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2017 Locker for Chiharu

Name: Chiharu

Friending Meme Post: https://valentineslockers.dreamwidth.org/9523.html?thread=257587#cmt257587

Fandoms: YOI, HQ, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, knb, Yowapeda, Mysmes, Voltron, Shokugeki no Souma

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: Sara/Mila, JJ/Isabella, Any combination of karasuno 1st ot5, Sakura/Mikorin, Takao/Midorima, Nijimura/Akashi, Imaizumi/Naruko, Momoi/Riko, Arakita/anyone, Miki/Aya, 707/anyone, Pidge/Shiro (soft screaming), Souma/Takumi, Alice/Ryou, Tsukasa/Rindou

Likes: childhood friends, time skip (person A meets person B again after _ years apart), soft friendships turning into softer love, het relationships that subvert traditional gender roles, aged up characters, everyone knows we're dating except for us, "we don't have real children only dog children", boys in dresses, character A being hella supportive of character B's hobbies even though they're confused af and can't tell urban decay naked I apart from a watercolor palette, GENDERBENDING!! Especially m->f, characters meeting while fighting injustice, royalty!au, domestic fluff, "you can call my girlfriend a feminist killjoy but the joke's on you because I came like 5 times last night"

Dislikes: rape, eating disorders, romantiziation of mental illnesses, a/b/o, soulmate aus

Anything else: mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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Re: JJ/Isabella

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I LOVE THIS I LOVE THEIR DOG THANK YOU!!!!!!!! This is so ideal T____T
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Mitosis is the process of cell division.

Also I really really love the idea of Arakita being as angry and driven about things he finds important as he gets about biking so, uh, have some AGGRESSIVE MAKE UP APPLICATION.


Viciously, savagely, Arakita stabbed the angled eyeshadow brush into the pot of Crimson Decay. This was what Naruko liked? Flash and style and impact? Fine! Arakita could do that! It wouldn’t look any stranger than his thug life haircut had and that hadn’t brought him any happiness!

He glowered at the red powder that coated the brush tip, eyebrows drawing together as he gave it a baleful glare. The powder went over the eyelids. He knew that from watching Naruko. It went over his eyelids from the crease to the edge and he had to use an angled brush because – because something. Whatever. It was the proper tool for the job, just like cycling needed different gears.

Satisfied with that explanation, he shut one eye and clumsily dragged the eyeshadow brush over his eyelid. The red didn’t seem to be dramatic enough, certainly not as vivid as when Naruko did it, so Arakita swiped the brush over his eyelid repeatedly. A small cloud of powder mushroomed up to his eyebrow and Arakita had to pause to wipe it off with the baby wipes he’d purchased. Some of the red ended up smeared in his eyebrow but he consoled himself with the thought that didn’t matter. He’d be painting them blacker in a few minutes anyway.

Okay. Red eyeshadow done. What next? Naruko used some sort of setting powder to keep it in place for races but they weren’t going for a race. Just for dinner. He could skip that step and get onto mascara!

…Five minutes later, when he’d stabbed himself in the eye, streaked mascara over his eyeshadow and then thrown the mascara wand at the wall, Arakita decided that mascara was overrated. Just the eyeshadow would be enough.

Wait. Did he need the mascara wand to do his eyebrows? He was sure Naruko used some sort of brush to fix his eyebrows. Fuck.

Reluctantly, glowering at the poor mascara wand all the while, Arakita retrieved it from where it had fallen and set about trying to paint his eyebrows black.

When he’d managed that to his satisfaction, he looked down at the small collection of makeup items he’d purchased. The only thing left was the lipgloss. Naruko used a bright, striking crimson lipstick but Arakita had been warned away from lipstick by the lady at the store who’d seemed both thrilled to help him and a little dubious as to whether he could manage to apply it all on his own.

Lipgloss, she’d told him, was far more forgiving.

Arakita was glad to see that she’d been right and the lipgloss glided on smoothly though it felt a little sticky afterwards. He smacked his lips together experimentally, then shoved himself up, teetering a little unsteadily on the high heels.

He didn’t get the appeal of this, not at all, but Naruko was a good boyfriend to him. Arakita would try to take an interest in his hobbies as well, even if it meant he’d have to balance himself on Naruko’s shoulder all night to stop himself from falling over!
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aaa gosh i think you're cool and your cosplays are so cute and i wanted to draw something for you but ran out of time O: but here is a motivational mikorin encouraging you to follow your dreams~ <333

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momoi/riko; 442w; G

Date night, Satsuki muses with a fond smile, is probably meant to be a break from their actual work, but she's not about to protest when Riko gives her a sly grin and says, I've come up with a new training plan for the team.

The Japanese men's basketball team has a tough regime for its members, to keep them all in peak condition. Then Riko had come on board as their new coach, and the team had quickly discovered that what they were used to was nothing.

Satsuki sits at their dining table, chin in her hand as she watches Riko spread the large piece of butchers paper out. Strength-training, reflex-training, food plans; Riko has thought of everything and that is impressive in itself, but Satsuki's favourite part is the fact that Riko has a gleam in her eyes, like she knows just how difficult this is going to be and how much suffering she is going to cause, and she's looking forward to wreaking havoc on the team to get the results that she wants.

It'll be worth it in the end, and the entire team knows that. Riko has a profound appreciation for bodies in their peak condition and the team will know when they get there. Riko is pushy and demanding because she knows that she's going to get the results that everyone wants. It also has the effect of making praise from her feel ten times better because the team knows that they've earned it. Even Kagami, who has had years to get used to Riko, always brightens up under direct praise from her. It's difficult not to.

"Satsuki," Riko huffs, pulling her out of her thoughts. "You're not paying attention."

"You were talking about getting the guys at the top to team up with the ones who aren't performing as well to help teach them, and learn something from it in return," Satsuki replies with a smile. Her eyes crinkle when Riko looks surprised. "I'm not just a pretty face, huh?"

"I've never thought that," Riko says, a little forcefully. It would sound dismissive, if Satsuki didn't see the light blush on her cheeks

"No, I suppose not," Satsuki agrees. "You've always been a fun rival first and a cute girlfriend second, haven't you?"

Riko's cheeks turn a brighter shade of red. "We're not rivals any more. Come on, Manager-san, why don't you have a look at this and tell me what adjustments we need to make to prepare for our next game?"

Satsuki grins, getting to her feet and leaning across the table to plant a kiss on Riko's mouth. "I thought you'd never ask."
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Chiha!! I'm so glad that we got to know each other better in 2016 and that we bonded over Mystic Messenger. Hopefully we'll get to be Saebros together at a convention soon (and maybe actually carry around a cardboard cutout of Honoka because that would be absolutely hilarious even if it's mostly an inside joke ahaha)

Have a wonderful year ahead of you.