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2017 Locker for Pax

Name Pax

Friending Meme Post: (optional) boop

Fandoms: so many. Yowamushi Pedal, Haikyuu!!, Yuri!!! on Ice, Voltron, Boku no Hero Academia

YP: Teshima, Aoyagi, Makishima, Arakita are fave characters; for ships, I particularly like Teshima/Aoyagi (the OTP), Makishima/Toudou, Arakita/Toudou, Arakita/Kinjou, Teshima/Ashikiba, Teshima/happiness
HQ: Kenma, Asahi, Kuroo, Yamaguchi, Nekoma in general, Lev; Kenma/Kuroo, Kenma/Yamamoto, Kenma/Fukunaga (shut up I like Kenma), Akaashi/Bokuto, Bokuto/Kuroo
YOI: Yuuri, JJ, Phichit; Yuuri & Yuri, Yuuri/Victor, Yuuri/Phichit
VLD: Pidge, Lance; Hunk/Lance, Pidge & Matt, Matt/Shiro
BNHA: Aizawa, Tokoyami, Shouji, Tsuyu, Todoroki, Iida; Eraserhead/Present Mic, Shouji/Tokoyami

Likes: I love GEN! I think fandom needs more focus on platonic relationships; friends and family are important. Missing scenes are my jam. Also; fluff, angst, AUs (especially fantasy and AUs set in other fandoms), rarepairs, snuggling, monsters, everyone being bi, crossovers

Dislikes: Oikawa, 2nd person, poetry, trans hcs with non-canon genders, dirty talk, lapslock, incest

Anything else: Guys, I'm so vanilla. I really love characters in happy, loving relationships, whether it's platonic or romantic or whatever. Let them be loved. Also, I'm a serial multishipper so pretty much anything goes in that regard.

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)

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