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2017 Locker for notallbees

Name: notallbees / tumblr (https://notallballs.tumblr.com/) / twitter (https://twitter.com/notallbees)

Fandoms: Haikyuu!!

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: It might be faster to list the ships I don't like! I'm not super into kagehina, daisuga, kurotsukki or tsukkiyama, but I'll give most things a try :D

I like a lot of rare ships, and as far as the more popular pairings go, I like Iwaoi, Kuroken, Bokukuro, Asanoya and Kurodai

Other ships I like:
Tananoya, Tanadai, Kuroyaku, Kagesuga, Oikage, Oisuga, Iwasuga, Iwakyou, Kyouhaba, Asasuga, Asadai, Asadaisuga, any combo of Kuroo/Kenma/Akaashi/Bokuto! (ie any 2, 3 or all 4 of them), Bokukuroteru, Terudai, Shimayama, Akiyama, Kiyosae, Kiyoyui, Daichi/Michimiya/Ikejiri, Tensuga, Ushiten, Tentsukki, Tensemi, Goshishira, Goshitenushi, Kagetsukki

I like a lot of ships okay.

Likes: Rule 63/fem characters (so long as everyone is switched not just one char), lots of kissing, kissing practice, teasing/playful dynamics, reunions, breaking up and making up, enemies to lovers, snark and banter, fighting that leads to kissing (or more), fantasy/sci-fi with a twist, costumes/roleplay, au scenarios, post-college fic

nsfw likes: playing with power dynamics, laughter/playfulness, safe sex, awkward sex, oral fixations, rimming, lots of oral ayy, intercrural sex, somnophilia, xenophilia (tentacles, dragons, mermaids), one person being smothered with all the attention in poly ships, overstimulation, edging, biting, dirty talk

Dislikes: jealousy/cheating as a plot device, extreme misunderstandings as a plot device, getting married/having kids, hogwarts au, dystopian/zombie au

nsfw dislikes: humiliation, pain play/blood play, anal sex (it's fine but I'm a little bored of it!)

Anything else: I'm totally happy with either sfw or nsfw, I just mentioned both to give more options :). I'm actually pretty easygoing in what I like - as long as the characterisation is on point, I'll read pretty much anything!

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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Hi! Here's some sci-fi Oikage that got a little away from me. I realy hope you like it but I should warn you that it's kinda a very manipulative Oikawa (which I personally love but can understand other people not liking!). Anyway, um, I hope you enjoy it.


Modded. The single word ran through the high school gossipcable like a virus, accompanied by ever wilder speculation as to what Tobio Kageyama had been modded with. Asbaraith? Their genderless six-limbed species had unusual flexibility. Derivoke? The chirping, hollow-boned hivemind-ed aliens had a seemingly endless supply of stamina.

There was a pool going on, of course; Oikawa watched his teammates toss credits in and chuckled to himself. Each bet made the rumor seem more real. If people were willing to wager money on it, surely that meant that it had some truth to it.

He put down a bet as well, of course. It’d be too suspicious to refrain even though he knew that Tobio was as human as he was.

The Galactic Volleyball Association would have to pay heed to the rumors eventually. They’d send testers, do a full DNA scan and disappoint everyone by showing that Tobio was human.

That didn’t matter. Oikawa’s plan was never to get Tobio kicked off the team.

His plan was to watch Tobio shoulder the burden of the accusations that nobody would voice to his face. Tobio would have opponents that would glare at him, would mutter about how of course they lost to someone that was modded, how could they win? Every perfect set, every surprise dump, every receive- it would all be credited to talent that was programmed into his genes.

It was close enough to the truth that Oikawa didn’t feel bad about it. After all, Tobio did have natural talent. It was just that his genes hadn’t been altered to make sure he’d be born with that talent.

Tobio had been lucky and every time he heard someone whisper about how the Karasuno setter was modded, Oikawa scheduled himself another half-cycle of practice.

Hard work would always win in the end.

(And when the burden started to tell, when the whispers chased him off his own planet to find silence, Tobio would come to him. Tobio would demand to know if he’d started the rumors, Tobio would lose his temper, Tobio would yell like the little king he still thought he was, and Oikawa would be untouchable and Tobio would be touched. The thought of silencing Tobio with a kiss was one that had occurred to Oikawa too often to count but he’d always been patient and held off before. It had never been right. The ball had been in Tobio’s court every time before but now, now--

Hard work would always win in the end.)
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Kyoutani/Yahaba; 413w; T

Kyoutani Is an affectionate boyfriend. It used to surprise Yahaba at first, but they've been together for months now. Yahaba has come to understand Kyoutani well enough for it to make perfect sense to him.

He's learned that if Kyoutani doesn't like someone, they'll know it without a doubt. If Kyoutani feels neutral towards someone, or likes them well enough as an acquaintance, it can still be a little easy to mistake that as dislike, because of who Kyoutani is as a person.

When he really likes someone, though, he makes that very obvious too. He's not fond of public displays of affection in the form of kissing, or even holding hands. It's no one else's business, as far as he's concerned, but the way he looks at Yahaba, when they're around their friends or teammates, feels just as obvious.

It's the softness of his expression, Yahaba thinks to himself, well aware of the fact that he's looking at Kyoutani the same way but unable to stop no matter how hard he tries. It's the way that he talks more often, instead of just limiting himself to grunts and single-word responses. It's like he changes completely and everyone must notice is—Yahaba is fairly certain that it would be impossible not to.

When they're alone, however, Kyoutani loses any inhibitions he might have. He presses into Yahaba's space the moment the door is shut, arms wrapping around him, kissing him without pause like he's trying to make up for all the moments they couldn't be kissing before.

Yahaba laughs against Kyoutani's mouth, kissing him back. "What are you, some kind of kiss monster?"

"Your hair looked nice all day," Kyoutani mutters. "I've been wanting to run my fingers through it since this morning."

Yahaba shivers with pleasure as Kyoutani does. "You used to tell me my hair looked stupid."

"Stupid good," Kyoutani clarifies. "I couldn't stop thinking about it. I hated it."

"Oh." Yahaba grins. "So when you used to say that you hated me…"

Kyoutani makes an embarrassed noise. "You already know. We don't have to go over it again—"

"I want to hear it anyway."

"Fine," Kyoutani grumbles, kissing him again. "It's because I couldn't stop thinking about it, and I hated it. So I hated you for it. Are you that happy that I used to hate you?"

"Ecstatic," Yahaba replies, pulling Kyoutani in for another kiss. "Besides, I used to hate you for the same reason. I guess we're even."