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2017 Locker for gecko

Name: gecko

Fandoms: Yuri on Ice, Hunter x Hunter, No. 6, One Punch Man, Akatskui no Yona, Shingeki no Kyojin

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: Yuuri/Victor, Kurapika/Leorio, Gon/Killua, Nezumi/Shion, Genos/Sonic, Yona/Hak, Levi/Eren, Mikasa/Annie

Likes: I'm more into the angsty side of the scale, and I love hurt/comfort (with emphasis on the hurt), both physical and psychological. I love concern and protectiveness. In that regard I'm really looking for things that deal with the impact and the fallout of the traumatic events, from acute injuries to guiding each other through dealing with recent or past trauma. I like challenging a character emotionally, mentally, or morally. I'm interested in what comes after and how the characters deal with what happened or what they had to do, the echo and consequences of these events, for one character in particular or for the relationships and relationship dynamics. Recovery in any and all shapes is my lifeblood. I like fic that's character-driven and introspective just as much as fic that's actually telling me a story. If you want to write an AU, don't fight that urge but I'm more into modern day/no powers/different circumstances AUs than into, like, High School AU or Historical AU or something. (plenty more AU ideas) And of course, canon-based AUs that explore the roads not taken and different outcomes of canon events are more than fine. I have no problem with dark fic, horror or gore, if that's your thing then go to town. (crueltide comment) And I'm super into found family and exploring all kinds of friendships. Which also means that I'm definitely not going to be disappointed if you keep any of the relationships I ship here a platonic gen, unless they are romantic in canon (see YOI and No. 6, for example). As long as they're close and that shows, I'm good. In shippy fic, I love casual intimacy, rocky roads and slow build. I don't need happy endings, but I don't mind them. Smut is great, and I'm good with most kinks as long as they're consensual, except those that involve, say, bodily fluids. I prefer femdom in hetfic, especially for the more evolved kinks, so to say, like breathplay and painplay and bondage; I get quite easily squicked by men dominating women. And I really like experimental kink and pushing boundaries the characters didn't even know they had. Also, rough sex, quick and hurried and adrenaline-fueled, where it fits the pairing. Also, I like using kink to deal with past trauma, by any measure of dealing, even if it's veering into being unhealthy or somewhat ill-advised. Another big one I'm gonna single out in this context is fear kink, aka getting off on being afraid/panicked/feeling unsafe even if that's an artificially produced response in an actually safe environment. (yuleporn comment)

Dislikes: The most important do-not-wants are crossovers or genderswap. Also, no schmoop or fluff, no proposals or marriages or kids. No non-con or even dub-con involving female characters. Oh, and I have a fierce dislike for first person POV in fanfic. Other than that: no bashing of any characters to make the character(s) at the center shine.

Anything else: The no schmoop/fluff rule doesn't apply to YOI. Do feel free to make that as saccharine as your heart desires. XD

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)

happy valentine's day 💖

(Anonymous) 2017-02-21 07:34 am (UTC)(link)
(set during ep7)

Victor covers him with a blanket and then falls asleep on top of him, and manages to fall asleep within minutes despite Yuuri's yelling.

Yuuri quiets down soon enough, watching as Victor's face slackens, watching as the perpetual smile that hangs on the corners of his mouth smooths into something expressionless. He smacks his lips, and then his breathing slows.

It's odd that he knows the intimate details of Victor's sleeping habits; that he knows Victor only likes to sleep on his back or his front like this, curled with most of his weight on his left side but with the majority of it resting on his belly; that he knows Victor doesn't sleep well unless he's near another warm body.

Victor is teasing him by bundling him up like this, but it's also more than teasing. Victor knows that Yuuri, keyed-up as he is, won't accept caretaking in any form that isn't rendered at least a little meaningless. It would be too heavy for Yuuri to accept, otherwise.

There was no alarm set. Yuuri can't get up to set one, but also can't bring himself to move Victor and his attempt at comfort. He stares at the darkness behind the eye mask and bites his lip, his mind racing. Going through the fluid movements of his routine. Remembering the feel of his skate biting the ice, the wind in his face. Remembering how cold and wet it is when he falls and slides, the pain of the bruises he gets on the sides of his hips from impacting against the ice—

"Yuuri," Victor murmurs, and Yuuri jumps.

"You're still awake?" he asks, his voice hushed too for no good reason.

"You're thinking so loudly, how could I get any sleep?" he says. He knows that tone, knows it means that his mouth is smiling but his eyes aren't. "You have to rest or you won't have any strength for the competition, Yuuri. Take a few deep breaths."

Yuuri tries. He does. But he starts to feel lightheaded, and when he stops deep breathing his breaths accelerate again. He lies there for hours, anxious, trying to sleep with Victor on top of him, but he can't.

His only consolation is that Victor stays awake with him the whole time. He doesn't try to talk to him any more after that, just slowly pets his hand down Yuuri's side through the blanket, shifts his weight every now and then so Yuuri knows he hasn't fallen asleep yet. He tucks his cheek in beside Yuuri's and lets him listen to the even pace of his breathing, trying to give Yuuri the kind of comfort that he himself would want. But Yuuri isn't like Victor. He doesn't respond to the same kinds of triggers that Victor does.


Victor saying he'll quit if Yuuri loses isn't surprising, but it is shocking—to hear the worst fears in his head spoken aloud by the person he looks up to the most.

He yells at Victor and cries and is generally embarrassing, but he doesn't try to censor himself, because: Victor listens. Victor listens to him, and accepts what he has to say, and he's never had a coach who he's trusted to listen to him without passing judgement before.


After the competition Yuuri retreats to his hotel room. The door swings shut behind him and for a moment he just stares at the heavy-duty carpet and the furniture without character, as if he's never seen any of these things before.

Then he paces forward ten steps and flops into bed face-first.

After a few moments he kicks off his shoes. After another few moments he wiggles his arms out of his jacket and shoves it over the side of the bed, listening to the rustle of the cloth as it hits the floor. Then, without looking, he fumbles his phone out of his pants pocket.

Come, he types without looking, in Japanese.

Victor appears anyway, though he has to knock for a while until Yuuri rouses the energy to pull himself back up from bed. "What took you so long, Yuuri," he says, frowning, worry hanging around his eyes. "I thought you had drowned in the bathtub."

Yuuri is too tired for words. He grabs Victor's hand and pulls him towards the bed. Victor follows, unresisting.

"I'm so proud of you," he's saying. "When we get home, we'll have to work on—" Yuuri starts to unbutton his jacket, and Victor's voice cuts off. There's a pause, long enough for Yuuri to push the jacket open and grab the lapels.

"Yuuri?" Victor says again, more hesitant.

Yuuri pushes the jacket from his shoulders. It hits the floor near his own, and Victor despite his normal fastidiousness does not move to pick it up.

"Come to bed," Yuuri murmurs, not looking at him. He manages to flip the covers open and crawls inside, his eyes already closing.

The room is silent for a moment. Then Victor says, "I thought you didn't like sleeping with other people."

Yuuri doesn't reply properly, just raises a hand and curls the fingers in towards his palm, a tired summons.

He listens as Victor takes off his button down shirt and then, after a moment of hesitation, his slacks. The bed gets warmer once Victor climbs in beside him.

Yuuri doesn't move. Victor reaches a hand out and rests it tentatively on his stomach. Yuuri covers it with his own.

"Go to bed," he mutters, halfway asleep himself. His body isn't sore yet but he knows he'll feel it tomorrow.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you all day," Victor replies, but the glibness of the reply is ruined by the nerves in his voice.

"Hush," he says. "Come here." He reaches out as Victor curls into him.

It's the first time in years that he's willingly slept with someone in his bed. Together, they sleep through to the morning.
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Re: happy valentine's day 💖

[personal profile] geckoholic 2017-02-22 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
THIS IS ALL KINDS OF PERFECT OMG. Yuuri knowing Victor's sleeping habits, and Victor trying to give comfort Yuuri can process, and them both kinda meeting each other halfway in more than one context. :D I'M SO HAPPY. And it's really beautifully written too!
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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-22 09:53 am (UTC)(link)
Nezumi/Shion; 354w; G

Sometimes, Shion shuts his eyes and thinks that he can still hear Nezumi sing. Rebuilding the world is exhausting, no matter how much faith Shion has that it will all be worth it in the end. It's difficult to focus on the bright and shining future when Shion is in the cold and lonely present, when all the company he has does nothing to make up for Nezumi's absence.

Love, he thinks with a wry smile, isn't anywhere near as pleasant as he once thought it would be. It burrows under his skin and takes residence there; Shion has already had a similar experience and nearly had it destroy him. It's almost as if this is a second attempt, this time with something that Shion can't just dig out and throw away. He isn't even sure that he would, if he was given the option. Let it burn, he thinks. Let it consume him from the inside out. At least that way, he'll know his love is there, even when Nezumi is not, when the faint song on the wind is at best, Shion being hopeful and at worst, his delusion getting the better of him.

He doesn't know when he'll see Nezumi but there's a feeling that settles into his bones that says, not yet, not a while longer and he doesn't think to question it even if there's no reason to believe it. They're just not that lucky, Shion muses to himself. All he has to get by is the memory of two kisses, of the time they spent sharing the same space, sharing a life that they both believed could be better. It would make sense, he thinks, if they didn't see each other again until they reached that better life, so they can share that instead.

It's still far out of reach, though, and Shion sighs as he feels the wind die down, Nezumi's voice fading into a silence broken only by crickets and the quiet, distant murmur of conversation among the people resting near him.

He'll keep moving forward on his path. It's the only choice he's ever had.
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[personal profile] geckoholic 2017-02-22 10:26 pm (UTC)(link)
This is wonderful, sad and kinda reluctantly hopeful, and so ~right for Shion. Thank you so much for writing it for me, I really enjoyed it. :D