good. In shippy fic, I love casual intimacy, rocky roads and slow build. I don't need happy endings, but I don't mind them. Smut is great, and I'm good with most kinks as long as they're consensual, except those that involve, say, bodily fluids. I prefer femdom in hetfic, especially for the more evolved kinks, so to say, like breathplay and painplay and bondage; I get quite easily squicked by men dominating women. And I really like experimental kink and pushing boundaries the characters didn't even know they had. Also, rough sex, quick and hurried and adrenaline-fueled, where it fits the pairing. Also, I like using kink to deal with past trauma, by any measure of dealing, even if it's veering into being unhealthy or somewhat ill-advised. Another big one I'm gonna single out in this context is fear kink, aka getting off on being afraid/panicked/feeling unsafe even if that's an artificially produced response in an actually safe environment. (yuleporn comment)

Dislikes: The most important do-not-wants are crossovers or genderswap. Also, no schmoop or fluff, no proposals or marriages or kids. No non-con or even dub-con involving female characters. Oh, and I have a fierce dislike for first person POV in fanfic. Other than that: no bashing of any characters to make the character(s) at the center shine.

Anything else: The no schmoop/fluff rule doesn't apply to YOI. Do feel free to make that as saccharine as your heart desires. XD

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)

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