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2017 Locker for Binni

Name (as you'd like it to appear in the subject line for your stocking): Binni

Friending Meme Post: (optional) Here you go.

Fandoms: Haikyuu!!, Voltron, Yuri!!! on Ice, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Hetalia, Makai Ouji

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: Daichi/Suga, Kuroo/Tsukki, Shiro/Lance, Hunk/Lance, Otabek/Yurio, JJ/Seung Gil, JJ/Otabek, Otabek/Seung Gil, Yamamoto/Gokudera, US/UK, Dantalion/William

Likes & Dislikes: Uh, I have a dear creator letter?? That may be of service? As far as characterisation that isn't linked in there, just. If you write JJ.... He's not. A bad person. Don't turn him into a bad person. He's precious to me.

Anything else: Uhh my interests are far more than listed! Thought I'd just keep it simple.

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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Happy V-Day! This is my first time writing these two chars so I hope it came out okay. Royalty AU with Suga/Daichi. ♥


“Asahi would do well under the additional responsibility,” Daichi argued tiredly, leaning back into the clever ministrations of Suga’s hands. While massaging his head might not be the duty of the Crown Advisor, Daichi couldn’t think of anyone else whom would do as good a job as Suga – and whom he would allow to see him so vulnerable.

“Perhaps,” Suga said quietly, threading his fingers through the king’s short hair and pressing down in slow, hard circles. He shifted slightly, kneading with his knuckles instead, then let the tips of his index fingers press behind the king’s ears. When Daichi groaned, Suga allowed himself a brief smile. “But it might be too much for him, Your Majesty. He has only recently returned to the Council and still doubts his own judgment as it is.”

“Then what better way to prove our faith in him than by conferring the border defense onto him? While he was not able to penetrate past the Iron Wall and break their siege, he is still a champion of the realm.” Daichi tilted his head a little further back, the corners of his mouth curling wryly as he looked up at Suga’s face and the slight frown of concentration that his Crown Advisor wore. “And it’s not ‘Your Majesty’. Not when we’re in private.”

“It’s the Throne Room, Your Majesty. This is not private,” Suga said, gaze sweeping across the vast, empty expanse of the hall where petitioners sat during the day. Outside the room, guards waited but for now, it was only the two of them in a room so large that even their quietest whispers echoed.

“There’s nobody else in here. It’s private.” Daichi reached up, calloused fingertips stroking a line along Suga’s jaw that made Suga shudder, “And besides, you’ve been my friend since childhood. Even then, you gave me sage counsel. What man has earned the right to call me by my name if you have not?”

His fingertips whispered against the corner of Suga’s mouth, then traced over the crease of his lips, dragging over the full lower lip and pressing into the crescent dip of his upper lip. Subtly, Suga’s breathing quickened, his hands going still in the king’s hair. His fingers fanned out, unconsciously mimicking the shape of a crown.

“Your Majesty,-“ he started to say, intending to chide the king that the guards could open the door at any second and this was nowhere near private enough.

“Daichi,” the king said absently, tilting further back on the throne and twisting so that he could press his lips against Suga’s. It was a swift kiss, stolen and sweet, but it set Suga’s heartbeat rocketing and made him fight to keep his usual expression of calm when the king drew away.

“You can’t call me Your Majesty with my kiss still on your lips,” Daichi said and pressed his lips together to seal Suga’s kiss inside his mouth.