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2017 Locker for Mia

Name (as you'd like it to appear in the subject line for your stocking): Mia (moniwa_ebooks)

Friending Meme Post: (optional) n/a

Fandoms: haikyuu!!, yuri!!! on ice, shokugeki no soma, yowamushi pedal, chihayafuru, free!, overwatch??? does that count idk

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: haikyuu: ushimoni, iwadai, aone/moniwa, just anyone in datekou with moniwa tbh, aofuta, anyone in seijou with yahaba especially matsuyaha and iwayaha, ennofuta, ennofutayaha, anyone in fukurodani with konoha. yuri!!! on ice: viktuuri, otabek/yurio, jj/yurio. shokugeki no soma: soma/takumi, dojima/joichirou, megumi/ryo, soma/hayama. yowamushi pedal: imanaru, shinara, fukukin. chihayafuru: arata/chihaya/taichi. free!: soumako, makorin, makoharu, seimako, makorinharu, kisumako. overwatch: genji/zenyatta, pharmercy, genji/mccree, reaper76. bonus??? i really really love sheith from voltron

Likes: pretty much everything. my most favorite things are probably angst and enemies to lovers??? i love coffee shop aus and soulmate aus and just make me cry i love to cry. also flowershop aus are nice too. im even fine with a/b/o tbh also college aus. just everything

Dislikes: i only have one really hard no when it comes to fic and thats non-con/dub-con thats really it

Anything else: im just really excited to participate ah i love everything i love everyone awejngaoweirgja

Reminder that NOTES are welcome too - just a nice little comment (either plain, or you can even type it up on a nice little graphic/image etc.) for the recipient.

(Comments are going to screened until the reveal on Feb 14. Lockers will be open until the end of Feb.)
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happy valentine's day my fellow jjyurio!! here is some PLEASE-JUST-GET-IT-TOGETHER-AND-GET-TOGETHER jjyurio for you~


Six years and any number of championship podiums later, Yuri still bristles when people call him Yurio. His name is Yuri, he’s said, over and over again, but people never listen and he’s disgustedly given up. Even the commentators slip up sometimes, like today, all because pig-Yuuri and his equally stupid husband were splashed across the headlines for three months and no one’s gotten over it. It wasn’t even anything to do with skating.

So when JJ sails into the waiting room, beaming, and calls him little Yuri like they’re best friends, it’s not quite as annoying as it once was.

“What,” he snaps, not taking his eyes off the monitor. It’s a young Chinese skater, relatively decent but definitely not competition. At least not yet.

“Just wondering how my favourite lady is.” JJ slides his fingers across the back of Yuri’s shoulders, there and gone before Yuri can lash out.

“That stopped being funny five years ago.”

“So you thought it was funny before?”

Yuri, for some reason, has to grit his teeth to stop from saying yes. His skin prickles where JJ touched him. “No. It wasn’t even funny the first time.”

“I,” JJ announces, collapsing against the wall, “am crushed. Devastated. My adoring fans will roast you alive.”

Completely without his permission, Yuri’s mouth twitches, and out of the corner of his eye he sees JJ give him a real smile instead of the camera one. He looks tired today. Yuri contemplates telling him that his crow’s feet are getting more and more obvious every time they meet. JJ is secretly even worse about signs of ageing than Victor is, which is something of an achievement.

He turns away from the monitor to prod JJ’s chest instead. “Your adoring fans like your,” he pauses, looking for the word, “degenerate pin-up photos, not you.”

Something that looks like hurt shadows JJ’s eyes, but of course it can’t be. JJ doesn’t do hurt. His ego is too impenetrable a shield.

“A mortal wound,” says JJ, and Yuri is thrown by how quiet his voice is. “I need a beautiful nurse.”

“You don’t—” before he can finish his thought JJ has pushed up and taken three long strides away. Yuri watches him escape out the door, at a loss.

Tinny cheers sound from the monitor. The commentator is saying something about a fine attempt at a quad salchow. Yuri snorts; there are no fine attempts, only success and failure. Yakov used to nod his approval of this philosophy, but he’s grown soft with age— he only frowns now.

JJ would get it, probably. Two seasons ago, he had complimented Yuri on competing a quad loop. But at that point he hadn’t landed a single clean one yet so it didn’t properly count, and he’d said so. JJ had grinned at him: “I like your style.” Yuri remembers this because it hadn’t been JJ’s usual empty flattery— it was just. He’d meant it, for once. Yuri scuffs his shoe on the floor.

He should have made fun of the wrinkles.
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a little flowershop shinkai doodle for u :~)

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Happy V-Day! Fun fact, I don't actually drink coffee and this is my first time writing a coffee shop AU but I hope you enjoy it.


The alarm on Yurio’s watch harshly trilled its five-minute warning. Shit. Was it that time already? Yurio glanced down at his watch, hoping it was just an incoming call or text (as if, he had specifically set that annoying ringtone just for the asshole because he deserved nothing else) but the time clearly said it was 2:25PM.

Urgh. Fine. He had five minutes.

He spun around, setting the milk to boil, starting up the grinder and then carefully measuring out the extra shots of caramel and vanilla that his least favorite customer insisted really transformed the drink. He didn’t know why the guy always insisted on it being him to make it but--

DING DONG, the door happily announced. A gust of cold air swirled into the shop, snowflakes hanging around the King of Assholes as Yurio had dubbed him, and the sound of the doorbell was accompanied by the merry giggles of the fangirls that always followed JJ around. Yurio rolled his eyes mentally but fixed a pleasant smile on his face.

(At least, he considered it pleasant. Otabek had told him that it more closely resembled a raccoon’s snarl.)

“Your usual’s almost ready,” he said, holding his hand out for the money.

“Great,” JJ said, beaming at Yurio with cheeks reddened from the cold and snowflakes stuck to his eyelashes. Asshole. Who even looked like that unless they’d stepped out of a Disney movie? “Coming in here is always the highlight of my day.”

“Then your days must really suck,” Yurio retorted dryly as he shoved the cash (exact change, as always) into the drawers. Turning around to get the drink, he pretended not to hear the sound of a bill being stuffed into the tip jar. No matter how much he snarked, JJ always put at least a five into the tip jar. Sometimes, Yurio thought, JJ actually liked having someone that would stand up to him instead of worshipping him.

Most of the time, Yurio just assumed it was because JJ liked showing off his generosity to his ever-present crowd of girls.

“Or your coffee is just that good,” JJ shot back as he took the drink from Yurio with both hands. 2:30PM was a dead time, too late for the college students grabbing a drink at lunch, not early enough for post-class and post-work commuters. JJ always took advantage at that to linger at the counter instead of sitting down at one of the perfectly good tables.

JJ took a sip of the coffee and smiled widely, “Or maybe it’s your company.”

Yurio glowered at him, eyebrows drawing together angrily. The doorbell chimed again and Yurio looked over JJ’s shoulder, the tight scowl of Yurio’s mouth changing to a smile almost immediately. This wasn’t his raccoon snarl but something softer, a subtle little crescent curve of his pale lips.

“Hey, Otabek,” he said with a friendly wave, turning to pluck one of the pastries from the case that he knew Otabek liked. He put it on a tray, swiping his own employee ID to pay for it.

“Who’s that?” JJ asked, sipping at his coffee.

“My boyfriend,” Yurio answered casually. When JJ choked, Yurio only smiled wider.
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Otabek/Yuri; 418w; G

"Hey," Yuri's voice is muffled over the phone, like he's trying to avoid being heard. "Did you rent a bike this time?"

Otabek glances at the two helmets sitting on the desk in his hotel room, knowing that Yuri is actually asking an entirely different question. "Where are you? Or rather, where will you be in ten minutes?"

"You know that building with the big-ass yellow sign?" Yuri asks and Otabek snorts in amusement, both at Yuri's description and because he still knows exactly which one. "I'll be hiding in the alleyway next to that."

"I'll be there," Otabek promises, and tries not to feel too pleased at the thought of being called upon like he's Yuri's personal saviour. It's just something friends do, bailing each other out of unwanted situations. It just so happens tat most people don't have an international fanbase of teenage girls bent on stalking them, the way that Yuri does.

"Is this going to become a regular thing?" Otabek asks once Yuri is safely on the back of his motorbike, helmet securely on.

"Shut up," Yuri snaps, but he doesn't even hesitate to wrap his arms around Otabek's waist this time.

That, too, is something that's perfectly normal in this situation, Otabek reminds himself. Nothing out of the ordinary. It doesn't mean anything. His heart can stop pounding, whenever it's ready.

Otabek doesn't ask where Yuri wants to go. He's been to Paris often enough that the streets feel somewhat familiar. He avoids the tourist traps and takes them out to the edge of the city instead, where the traffic and bustle gradually gives way to the quiet.

Yuri tightens his grip on Otabek. It's a sign to stop soon and so Otabek does, pulling over near a garden. Yuri climbs off the bike almost immediately, his face red. Otabek waits, unsure if he's done something wrong.

"I didn't call you to save me," Yuri tells him. "Or… I did, to escape the fans, but that wasn't the main reason why. I could have avoided them without your help, if I wanted."

"Okay," Otabek says patiently, letting Yuri get to his point in his own time.

"I just wanted to ride with you. I knew you'd take us somewhere quiet, where we can be alone. I wanted that."

"To be alone," Otabek clarifies.

Yuri's face turns redder and he looks away. "Is that such a bad thing?"

Smiling, Otabek bumps their shoulders together and allows himself to feel hopeful. "No. Not at all."