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2017 Locker for yusukesjeans

Name (as you'd like it to appear in the subject line for your stocking): Yusukesjeans

Fandoms: Yowamushi Pedal, Yuri on Ice, Saiyuki & Saiyuki Gaiden, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Tiger & Bunny, Tokyo Babylon/ X/1999, Yu Yu Hakusho

Yowapeda: KinAra, FukuShin, FukuAra, TadoMakiKin, TouMaki, TadoTouMaki, KomaIzu, KinIma, ImaTe, Ashikiba/Yuuto, KurodaIzumidaAshikiba, all the Hakogaku 3rd years collectively dating Fukutomi,
Yuri on Ice: Victor/Yuuri, Chris/Victor (esp as amiable exes/fwbs), Chris/Chris’s boyfriend
Saiyuki/Saiyuki Gaiden: TenpouKenren is my OTP, Gojyo/Hakkai,
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun: Chiyo/Nozaki/Mikorin, Mikorin as a character (I kinda hc him as nonbinary?)
Tiger & Bunny: Kotetsu/Barnaby, also I love Fire Emblem
Tokyo Babylon: I LOVE HOKUTO, Subaru/Seishirou
Yu Yu Hakusho: Shizuru, Botan, Kuwabara, Yusuke, Koenma, Yusuke/Keiko, Kurama/Yomi, Sensui/Itsuki

Likes: happy endings, bittersweet/it’s complicated, make outs, cuddles, people being awkward, communication is a big theme of a lot of stuff I like, honestly. poly ships, deconstructions of tropes, trans headcanons, friends to lovers, found families & the idea of making your home with another person/people, drawing characters as dog breeds, piercings & tattoos, bdsm esp as an emotional experience, pet play, fingers in mouths

Dislikes: body horror, gore, any kind of incest, A/B/O, sci-fi AUs

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-13 02:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Uh. I think I was going for the communication angle and home making but I kinda ended up writing comedy instead? XD It's TouMaki though so here's hoping you still like it!


At 4:03AM, the phone rang and Makishima put a pillow over his head to block it out.

At 4:07AM, the phone rang again and Makishima found himself missing the days when unplugging the phone from the wall would silence it.

At 4:14AM, the phone rang for a third time and Makishima gave up, rolling over to grab the phone and promising himself that he would turn it off without picking up.

His thumb slipped over the ‘pick up’ button and seconds later, Toudou’s cheery voice blared into the formerly peaceful room.

“Good news, Maki-chan! I’m going to be an exchange student at your university!”

Without thinking about it, Makishima hung up. 4AM was too early to talk to Toudou. Besides, Toudou could always call back later with his--

Wait. What had he said?

As Makishima’s sleep-fogged mind kicked into gear, he stared down at the phone in his hands, scrabbling to find Toudou in his contacts.

Almost immediately, the phone started ringing again. He fumbled at the screen, this time managing to pick up on purpose.

“What did you-” he started to ask, only to be talked over by Toudou.

“Our connection must’ve gotten cut! Maki-chan, I have the best news. I’m going to spend a whole year at your university as an exchange student!”

“It didn’t get cut, I hung up,” Makishima corrected as he let himself flop onto his back on the bed. He stared up at the ceiling, counting the seconds until the next boom. Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten--

“Best of all,” Toudou continued blithely, completely ignoring Makishima’s correction, “I told them that they don’t need to find me accommodation because I’ll be staying with you!”

There it was. Makishima groaned, not even bothering to look around his tiny room.

“Toudou. I don’t have space. I’m staying in my brother’s guest room.” Logic would not work on Toudou. It never did. And yet, Makishima continued to try.

He wondered if that said more about Toudou or himself.

“That’s fine, we can share it,” Toudou said cheerfully. “I’ll e-mail you my flight plan so you can pick me up at the airport!”

“Why couldn’t you just e-mail me the news that you’re coming here?” Makishima asked, rolling over onto his side.

“Because news that big can’t be sent over e-mail, Maki-chan. Start making a list of everything you want me to bring you from Japan – and don’t put those gravure magazines on it!” With that cheerful injunction, Toudou hung up.

Makishima put his phone down and stared at the ceiling. Sleep was going to be impossible now.

Unknown to himself, his lips had curved into a small smile.
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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-21 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Victor/Yuuri; 468w; T

After all this time, Yuuri is still no easier to predict. It's definitely not a bad thing; Victor is enjoying it very much right now, as Yuuri pushes him down onto the couch in their apartment, climbing onto his lap and kissing him hard, hands coming up to hold either side of his face.

"Yuuri," Victor manages to get out in between kisses, his own hand settling on the small of Yuuri's back like it belongs there. He smiles, and Yuuri kisses the upward curve at the corner of his mouth. "I'm definitely not protesting, but what brought this on?"

"Nothing," Yuuri replies, too quickly for it to be the truth. Victor doesn't get to prod any further just yet because Yuuri kisses him again, harder this time. He leans into Victor's space so their bodies are flush against each other, teeth tugging on Victor's lower lip. He's dangerous, Victor thinks hazily. He knows exactly what Victor likes and isn't afraid to use it against him.

Victor still can't believe that he's this lucky.

"Love," he tries again, when Yuuri pulls back for breath. He slides his hands down Yuuri's hips, along the sides of his thighs where they're pinning Victor to the couch.

"Sometimes," Yuuri murmurs, pulling back so he can look down at Victor, still holding onto the side of his face with one hand, using the other to stroke his fingers through Victor's hair, "I look at the rings on your finger and I remember that you're my husband—that you're mine, and I…"

"Oh," Victor says faintly, and pulls Yuuri down into another bruising kiss. Of course. He likes it when Yuuri gets possessive like this, he likes the feeling of being owned, of having Yuuri mark out his territory with the soft press of his lips, the sharp bite of his teeth.

This time, Yuuri grins against Victor's mouth. He pulls his glasses off, reaching behind him to set them on the table until Victor takes them out of his hand and does it for him. This time, Yuuri can press himself even closer, kissing Victor without his glasses getting in the way. He's leaving Victor breathless, kiss after kiss, his mind spinning, his blood pounding. When Yuuri pulls away, Victor follows with a soft noise of protest, until he realises that their hands are joined, that Yuuri is bringing them up to his lips.

He looks at the two gold bands nestled together on his finger, just before Yuuri kisses them. The engagement ring that Yuuri had slid onto his finger in Barcelona, then the wedding ring that had joined it just a little over a year later. Victor smiles, leaning back against the couch and pulling Yuuri with him.

"Kiss me again," he murmurs, and Yuuri is only too happy to comply.
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[fic] Fukutomi/Shinkai, Know Thyself

[personal profile] catlarks 2017-02-21 09:39 pm (UTC)(link)
A/N: This ended up a lot more serious than I intended and I'm sort of sorry, but also, you did ask for bittersweet.

“Juichi,” Shinkai says.

His hand drops to cover the page of Fukutomi’s textbook, interrupting the staring contest he’d been having with the book and encouraging him to instead look up and meet Shinkai’s eyes. They’re soft, crinkling around the edges with laugh lines Fukutomi ought to know better than anyone.

But Fukutomi doesn’t always do the things he ought, and perhaps he doesn’t know that Shinkai laughs the most for him.

“It’s okay to take a break,” Shinkai adds, drawing the book away from Fukutomi’s hands and slowly pressing the covers closed. As the pages slap together they make a soft, satisfying thump, and Shinkai smiles. “If you try to do too much at once, you won’t be happy with the results.”

“You may be right,” Fukutomi concedes.

Shinkai knows it, but giving in is another thing that has never come easily to his dearest and oldest friend. His hand reaches out, fingers skating across Fukutomi’s knuckles, a gentling gesture he always makes before settling his palm against the top of Fukutomi’s hand. Though Fukutomi’s face appears impassive, it isn’t impossible to read. Shinkai has made long study of its shades of expression, has memorized the stubborn darkening to Fukutomi’s eyes and the differing sets to his sturdy jaw. He’s a difficult man, Fukutomi Juichi. But Shinkai has never liked anything for being easy.

“Of course I’m right,” is what he says, with the light, teasing tone that will allow Fukutomi to hear it. “You should reward me for it.”

There’s a moment of silence, just as Shinkai expects there will be. He smiles slow and easy, the sort of reassurance that’s simple for Fukutomi to take. There’s nothing complicated about his familiar grin and his casual touches, fingers wandering up Fukutomi’s arm and urging him to rise from his chair. Fukutomi resists him, for a moment. He always digs in his heels at any sort of change.

“You say things like that a lot,” Fukutomi points out. “I wish that you wouldn’t.”

Shinkai’s face freezes, for that record-skip moment while he tries to hold his place, while he plasters over the reflexive hurt. He knows that Fukutomi doesn’t mean it — that what he means is something different than what his words seem to say. His Juichi has never been the best with words; the more Shinkai adds it up, the more his Juichi seems flawed, far and away from the perfect person he pushes himself to be.

But much as Shinkai doesn’t care for easy, he doesn’t care for perfection, either.

“Wouldn’t do what?” Shinkai asks, feigning ignorance. “Tease you? But that’s what friends are for, Juichi.”

“Not that,” Fukutomi says. He’s standing then, up on his feet with Shinkai’s hand on his arm. He glances down at it, thick eyebrows drawing together in excessive concentration, like he’s scrutinizing every layer of meaning sandwiched together into that one touch.

It’s not that deep, Shinkai thinks, but doesn’t say.

“Then what?” he asks instead.

He has his own thoughts, his own suppositions. Fukutomi has never been much good with words, and yet somehow he has elected to pursue a law degree. For a profession filled with long briefings, with drafting statements for the court and revising them over and over to get all the phrasing right… For something like that, Fukutomi seems an odd fit. It doesn’t seem like something he would select for himself, but then again, Fukutomi’s wants have always had a guiding hand.

He shrugs Shinkai’s hand off his arm, brushes it away so that it falls to hang by Shinkai’s side. He takes it immediately after, squeezing Shinkai’s fingers near tight enough to bruise.

“Juichi?” Shinkai asks, and for a moment there’s a note of uncertainty, creeping unbidden into his voice.

“You shouldn’t worry about me,” Fukutomi says.

It isn’t what Shinkai is expecting to hear. He pauses, head tilting back as if to take in the whole of his friend. Fukutomi has never been the sort for self-reflection; if he realizes there’s something worth worrying about, that means he’s been thinking harder on himself then Shinkai has ever known him to have done.

“I always worry about you,” Shinkai says. It’s flippant, said with a smile and a stab at a joke, but not untrue. Fukutomi is not the sort of person who puts much stock in know thyself, and in lieu of that, Shinkai has always been happy to do it for him. “It’s because I care about you.”

“I know,” Fukutomi says. He squeezes Shinkai’s hand again, tight, and Shinkai thinks… In Fukutomi’s particular, distant way, he might as well be begging. “I wish you wouldn’t.”

It would be so easy, for Shinkai to brush that off as well, for him to deflect and drive back in from another angle, keeping himself close because close is where he likes to be. He makes himself stop, because selfishness isn’t his trade with Fukutomi. It doesn’t matter what he wants to say, when that’s only about making things easy. It matters what Fukutomi ought to hear.

“I want to,” Shinkai says. “And there’s nothing wrong with letting me. It’s okay to want someone’s approval.”

It’s not really himself he’s talking about. He knows that — Fukutomi might know that as well. He doesn’t ease up, doesn’t relax the straightness in his spine or the grip he has on Shinkai’s hand, but he does look at Shinkai, with a stare as piercing as any he’s leveled on the road in sizing up his competition. In the face of that, it would be easier to shy away, to break eye contact. Shinkai stares evenly back, as unflinching as he ever is.

“Just because someone is worried about you,” he adds, softer than before, “doesn’t mean they expect you to let them down.”

Fukutomi sags, just the most infinitesimal slackening of his posture. It’s a small thing, so small that anyone not as well-versed in Fukutomi’s body language might have missed it. But Shinkai knows his friend better than he knows anyone, and he smiles.

“Come on, Juichi,” he says, squeezing his hand, tugging him forward. “I told you, you need a break.”

“You may be right,” Fukutomi agrees, bringing them around full circle. This time, he lets himself crack the thinnest slice of a smile. “I think that I do.”

“That’s the spirit!” Shinkai says. “If it’s all the same to you, I think I need a break, too.”
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I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT YOU'RE CUTE AND SOPHIE IS CUTE Happy belated valentines day!!!!