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2017 Locker for Lin

Name: Lin

Friending Meme Post: here!

Fandoms: Yowapeda, Haikyuu, Taylor Swift AUs, Evangelion, Persona 2 & 4, Digital Devil Saga, Pokemon Go


- Yowapeda: IMANARU!!! also: toumaki, ayamiki, miki/miyahara, manami/onoda/midousuji. teshima/captaincy. teshima/interhigh. teshima/happiness.

- Haikyuu: oikage, ushioi, iwaoi, daisuga, kurodai, terudai... I like. Daichi. A Lot. I like Suga a lot too!!

- I once spent five minutes watching a looped gif of Knockout (Karlie Kloss) in the ring with Catastrophe (Taylor Swift) from the Bad Blood video, so that's basically where I'm at

- rips off shirt to reveal KAWOSHIN!!!! written on my heart, and Mari/Asuka tattooed around my wrist

- TATSUJUN IS MY FOREVER GIRL, my Put A Happiness Ring on it girl, but I love Maya and Katsuya a lot too. And Eikichi. PS. PLEASE CONSIDER THE MOST UNDERRATED SHIP OF ANNA/NORIKO

- souyo is really gay and I'm here for that

- ANY COMBO OF SERPH AND HEAT AND THEIR (SPOILER) OTHER SELVES IS COOL. Other than that, Argilla/Jinana is my 100% ride and die

- anything set in a Pokemon Go universe makes me feel alive, but truly: Candela/Blanche <3

Likes: future fic, domestic fluff, happy endings, season related things, mundane magic, TAYLOR SWIFT RELATED THINGS, GIRLS!!!!, dragons, olympic AUs, hella mundane AUs like coffee shop or bakery (I LOVE TO KNOW EVERYBODY'S HORRIBLE COFFEE ORDERS), soft ero-cannibalism

Dislikes: unrequited love, angst, major character death, terminal illness, permanent injury, age gap, non-con

Anything else: nope.... thank you!! <3

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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[personal profile] hakari 2017-02-01 10:52 am (UTC)(link)
Serious question: do you think Katsuya (Catsuya) yells 'persona', or is he really yelling 'purrsona' (purrsonya)
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[personal profile] hakari 2017-02-13 02:50 pm (UTC)(link)

Please pretend the rose in my icon is a voucher for FREE BOAT RIDE FOR TH- I mean, one (1 - but 1 may not be 1. Is maths real? Is anything certain?) Anna/Noriko fic. I wanted to write one for femslash February, and I was excited about doubling up and putting in effort for so many of my fave girls at once - Anna! Noriko! You!! but just because we're running out of time in February doesn't mean I can't write it in March. April. May. Hopefully I won't need to wait for so long, but yes. I WILL WRITE ANNA/NORIKO, and I will send it to you and vanish into the distance like a completed quest scroll.

I ENJOY YOUR PRESENCE ON MY TL VERY MUCH AND I AM GLAD WE ARE FRIENDS, I look forward to many more years of yelling about anime, yelling about SMT, and oh damn speaking of SMT, HAVE ANOTHER VOUCHER FOR A TATSUJUN FIC. HAPPY VALENTINES FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!
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[personal profile] dynamite 2017-02-22 06:49 pm (UTC)(link)
YILIN YOU ARE TRULY THE KINDEST MOST WONDERFUL SPIRIT AND IF THIS ICON ROSE SERVES NOTHING MORE THAN TO ADORN MY HEART WITH YOUR LOVELINESS I WILL CONSIDER IT THE GREATEST GIFT ALREADY, truly, just having you be my buddy in the megaten pit warms my dead heart so much, and I'm every day thankful for your friendship in all things. The femlash can come with time because, let's be real, every month is femslash month for us, EVERY MONTH IS PERSONA 2 MONTH FOR US WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT.

I also want to believe that sometimes Katsuya (Catsuya!!!!) puts on a kitty ear headband and whispers "Purrrsonya" to himself in front of a mirror. Maybe he is wearing a kitty ear apron with the logo of his cat cafe. Let this be real and true, please.

(Anonymous) 2017-02-10 04:06 am (UTC)(link)
Image (https://ibb.co/hPYzMF)
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[personal profile] dynamite 2017-02-22 06:51 pm (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-13 01:58 pm (UTC)(link)
...I am actually not entirely sure if you were requesting Bad Blood fanfic or not but either way, I WROTE IT BECAUSE THAT IS AN AWESOME OPENING AND I LOVE THAT MUSIC VIDEO. Hope it's what you wanted. XD


“EAT ME!” KO’s t-shirt proclaims in bold block letters of bright red against black and Cat -officially known as Catastrophe -- can’t stop staring at it.

At least, not until a right-cross to her jaw sends her flying onto her back. Above her, laughter booms out as Knockout leans down and offers a hand to help her up. Cat grasps it thankfully, leather sliding under her thumb as the other girl hauls her to her feet.

“Don’t get distracted,” KO advises, a crooked grin flashing across her face and making the swollen indigo bruise of her right cheek shift awkwardly. “If you’re too busy staring at her tits, she’ll make short work of you.”

“I wasn’t staring,” Cat defends herself as she feels her jaw tenderly to see if any teeth were knocked loose. Her gaze cuts down to KO’s t-shirt, then up to her face again. Bruised, with a split lip bleeding red and her ponytail pulled back so tightly that her cheekbones look like knifeblades, KO is still the most dangerously attractive woman that Cat’s ever met.

“Just wondering if your t-shirt was an invitation - or a challenge.” She grins, hot and feral, and shoves her curly hair away from her face. She bounces lightly on the balls of her feet, feeling the shudder of motion spread through her body and loosen her muscles in preparation for a fight.

“Can’t it be both?” KO quips and feints at Cat’s face. Cat jumps back (footwork, footwork, she’d trained so hard to be able to do this in heels) and blocks with a loose swing at KO’s midriff.

“Open invitation to anyone?” She asks. It won’t do to assume.

“Nah. Only those brave enough to ask – or those who know the secret.” KO’s playful wink is followed by a thudding blow to Cat’s shoulder that sends Cat spinning and grabbing the ropes to steady herself. There’s nobody here at this hour, no audience to watch the byplay and bay for their blood. It’s just her and KO.

“What’s the secret?” She asks, panting and repositioning herself to keep a wary eye on KO.

“That if you eat me – really eat me, Hannibal style – you get stronger.” KO’s grin is still sharp but there’s no hint of laughter in it and Cat finds her own chuckle dying away in her throat. For a second, the two stare at each other in silent appraisal – then Cat nods.

KO lifts her forearm to Cat’s suddenly-dry mouth and Cat bites down.

Under her teeth, the flesh parts like fresh marzipan.
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[personal profile] dynamite 2017-02-22 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
THIS TOOK SUCH A WONDERFUL TURN I'M REELING, it's basically everything I wanted, my beautiful girls taking a beating, and teeth. Love their playfulness, love all the little pinpoint details (leather sliding under thumb, the tight pony, FLESH PARTING LIKE FRESH MARZIPAN), thank you so much for this gift. <3
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[personal profile] fickle 2017-02-23 02:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I HAVE BEEN WAITING ALL DAY TO GET HOME AND REC ring the alarm to you! idk how old you are but it's based off a LOT of pop videos and is this really immersive, well-fleshed out world with FIGHT CLUBS FULL OF GIRLS and boys too but the main chars are girls+ femslash and I just. Love it. It has some amazing descriptions of fighting and the whole thing is so fantastic that I highly highly recommend it!

AND I AM GLAD YOU LIKE THIS. I had way too much fun rewatching the Bad Blood vid until I felt I was in the zone for writing this. XDDD
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[personal profile] dynamite 2017-02-23 05:57 pm (UTC)(link)
holy hell, I just read through the first chapter and I AM 100% HERE, I AM LIVING, it's so goddamn dirty, I love girls and dirty and fighting and I LOVE BRITNEY A LOT I ANTICIPATE HER ARRIVAL. thank you so much for the rec, I am eating it up so happily with both hands.

thank you again for everything!! <3
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Once a week, the team leaders for Valor and Mystic met for coffee. Fridays at 2pm sharp. Nobody questioned it anymore. They didn't dare to.

The first time someone asked, it was a member from the red team who spotted them sitting in a cafe that was several blocks from the headquarters for Mystic. He seemed to be a brave trainer, since he walked over to them and most members might be a little more than intimidated to approach one, let alone two leaders. Nevertheless, wether he was brave or just carefree, the two seemed wrapped up in their own little world and conversation and didn't realize he was there until he spoke. "I wouldn't expect you guys meeting here for drinks! It almost looks like a cute little date. Do you do it often?"

This particular trainer happened to be named Stephan. Candela had an incredible knack for names, and every single person in her building was filed away in her brain. (Even Blanche was impressed, though they wouldn't admit it. The Mystic leader couldn't remember half they people they worked with on a day to day basis. Was actually quite a lot, so it wasn't really a big issue.) When both heads snapped to the newcomer, Candela took one look and smiled. It was soft on the outside, but her eyes were as sharp as a Syther's blades. "Stephan." The tone seemed pleasant enough, but sent a chill down his spine so cold that he thought Blanche had brought out Articuno. He shivered. "We're a little busy. Would you mind if I chatted with you later?"

"Uh-" Stephan had been so surprised and honestly, intimidated, that he just nodded, leaving quickly with his drink. Word spread through the teams like a wildfire, and though everyone was extremely curious, they agreed to leave the two alone. The obvious exception to this was Spark, but that's an entirely different story. Also the reason the other two never met at the same cafe twice in a row.

The truth was extremely simple, not at all conspiratorial, and started on accident.

Candela and Blanche happened to be at the same coffee shop. For their only break of the day. (The two worked themselves way too rugged. Willow had reprimanded them more than once.) The two were unaware that they were in the same shop, Candela flipping through emails and texts on her phone while she waited at the far end of the counter, and Blanche at a table catching up on the latest research journal. When the barista had called out "Team Leader, Order up!" Oblivious of course to the fact that there were two. Granted she had just started her shift, so give her a break.) Two hands closed over the same cup without looking, Candela pulled it towards her before fingers grasped about hers. Blanche was jolted forward into her chest, the coffee was lifted in the nick of time, not smashing between the two of them.

In usual friendly fashion, Blanche glared up at her, resulting in a smirk from Candela. "Fancy meeting you here."

Blanche stepped back from Candela's chest, but their fingers didn't let go. "You have my coffee."

She cocked her head and her hair bobbed a bit with the movement. "Pretty sure this one's mine, hun."

Clicking their tongue, they let go and crossed arms over their chest. "It has the Mystic logo on it." When Candela moved her fingers to get a better look at the blue mark under them, they raised an eyebrow. "See?" Holding their gaze, she waggled her eyebrows with a soft hum, bringing the drink to her red lips. "Candela-" The stern tone did nothing to stop her from taking a sip, eyebrows shooting up high into her hairline.

"Why, I never-"

"Don't you dare." A hand shot out to keep Blanche back and she grinned like a child presented with their first pokemon. The silver-haired leader narrowed their eyes and reached for the cup, only to have it moved further in the hair and away from their reach. Damn Candela and the minute height and arm-span difference. "If you are about to judge me for my choice in coffee or even saw what it is out loud, so help me, Candela..."

"Why, Blanche," the woman crowded in again, leaning to whisper into the other's ear, "a quad, nowhip mocha with a shot of mint? I never would have guessed." Blanche of course jolted back and glared once again.

It was in that moment that a barista who seemed to be very sorry to be working and to interrupt, coughed. She received a raised eyebrow and a frown, respectively. "I'm sorry, but Miss Candela's order is ready."

Before she could move, Blanche grabbed her drink. "And what does the leader of Valor drink, hmm? I feel as if it would either be straight black coffee or something ridiculous that takes about 10 minutes to speak at the register." They brought it to their lips. Candela's eyes widened and she made to grab it, but it's too late. Blanche sputtered and held the drink away as if it has done them a great injustice. "What the hell-"

"Skinny vanilla latte with protein powder and steamed milk."

Blanche grimaced. "It was somehow disgusting and tasteless at the same time."

"Sounds like you're describing Spark." Candela used the moment to switch their drinks, took a long sip and smiled. She seemed to like the concoction. A lot.

The other leader snorted and roll their eyes, wiping lipstick away from the rim and then took a long drink. "Could be."

Candela pulled them out of the way when the next drink order came up, and back to their table. To Blanche's annoyance, she sits down as well. After a moment of drinking, she met their gaze with innocent eyes. "What? We can't take our breaks together?"

Blanche opened their mouth to argue. Then closed it. Really, there is no good reason the Mystic leader can come up with. Actually, it's a bit convenient. Nobody would annoy them if the both of them were sitting together. Candela was chatty, but she often had interesting things to say. And she wasn't Spark. (Not that Blanche hates him or anything, but there was indeed a limit on how many times they could tell him they didn't want to hear more about memes or every single egg he had hatched since they last saw each other, or "That one time when Noire got locked out and forgot a robe-")

So a random meeting and stealing drinks resulted in a reoccurring drink time and an email in the morning about which shop they were visiting next. And if Candela had started to call them drink-dates... Blanche didn't exactly try to stop her...
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Ok, first of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS MEETCUTE WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RIDICULOUS COFFEE ORDERS!!! Classic romcom mixups make me laugh every time, and I love all of Candela and Blanche's little edges snagging against each other, but in the best way possible. <3

ps. omg you mentioned Noire, it's Surfacage AU, I'M EVEN MORE DELIGHTED

pps. "It was somehow disgusting and tasteless at the same time." "Sounds like you're describing Spark."



I truly love everything about this, all the little worldbuilding details, all of the daily rhythm of it. Thank you again so much for this wonderful gift!!
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[personal profile] starkspangles 2017-02-22 10:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Ahhhh!!!!! I'm so glad you like it!!! I know next to nothing about coffee, so I had to troll around on the internet to find some ridiculous orders!


(I'm very proud of this line, no lie.)

Stephan is fine. He just had to muck out the Ponyta and Rapidash stables for 4 months. He's a lil scared of Candela now but he's fine. Ish.

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[personal profile] starkspangles 2017-02-22 10:37 pm (UTC)(link)
ALSO ALSO are you okay with me posting this on ao3??? If so, I'd love to gift it to you on there as well if you have an account on there!! :D!!
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[personal profile] dynamite 2017-02-22 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course!! Lemme dust off my account, it's here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/sumaru/

Thank you again, I loved this so much, I LOVE TEAM LEADERS SO MUCH!! <3
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[personal profile] starkspangles 2017-02-23 04:04 pm (UTC)(link)

Posted up for you! (Also edited a bit so no more tense errors, I hope. And less commas. Haha)
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miyukitty: (demon oikawa)

for lin from miyu~

[personal profile] miyukitty 2017-02-14 06:43 am (UTC)(link)
One of my favorite things is seeing your wild pokego war stories on my twitter so /crams this huge cheesy love letter covered in hearts and pokeballs into your locker and runs away


iwaoi, 1.1k, rated G for ridiculous nerdy boyfriends that may or may not be in the same continuity as that other nonsense i left on your doorstep??


"So, Iwa-chan," Oikawa began, in that horribly irritating tone of his that made it clear to Iwaizumi that he was not going to enjoy what came next, "did you see the news?"

Iwaizumi tore off a piece of his croissant and pretended not to hear anything at all. It was an art he'd perfected over the years – keeping his expression carefully neutral while observing the ways Oikawa's flimsy patience collapsed.

First Oikawa resorted to flirty batting of eyelashes – and when that went ignored, the drumming of fingernails against the countertop to annoy him. Oikawa busied himself peeling the sugar-encrusted top off his muffin and discarding the rest, because apparently it was worth buying an entire muffin and only eating the top third of it, probably also to annoy Iwaizumi who didn't believe in being that wasteful with food.

Iwaizumi slowly chewed on his croissant, and lowered his eyes to his phone, pretending not to see Oikawa scrunch his nose in irritation. Next would come a grand gesture, most likely something loud. He resisted the urge to plug his ears.

"Don't ignore me, Iwa-chaaaan," Oikawa whined right on cue, and flopped dramatically over the café table.

His ungodly long arms unfurled and damn near spilled both their drinks, had Iwaizumi not rescued both cups in the nick of time. Classic Oikawa move. Next he would try to steal his food, probably because he was still hungry from throwing his stupid muffin away. Iwaizumi scowled and slammed the cups safely out of reach. He wasn't about to pay for more.

"Dumbass, you almost dumped scalding coffee in my lap. I haven't had enough caffeine to deal with you yet," Iwaizumi growled, protecting his croissant from greedy hands. Such a spoiled brat.

"But Iwa-chan, did you see the news?" Oikawa repeated, in an innocent tone as saccharine sweet as the whipped cream and caramel laden concoction he had the nerve to still call coffee.

"If it's actual news, probably. If you're talking about Pokemon again-"

"Pokemon Go is doing a Valentine's event! It's official!"

"-then I assure you I don't care."

"But it's Valentine's, Iwa-chan! Valentine's is the best holiday, second only to Halloween!"

Iwaizumi scoffed. "It's obnoxious. Of course you like it. Girls stuffed your locker full of handmade chocolates every year in high school. It's a stupid commercial holiday that preys on lonely heterosexuals."

Oikawa propped his chin up on his hands with a knowing smirk.

"Of course you don't like it. You never even get obligatory chocolates with that grouchy attitude. Don't be jealous because I'm more popular in university, too."

Iwaizumi furrowed his brow into a fierce scowl. It wasn't actually true that he never got any, and he had a feeling Oikawa knew it – that since Iwaizumi didn't care for sweets or cheesy expressions of feelings, he'd just dumped any unwanted gifts into Oikawa's pile and pretended they were his all along. It was a little different now that they were out of high school, though. Oikawa unironically loved all that cheesy nonsense. He wondered how long Oikawa was going to sulk if he didn't swallow his pride and buy some cheap chocolates from the gas station near their apartment.

…Did he need flowers too? Did it have to be stupid roses? Those were so expensive this time of year, and they were only going to wither and die in a day under Oikawa's care. Absently he spun the Pokestop again, leaving a butter smudge on his screen.

"Whatever. What's the PokeGo event?"

Oikawa sat up and nibbled on his muffin top. Through a mouthful of crumbs, he explained animatedly, "Everything's pink! They're going to release hordes of Jigglypuff and Clefairy upon the city, and maybe I'll find a Cleffa egg this time, they are extraterrestrial as you know, and I will have one as my buddy if it's the last thing I do-"

Iwaizumi tuned out a little as he sipped his coffee. It was too early for him to process this many words. He liked Pokemon as much as any self-respecting Japanese millennial – and he had a soft spot for all the weird bugs that reminded him of the ones he used to catch on summer vacations in Miyagi – but the mobile game wasn't as much fun as the handhelds. Still, he more or less kept up with Oikawa's level, if only to join him and Kuroo and Daichi on their obsessive gym raids and make sure the dumbass still wore his coat and didn't wander into oncoming traffic.

"…So anyway, that's my plan. We'll pack lunches and stake out the most likely places for a Chansey to spawn, then around sunset we'll walk the route I mapped to hatch some eggs, and with any luck, I'll hatch my Cleffa before nightfall," Oikawa finished with a triumphant grin.

"So we're spending the entirety of Valentine's day wandering outdoors with our phones, hunting cutesy pink aliens for your collection?" Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow.

"What, did you have other plans…?" Oikawa asked slyly.

"Actually, this sounds much cheaper than dinner and a movie. I'm in," Iwaizumi grinned.

"Iwa-chan is so stingy!" Oikawa exclaimed, mock offense stamped all over his features. "For the record, I expect two milk breads packed with my handmade lunch, my favorite flower is Aristolochia salvadorensis, colloquially known as the Darth Vader flower, and you have to wear your Chewie shirt because I'm going to wear Kylo."

"You can't pick my outfit for me, Crappykawa. What if I wear a Godzilla shirt?"

"How unromantic! Godzilla isn't an alien, Iwa-chan, it is a prehistoric sea monster and we are not hunting Lapras, you of all people should understand that!"

"…Wait, what's romantic about Chewbacca?"

"Not much, he's loud, ugly, and hairy all over, but at least he's at your side when you need him most," Oikawa deadpanned, inspecting his nails.

Iwaizumi scowled, trying to suppress the amused grin that threatened to surface on his treacherous countenance. He'd matured since his teenage years of kicking shins and flinging volleyballs at Oikawa's stupidly pretty face whenever he got too obnoxious, but that wasn't to say he didn't have his ways of fighting back.

"…For that, I'm going to take your phone off the charger the night before so your battery dies before mine."

Oikawa gasped, clapping his hand to his chest at the perceived betrayal.

"Iwa-chan, you wouldn't dare!"

"I'll unplug your battery backups too. You'll think they're charging, but you won't make it to noon before you're completely out of power. You'll just have to watch me hatch a useless Cleffa and turn it into candy."

"Traitor! Iwa-chan is a monster!"

Iwaizumi downed the last of his coffee and laughed. Maybe Valentine's wasn't such a pointless holiday after all. He was starting to enjoy it more already.
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Re: for lin from miyu~

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(Anonymous) 2017-02-21 04:07 am (UTC)(link)
im sorry this isn't even on your list but i suddenly

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[personal profile] kiyala 2017-02-21 03:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Kageyama/Oikawa; 531w; explicit, erotic cannibalism

It's the blood that wakes him up every time, warm as it trickles down his neck, pooling in the jut of his clavicle and giving the air a copper taste. Tooru blinks his eyes open in the dark room and licks his lips, the movement sending a jolt of pain down the side of his neck.

The next thing he notices, because he's looking for it, is the brush of soft hair against his jaw. Tobio, he thinks but doesn't voice the name because it's unnecessary in this quiet room anyway. There's nobody else it could possibly be, lying in bed with him and gnawing on the point where his jaw meets his throat.

He must stir a little because Tobio pulls back, his lips red with Tooru's bled, eyes so black that they blend perfectly into the night around them.

"I woke you." Tobio doesn't sound remotely apologetic. He says it like he's stating a simple fact.

Tooru tries to huff with annoyance, but it ends up coming out as a breathless wheeze. "I didn't tell you to stop, Tobio-chan."

Each word sends another jolt of pain down the side of his neck, but it has been a long time since Tooru has allowed that to stop him. Tobio licks his lips slowly, and his tongue is just as distractingly red as his lips. Tooru follows it with his gaze without even meaning to.

Tobio doesn't say anything, but gently pushes Tooru to lie back on the bed the way he was before, then leans in.

Tooru isn't very good at staying still when he's awake for this, which is why Tobio usually does it while he's sleeping. The pain should put him off, but it only makes him want to arch into Tobio even more and urge him to bite harder, to tear into his flesh, until there's nothing left of him but bone.

He shifts underneath Tobio, until he's held down by the hip. Tobio pulls back to look at him, blood dripping down his chin and onto Tooru's bare chest. The sight makes him moan softly, pushing his hips against Tobio's grip, seeking friction.

With a sigh, Tobio accepts that his meal is going to have to wait. He reaches between their bodies, fingers wrapping around Tooru's cock and stroking slowly. Tooru exhales shakily, lifting his hips off the mattress again.

It's easy for Tobio to get him off with the smell of blood thick in the air, the pain flaring against his neck every time he clenches his jaw, every time he moans. Tooru isn't even embarrassed about it; not when he's enjoying himself this much.

Tobio leans in again, teeth clamping down on skin with one final stroke, and Tooru comes with a startled cry. He sinks back against the bed immediately, exhausted, sated, and smiles sleepily at Tobio.

"You'll take care of yourself, won't you?"

Tobio responds by kissing Tooru's neck, then biting down gently enough that he doesn't break the skin.

"Good boy," he murmurs tiredly, and lets himself drift off, knowing that when he wakes in the morning, the blood will be gone and his throat will be in one piece again.
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big mood:

but ok, seriously, I'm goddamn rolling in this beautiful intimate little oikage mess you made, THANK YOU SO MUCH KII, I LOVE THIS OIKAWA WHO'S JUST LIVING HIS BEAUTIFUL (TERRIBLE) (MESSY) LIFE!! it's so nice of Kageyama to take care of him that way, and not bother him afterward. The best sports boy, always.